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  1. Always thought Morgan Black was one of the sexiest porn stars. Sort of looked like Bradley Cooper with a wild edge. anyone know if he quit porn or is still around?
  2. In the fall of 2018, I took a trip to Europe with my best friend who's straight as they come. He's lovely though, and him and my now boyfriend have actually gotten really tight, and he knows I'm bi and had no issue with it. About halfway through our trip, we made it to Amsterdam. When we went to university together we had become essentially high functioning stoners, and always talked about making a trip to Amsterdam for the quasi-legal weed. Of course by the time 2018 rolled around and we got around to doing it weed had become legal in Canada, but Amsterdam remains a beautiful city and wa
  3. I could be down. Where are you staying
  4. Any vers/bottoms in Calgary looking to take or swap loads? 25 here, fit, bi vers top, on Prep, looking for some sleazy anon action. Maybe into partying but no T.
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