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  1. director of business strategy at a big IT company
  2. I really need to get some dick. its been way too long.
  3. i'm heading to DC on the 9th - would love to take a bunch of loads!
  4. First time post, but many stories to share. On business to Seattle, staying at a low-end AirBnB in Pioneer square, I was horny as fuck and wanted to take some loads. Hopped on Grindr and changed my profile to indicate I'd take any load coming my way in the uber on the way to my place. Checked in, jumped in the shower, got cleaned up and checked my phone. Holy cow, 10 replies, all within a short distance. I replied to one with the place's info, quickly copied that to the other 9 and got lubed ass up, lights dim, me blindfolded. First dude to crack the door was 5 minutes later
  5. I'd love to take your loads!

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