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  1. At this point, I have no idea who is doing what in my ass. I am peacefully numb. My endorphins have kicked in from the pain and I am feeling good. The pain is definitely there. In fact, I feel something liquid dripping down my ass I know is a result of their brutalizing my hole. I’m conscious, just taking it all in, a slight haze from whatever liquid and whatever else was inserted into my ass. Something small and sharp went in, but it seems to have dissolved. It still burns but now I definitely WANT them sliding in my ass. Someone’s hand is inside and I can also feel someone is sliding their d
  2. I started this past year since I was not slutting around much- stupid pandemic. My Ray Diesel original size dildo was too big to get more than the head in. But one slightly intoxicated and poppered night, I got a third in. I knew it had been stretched past the normal muscle level. It felt like elastic being stretched too far to return to normal. From there, the play went deeper and further, ordering toys with bigger circumferences and a skilled friend willing to train me to take a hand. You want a good trainer to take your fist cherry. Now, almost a full year later, I’m enjoying it greatly and
  3. I awake with a blinding pain in my ass. “Man, that cherry is gone gone gone,” a voice says, laughing. My hole is stretched out like I’m giving birth. Then a wincing pain, then emptiness. I feel a cool breeze and I realize it’s flowing in and out of my anus. “Look at that! I can blow right into his hole! It’s totally gaping... wait, there it goes, closing back up.” Im just glad that the pain has stopped. I still can’t lift my arms and legs, but with the haze I’m feeling, I’m not complaining, just watching like I’m outside of my body. “Shall we go for round 2? Get me the funnel, I want to put a
  4. I wrote a fisting story in the new extreme fetishes forum. If you get a chance, give it a read and like, thanks

    1. FFun2BB


      Thank to you #Detchiller I was made aware of the FF forum here .. THANK YOU !!!

      ... as FF is my passion ... as a FF-Top for over 30 years and as a FFistee now FFor the last 10+ years ... FF is my passion ... 

      and often I thought it would be interesting to hear others openly to discuss pro and cons... also the moments when something went wrong ... or to hear tips... 

      THANK YOU for bringing this Panel too my attention and now I shall look what you wrote 🙂 

  5. I’ve seen the moderators to be really good and helpful to the members. Just keep active in comments, likes, and posts.
  6. A good friend of mine lost a long dildo in his ass. It ended up perforating his intestines. Fortunately, for the doctor, it was as simple as making a small cut in his abdomen, pulling out the dildo, and cutting the damaged portion of his intestine. After that, my friend now has a straight shot deep into his ass. You can go elbow deep in seconds- with lube and poppers, of course. He’s lucky to be alive, but as a fisting bottom, he appreciates his easy access ass.
  7. Fisting is a very intimate act for me, so I prefer no gloves, like in sex. There’s a few who I will work with when it comes to wearing gloves, but they are the exception. Raw is the rule.
  8. Anyone have a favorite lube recipe? so far, I’ve just been doing j-lube powder with water, microwaving to remove clumps, then add a tablespoon or so of regular lube to add preservatives so it will no go bad as quickly. However, I’ve been seeing others talk about other additional recipes/ingredients. This includes: Xanthan gum powder instead of j-lube (competitive prices on Amazon) j-jelly, which I just purchased from Walmart online lol clove oil cannabis oil I’m guessing that just like with the Pure pills vs cheap psyllium husk fiber pills at Sam’s, there are i
  9. So I was at this quiet little bar in the north side of Houston, jukebox music not too loud, 2 sections of the place, better lit pool table area and darker bar area. Pretty empty, too, just a few people playing pool. Short distance from my hotel, too, only more woodsy. My conference was over and I was taking an extra day to relax before flying back home to Oklahoma. I was on my 4th bourbon and 7. The bartender was an attractive guy in his 40s, solid built, Hispanic, good conversation, he was good at getting me to open up, asking lots of questions and making me some strong drinks. We both took a
  10. I’d love to try mr. Marky one day. Hard to find him
  11. CLAW WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! I can’t even remember how many loads I took. Can’t wait for IML!

  12. Excited about going to CLAW for the first time! Hope to take more than a few loads! Hit me up if you’re interested in donating some babies to my ass.

    1. DeviantRay


      Hott just arrived in Cleveland ....whos around?


  13. I got my room booked. Think key. I’ll be looking for loads. Video is cool, but I’ll wear a mask or ass and dick only. Love dark skinned men.
  14. This guy doesn’t want the neighbors to hear, but he is too paranoid. Music helps but he doesn’t want them to suspect anything. He says he’s publicly bi, but I don’t know. Still, with his multiple loads, I’m not complaining. Plus, he says each load gets bigger. I believe him. He leaves my ass wrecked with a puddle of cum on the towel.
  15. So it’s been a minute since I posted, but this weekend has been really good. I was in Houston this weekend, just got home. Friday night, drove out to play with a guy in Missouri City, thought it was going to be a dud because he was REALLY into his poppers. Fortunately, his aerosol can ran out and he came back down to earth. Mainly wanted oral and ws but once he got in my ass, he fucked me hard till he came a good load. Nice guy when he wasn’t obsessed with the poppers. Just too far a drive. Saturday afternoon, I reconnected with a top in the heights. Big guy, not so big dick, but he eats ass l
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