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    Cambridge Ontario Canada
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    Playing Video Games, Watching Netflix, Canoeing, Fishing, Camping, Hanging out, Fun Tops, Sex, Sub-Training, Being a Thoroughbred Bottom-Born Breeding Bitch
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Sweet guy, honest/open, non-closeted, kind hearted, discreet, normal raising(momma's boy w/daddy issues lol) LOVE being trained as a sub/pet. Love all the normal things in life as well as the sexual parts!
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    BB Tops - NO BOTTOMS WANTED & NO Submissive Tops Either please!
    Open to dating/relationships - but I'm not the type to pursue YOU, so if you're looking to date then you will have to pursue me: Im sorta ditzy/airheaded & usually ignorant when someone likes me/when I'm being flirted with & even when I'm being flirtatious myself. I like nice/Dominant & sexually experienced Men who know what they want and pursue it.

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  1. Tuesday May 6 Looking NOW t x t 519 , 212 , 3654 LOCAL NUMBERS ONLY Plz read my profile description fully
  2. I wanna be used for days as a Bareback Cumdump/ChemSlut...COLLAR ME, LEASH ME, CHAIN ME, USE ME, TOUCH ME, FUCK ME, BREED ME!!!!!! I am party friendly- I especially love being on g h b...I will be used however you decide, by whoever you decide and as often as you decide ect...limits will be discussed ahead so I will only be able to answer with "Yes" and "No" will most definitely NOT be an option. Ideally a regular thing to happen at least once(or more, ideally) every month. Looking even further ahead, should you choose to pursue this direction(I.e. relationship/dating me..Ect..)it could eventually ecome a PERMANENT thing(i.e. - I relocate/move in with you as your FUCK-PET/MAID/SEX-SLAVE. I live in Cambridge Ontario, 5'11"-6', 163lbs, toned/slim, Poz-Undetectable, BB ONLY, BOTTOM ONLY, Power Bottom/Cockslut, Chem Friendly, Party Friendly....Let me know. You can pick me up asap. Hmu & ask for my number to txt.
  3. David from CambridgeOntarioCanada here...I like what I read on ur profile sir....would love to hear more about you/meetup sometime if u wished to...hmu 5192123654(Txt only from a Canadian number plz)or David . Francis . Oliver 2019 is my inbox over a g male ;*

    1. Collar4chemboys


      We met before!!!  I drove to you pick u up, and then so. Etching came up and had u drive u home earlier.  Life got in the way after and we lost touch but I still havve your number and texted you a few times.. Love to invite u over for short stay again. As long as you remember who owns and gets to use both your holes! 

    2. Cockdumb&Cute


      Oh my God that's you I didn't even realize! I'm going to reply to your text right now

  4. God...I'm SO HORNY!!!! I've been secluding myself for like 2-3 to stay away from this blasted Corona virus thingy....I NEED dick! BAD! Like I need to be bred and used SO BADLY that I would be willing to spend the 2-3 days without a break in a sex swing with my ass spread as wide open as possible and kept that way till the end. And beg for multiple ads on multiple hook up apps/sites inviting and encouraging all the above average cocks they can find to come unload their cum/piss into my gaping hole of a Bussy ....my mouth/throat on offer as well...



    I would take 100000 cocks and cum to just get a taste of cock and cum....

  5. Any bbc dom alpha men in sw Ontario Canada? Dm me or tx me 5192123654 - Ontario Canada residents/numbers ONLY plz.

  6. In brantford now and being hosted by my kinky older fwb.

    We are both friendly, discreet, respectful, non-drama, relaxed & we both party a lil bit here and there ;*


    He is enjoying the opportunity to basically be able to have me fucked/bred - as well as having his own fun with tops on the side.


    Hmu if you are in the area/interested in playing with him or myself 😘😈🐷🍑


    Txt(Ontario Canada #'s ONLY)....5192123654


    P.S -

    Do u enjoy going to the bathhouse/s?

    Do you drive?

