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  1. The largest I have ever had in my mouth/throat was 13”. He was uncut, medium thickness and curved downward at the perfect angle for deep throating. He started to pump it straight to my belly but I was able to pull off somewhat and get a mouthful from yumminess. Yummy yummy yummy cummy in my tummy. ?
  2. Nice! I’ve done that before too. My wife often wonders how come I have to buy underwear more than normal. Sometimes I’d swear she has an inkling, but doesn’t go there.
  3. I’ve been sucking cock now steadily for 15 years now. I have regular feeders, but also hit the local book store glory holes. I get on average, 6 loads a week from my regular guys. At least another 20-25 loads a week at the book store. So figure a little over a thousand loads a year average. That’s 15,000 loads and probably 10,000 different cocks. Yummy cummy in my tummy!
  4. The reason I suck cock is to taste and swallow a load or more. My ultimate goal is to receive the sweet and salty man nectar. If it takes too long for him to climax, he can fuck me, but I always appreciate it to end up in my stomach. I’m torn between the sensation of him shooting straight down my throat and tasting it on my tongue. Both are awesome! But, ultimately I guess I will never get bored of sucking cock!
  5. My first time was when I went to an adult bookstore to buy a video. I noticed the back room. I asked the cashier about it. He told me. I bought some tokens and went inside. I was looking to get a blowjob. I put a token in and started checking out the different channels. I found a gay channel. I was mesmerized. It got me so hard! Next thing I noticed was a nice sized cock sticking through the glory hole. I had never touched another mans cock before. I was hesitant but horny. I took it in my hands and heard him say, please suck it. It all came naturally to me. It was as if I was born knowing how
  6. The point of a blow job is to swallow in my opinion. If a guy is fucking me in my ass, I always ask to have him cum in my mouth. I can never get enough cum to taste and swallow. I love snowballs, felching, basically any way I can eat cum. But, I do really enjoy a good facial every now and then. Especially, in public places and I have to leave it on my face and go about my business displaying my cum streaked hair and face for all to see. Licking my lips as it runs down towards them. It is such a turn on. One time I did it on a crowded subway train. Two total strangers jerked off on my face as I
  7. Has anyone ever sucked off a family memb? My first time was when my daughter had just given birth to her second son. I was babysitting my grandson while her man was visiting them in the hospital. He came home. Grandson was asleep. We watched a Knick game, had a few beers. I fell asleep on couch. I woke up a little later. He is watching porn. His BBC is out and he’s stroking it. I just stare at it. He catches me staring. Asks me if I like sucking cock. I said that as a matter of fact, I enjoy it! He said come over here and work this dick! I’ve been sucking him two or three times a week for the
  8. Close to 10”, balls deep. Perfect downward curve to do it. Just the right thickness too. It shot straight into my belly. Hardly got a taste. But, what a feeling. Want more!
  9. I got caught in the employee bathroom sucking a delivery driver cock. It’s a unisex bathroom. Door wasn’t locked. A female bartender walked in while I was balls deep on a nice BBC. She stayed and watched. She said my secret was safe with her. Since then, we’ve become very good friends and even compare notes on our cock sucking adventures. She likes to watch me suck cock when she is at working the same schedule as me. It especially makes the guy I’m sucking super horny, and they like to show off for her. I actually prefer this situation. It gets me more motivated.
  10. I was on vacation in Phoenix. I stopped by a well known men’s club. I went into the sling room. I was there for over two hours taking cock after cock with the condition that every body finish in my mouth. I honestly lost count after 20 loads. Was more than likely close to 30 swallowed. I did a repeat performance the next day. So, between 50&60 loads in 2 days. I was a happy cum pig for sure.
  11. I had to go to work early yesterday. I was the only one there. When the produce delivery came, I kept staring at his crotch. He asked me if I liked the bulge. I told him I’d like it better if he took it out. He was about 8” beautiful uncut black with the perfect downward curve for sucking. I dropped to my knees right there in the kitchen and went to town. He fucked my throat good. I had him leave just the head in when he shot because I always want to taste and have the satisfaction of swallowing. As he was zipping up, the back door opened. I was still on my knees and the liquor delivery guy wa
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