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  1. Hi guy, hot cock pic and I love your profile name. I'm always looking for that mild to wild hot no string action. I'm that in the closet straight acting submissive cum hungry cocksucking bottom guy who is looking to hook up. I live alone and can always host or travel to you. I'm also into having myself filmed and sharing the porn video with you. Get back to me so we can set up a time to meet up
  2. Who wants to hookup with me and film a hot sex video? I know I do. I live in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I can host or travel within 60 miles from Lancaster. That would include, Delaware, Marland, new Jersey and other areas. Now I'm that in the closet straight acting submissive cum hungry cocksucking bottom whore who has a girlfriend but she doesn't know that her boyfriend sneaks around behind her back and hooks up with random strangers for some mild to wild hot no string action . If I travel to you and you can't host. Let's split the cost of a hotel room. I love for you to hold a video c
  3. I live in Lancaster County. I can host or travel. Get back to me if anyone is interested in hooking up and filming some hot porn videos
  4. So I let the old troll. After a few big hits of poppers. I let the old troll get behind me and fuck my ass bareback. I couldn't believe what a nasty whore I was. As he is fucking me. Someone else walked by and caught me getting fucked. He stopped to watch us. He pulled out his cock and told me to suck his cock. As im getting fucked by this old man. The other guy is fucking my throat. I took a load in my ass and the other down my throat
  5. Not much longer after that. The state made all the porn stores to take the doors off the video booths and get rid of the gloryholes. Thinking that it would stop guy's from having sex in the booths. But it didn't work. Guy's would walk around and stop to watch me jerking my cock and walk into the booth and hookup. I kinda liked to have a guy watch me sucking a cock infront of him. One of my most hottest and nasty hookups I had in the back video booths was when I was in my early 20s. I was downtown drinking with the guys. We all got very drunk. I made up an excuse to leave the bar early
  6. Page 2....., until he dumped his hot thick load of cum in my mouth. I would suck cock after cock after cock that huge from the gloryhole. Never knowing anything about the guys in the booth next to me. I would suck anyone's cock. I didn't care who he was. I would let random strangers cum in my mouth and swallow everyone'sload. Just before I had to leave to pick up my girlfriend from work. I would put my cock through the gloryhole and let some random person suck my cock off. I still remember how hot his mouth felt.
  7. Hot story. Brings back memories of my youth. We have 3 porn stores in my town. Once I finally turned 18. I cruised all the porn stores most ever day. I caught the last few years they all had gloryholes and doors on the booths. I didn't have a car at that age. BUT MY GIRLFRIEND DID AND WOULD LET ME USE HER CAR WHEN SHE WENT TO WORK. So as soon as she went to work. I spent hours cruising for action. I would start at the local mall. Sucking cocks under the bathroom stalls. When it slowed down. I jumped into my girlfriends car and cruise the local parks. In the hunt for more cocks to
  8. Because everyone I know all think i'm 100 % straight. I always have a girlfriend. Nobody has any clue about my secret life style. So I would definitely call myself a submissive cumhungry cocksucking bottom faggot. Yeah I'm totally a fucking FAGGOT! only a faggot would sneak around behind my girlfriends back and cruise around looking for some cocks to suck off. I will suck anomynos guys off. Under a bathroom stall. Letting everyone cum in my mouth. Yeah I swallow all the cum. That's what a faggot likes. I don't care whose cock that im sucking. I can't wait for another load to swallow
  9. Wow, I feel like such a whore. Reading the list made me flash back to all the nasty sex acts I did in my life. I forgot about all the random strangers that I hooked up with in the past. Reading down the list brought back so many memories. I have 2 things that are still on my bucket list that I need to check off. They are. Making a hot video of my face in a bukakke film. I'm a hungry cocksucker who loves to take loads of cum. Down my throat or all over my face. The second one is to be fucked by a verbal dominant she male. I would love to watch a girl with tits and a coc
  10. Hi guy, I live in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Only a hour or so away from each other. I love to be filmed on video. im that in the closet straight acting submissive cum hungry cocksucking bottom guy. I am definitely a hungry cocksucking pig. I enjoy making a hot verbal videos. I fucking love to have a cock using my mouth, fucking my throat, and taking a hot facial and swallowing loads of cum. Get back to me if you want to hook up and film a video
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