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    Love getting piggy for camera, usually more faceless and focus on dick in hole action. Love to film cum leaking out my ass, too.
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    Raw loads, open to flip fucking as well, but not looking for total bottoms.

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  1. Detchiller

    Detroit backstreet bbc

    Just met up with the guys again. Ass sore and flooded.
  2. Detchiller

    Fucking a cumdump

    Sorry to hear. It’s always on my mind, could happen to anyone playing raw, myself included. How long ago and are you on treatment? I’ve been exposed to a & by but never c
  3. Detchiller

    Speed Breeding

    Damn, I forgot how good these older stories are!
  4. Detchiller

    Speed Breeding

    Great story. I keep coming back to it.
  5. IML was soooo f-ing hot! I took so many loads.

  6. Where you at, sexy?

    1. drscorpio


      Out in the woods in Texas at a campground. 

  7. Detchiller

    Bottom Regrets

    Woohoo!!! I knew we’d think alike, lol. No regrets here, either. I’ve had some GREAT dick and ass in my life. A LOT of dick and ass. The great times when a guy has unloaded in me, damn, good times.
  8. Detchiller

    Help! I'm A Bottom Trapped In A Tops Body*

    I tend to find myself in situations where there is an abundance of bottoms with not enough tops to go around. Since I’m a vers bottom, I’m open to fucking a little ass, but once I shoot, I’m done. But while I don’t have a problem finding a good top to fuck me, competing for one is not my thing. Some good advice from these guys. evilqueerpig, your comment reminded me of a friend’s shirt, which was a little more obviously. In big lettering, it had F***, and in very tiny lettering below, it read, “me.” Lol
  9. Detchiller

    The Making of a Prison Bitch

    Definitely would love to read more from you!
  10. Detchiller

    Big Cock

    Sounds like a great time. Love average looking guys who are packing big meat.
  11. Got huge dick on Friday from my gym buddy, new guy from Grindr fucking me on Sunday, regular bud on Tuesday. Now if I can just reduce this stupid hemorrhoid so I can take the dick long enough for a few loads... Suggestions? It’s a tiny one, but I’m feeling it more as of late. 

  12. Detchiller

    This ain’t funny

    Go boy! #holife
  13. Detchiller

    Rough toilet fuck

    Awesome writing. It’s definitely worth another installation. Either the conversion or reunion or just meeting another dom top. I busted a huge load to this story. Please, more!

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