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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Black men, alpha men and anonymous men at the adult bookstore, park etc. also love doing blow n goes, being a cumdump
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    ABS/Park/Restroom slut of 30 years. Formerly married and closeted cocksucking pussyboi, turned fem big fitted sissybitch after being outed by ex wife to her family, former coworkers etc.
    Love to deepthroat, be face fucked, rim, swallow cum, also love being fucked and bred by big cocks. I’ve fully embraced my place in life as a fem sissy, born to service real men
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    None but very interested
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    Black men, Alpha men, dom men, anonymous men needing service, men who are experienced sissy trainers, 3ways, groups, having pics and video taken of me being used.

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  1. It took me many many years and many purges as well as being outed to finally and fully embrace my sissy ness hun. Also my lady helped me immensely when she accepted me as her bitch. After each purge, my need to be a sissy only increased. Hang in there hun it’ll come and then true liberation happens, it sooo wonderful! Sorry for the delay in responding I just saw this somehow🤔 Id love to get to know you too hun. Where are u located?
  2. AlliejSlut is my Twitter cum check this bitch out
  3. Only regret is not fully embracing my true self earlier. Otherwise, hell no no regrets at all. I was born a sissy faggot, born to serve and take real men’s cocks
  4. Love ass to mouth after getting pounded
  5. Hi all I’m looking for blacks and alpha men who love breeding sub sissy sluts like myself
  6. Of course I thank every man who fills my mouth or sissy cunt with their precious cum. It’s an honor to be used as the cumdump I was born to be
  7. Got my last load yesterday at the restrooms at park from one of my black daddies deep in my sissy cunt
  8. Embracing the feminine girl I’ve always felt inside myself and her truly deviant and slutty desires has been truly liberating and life altering. Ive loved sucking cock in public restrooms, park restrooms, adult bookstores and such for over 30 years and loved every minute of it. Becoming the fem sissybitch I am today evolved naturally for me over the years and my desire to service cock grew stronger as well. I must say that once I dive headfirst into my sissification and began seeing my tits develop and grow, along with my body turning feminine before my eyes, my desire to service men went thru the roof and continues to do so. My lady whose sissifying me and I have hot lesbian sex and she squirts on me but there’s no penetration from me, I haven’t penetrated her with my clitty in over 3 years and she knows other than our lesbian sex, Its all about men and serving them and there cocks. Yes I’m a gay sissy who is getting a reputation locally as the town sissywhore and am known at area bookstores as well. I also do blow n gos locally for men in need of a deepthroat and/or hot sissypussy. I feel myself sliding deeper and deeper down the delicious hole of full faggotry and am loving it and want more and more cock. Im truly blessed and honored
  9. Have loved sucking married guys for years! They always tell me I’m better at sucking cock than their wives and I’m honored to provide great service that their wives won’t or dont
  10. God yes I would be honored to be whored out by someone and told who to fuck and suck. Would be dream cum true
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