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    Cortland, NY
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    willing to take high viral poz loads
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    maybe I am a chaser...curious about PNP, would like to have the PNP experience and be used, pozzed and freed, gang banged me for your and your friends pleasures
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    none but would be willing to provide my body for use...willing to be bred!!!!!
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    .A true bottom, doesn't let fear get in the way of his top's dick. A true bottom freely surrenders his hungry fuckhole, spreads it wide for the man splitting him in half. +/-, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is for the bottom to serve his top man like a good bottom should......Jack of SPADES!!!!!!!!.....willing to be whored out

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  1. xtranicegayguy

    Mayakoba, Mexico, late January 2019

    would love to have a big dark skin cock use me..........
  2. xtranicegayguy

    Mayakoba, Mexico, late January 2019

    Thanks but will be done near Cancun, if I get your way would love to be bred by you!!!!
  3. Offering my body for those who would like to use.....no one refused.....
  4. at Banff Springs room 4XX....i'll give

     ya the XX after you contact me....poppers and bourbon, if you have any party supplies bring them on down....only raw poz or nrg.......

    1. ronnie4u


      Yummy HOT and Delicious - Love to see you ALL - love Tattoos !    :)

  5. plans changed, execs with me and all day planned out while here. Hope to be back in a month or so and will let you know, thanks for the response


  6. xtranicegayguy

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    100% bottom willing to take ANY load POZ or NEG....love cum in my pussy
  7. xtranicegayguy

    LaTrobe PA 2/20

    will be in Latrobe PA Tuesday night will take all loads no questions, just breed me.....
  8. looking to be whored out when in Atl 4/15 to 4/19

  9. xtranicegayguy

    Visiting Atl Apr 16 thru 19

    also willing to have a dominant take control and whore me out for an evening or two
  10. xtranicegayguy

    Visiting Atl Apr 16 thru 19

    Will be a Marriott Marquis from 4/15 thru 4/19. Looking to be used for your pleasures. Available to journey to the bath house or sex clubs. only BB
  11. real bareback bottoms need to forget about their cock and learn to concentrate on their hole and the pleasure they’ll receive from surrendering it for a top to use, fuck, breed

    1. Saturn1
    2. boybottom4use


      totally, its all about guys using my cunt as a cum dump!

  12. xtranicegayguy

    Cayman Island

    Will be in Cayman Islands Jan 18 thru 24 2018....looking to get fucked, no limits, no conditions
  13. xtranicegayguy

    Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Western NY

    always looking to be bred.........
  14. xtranicegayguy

    Looking to be Bred in Atlanta

    will be in Atlanta evening of 2/21 and 2/22....looking to be bred by any and all.....
  15. xtranicegayguy

    Graduation Night

    fucking fantastic and only wish I was one of them

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