    Do you want a couple eager, experienced & slutty Bottoms to keep you company on ur kinky visit to the bathhouse?  ---

    ... If your answer to the above questions is: Yes ...  Well, c'mon stud what are u waiting for? 

    Grab ur favorite cock rings/lube/toys /favs ect. & anything u need ready to go & then HMU!!!!



    Txt(Ontario Canada #'s ONLY)....5192123654

  7. Thank you for following me after I followed you. One of your recent post got me really turn on. 

    1. Cockdumb&Cute


      Ur most welcome Scott0882 - I am happy to hear that! Always pleased when I hear that any of my posts got a guy all randy/horny! Stay happy - you naughty top/verse breeder! Cheers all!

  8. Thanks for following me, I appreciate it. Great profile and hot pics !! You’re a sexy fuck, lad 😈

    1. Cockdumb&Cute


      Thx Daddy!😘😈🐷🍑

  9. Thx for the follow hun - followed u back!

  10. Thanks for the follow stud! 😘🍑🐷😈

  11. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): David Your cell number (for LOCAL ONTARIO Numbers/texts ONLY): 5192123654 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Preston Area of Cambridge Ontario Canada Times you're generally not available: N/A - I am always looking for a creampie Gangbang! Age:32 Height:5-11 Weight:162.4 Ethnicity:White
  12. Back - after a very stressful year! My birthday is this Sunday March 8th.

    For a birthday present to myself, I will be going to steamworks in Toronto or another bathhouse/spa in Toronto or Hamilton. It will be my first time doing this, so I plan to make the most(..as well as take most ;* ..)of it!


    While I'm there, I will be putting my holes on NON-STOP public use at the Gloryholes and (mostly) at the public swings. 


    It'll either be the weekend after my birthday or possibly the week after that....I will update when I have a date, place decided..ect. - So you can & are also encouraged to let me know if u will be able to come and put my fuckholes to use draining your nuts! 


    Yours to Breed, David

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cockdumb&Cute


      Thanks all of you so much for the birthday wishes! 🎈🦄☺️🍑

    3. nvanguy1


      Happy Birthday David!  

    4. Cockdumb&Cute


      Thanks everyone'sEHlpcAUX0AAhxtE.jpeg.thumb.jpg.2b274dcde447155f3172535236afa697.jpg for the birthday wishes! 🎈🦄☺️🍑





  13. Thanks for the follow stud!🙏🤗🍑

    1. oceanboy573757


      no problem newly poz here 

    2. Cockdumb&Cute


      Same here - was pozzed in may and undetectable by july 15th.

      Also have ALL my vaccinations so can pretty much get my fuckholes filled with cum all day/night now & not worry.☺️ hehe😉🍑💦💦💦

  14. Looking forward to seeing what this site has to offer in terms of meeting up with other like minded BB only Men.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cockdumb&Cute


      Aww!☺️ Thank u so much!🙏🤗 


    3. oceanboy573757
    4. Cockdumb&Cute


      @oceanboy573757Thanks so much stud!🙏🍑💦💦

  15. LOCATION: Cambridge Ontario Canada My NAME is: David My AGE is: 31 My HEIGHT is 5'11" My WEIGHT is: 158 (As of Oct 22 2019) Body Type: Slim/Toned Mannerisms: Masc/Varies Cell Phone - TEXT ONLY: 519-212-3654 Available MOST Days/Nights CANNOT HOST/DRIVE. I DO NOT DO OUTDOOR/CAR SEX Open to: Individuals/Groups/Gangbangs/Pics & Vids/Bathhouses & Gloryholes - Still never been to one! - BAREBACK & CREAMPIES are a MUST! PLEASE "NO CONDOMS" EVER! I Practice a "NO PULLING OUT" Policy: PLEASE DO NOT PULL OUT & INSTEAD UNLOAD IT ALL INSIDE MY CUMDUMP. I BOTTOM ONLY - DO NOT ASK ME TO TOP OR TO TRY TO EJACULATE - I AM TRAINED TO IGNORE MY OWN PENIS ENTIRELY & REQUEST ALL SEXUAL PARTNERS TO IGNORE MY PENIS AS WELL.

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