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    maybe I am a chaser...curious about PNP, would like to have the PNP experience and be used, pozzed and freed, gang banged me for your and your friends pleasures
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    none but would be willing to provide my body for use...willing to be bred!!!!!
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    ." New Years Resolution??? 1 raw load each week +/-....A true bottom, doesn't let fear get in the way of his top's dick. A true bottom freely surrenders his hungry fuckhole, spreads it wide for the man splitting him in half. +/-, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is for the bottom to serve his top man like a good bottom should......

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  1. Cayman Island

    Will be in Cayman Islands Jan 18 thru 24 2018....looking to get fucked, no limits, no conditions
  2. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Western NY

    always looking to be bred.........
  3. Looking to be Bred in Atlanta

    will be in Atlanta evening of 2/21 and 2/22....looking to be bred by any and all.....
  4. Graduation Night

    fucking fantastic and only wish I was one of them
  5. I Watched It On Webcam

    I agree with Macyjay
  6. The Downfall Of Paul

    personally....would love that to happen to me..........
  7. The Contract

  8. What Does It Feel Like To Be Gangbanged?

    Unfortunately bath houses or saunas are not available in my area but parties are. Usually 15 to 20 guys, all types and sizes. If the party lasts long enough I have been used at least 12 to 15 times at each. Always raw, never ask, still negative........
  9. Graduation Night

    I agree, writing is outstanding, you develop the story in such away that if you experience some of the impacts/effects you say right away "oh so true, I know been there done that except never harder than poppers but would love to explore something harder to see what the impacts are yet not become addicted, been successful so far with not getting impacted by smoking or drinking....I could go into which ones but each person is different so it's not relevant here.....keep up the writing, impatient to see where you go with it......
  10. The Tattoo Artist

    agree, I have quite a bit of ink and piercings, both tiurn me on and have got a lot of compliments even from people I never thought I would.....love the story, please continue...
  11. Real Men Wear Condoms

    I am also a bottom for Men....to be used over and over and over and over...............................
  12. have to give it time to get use to it, right now, not really impressed but time will tell, I do like the aspect of liking a comment or story otherwise I really don't see anything that says it's better than before......just my opinion
  13. POZ Exam with my Boy

    hmmm, I'll have to find a doctor and nurse just like this....
  14. hell, if I get your way would love to have yoiu and your friends breed me as much as possible....just keep me high and hydrated and use my cunt to your cuntent....

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