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    College guy who is new to the scene but ready to get converted
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  1. I want to become a cumdump that takes all loads but im super shy twink which makes it hard. Tips? Advice?

    1. NHCockSlut


      I hear ya there, I'm the same way. I'd love to be a slut, taking cocks left and right. Have so many fantasies, but am a bit on the shy side when it comes to meeting new people.

  2. I kinda wanna get some STDs now besides trying to get pozzed...is that weird lol?

    1. SDPartyPig


      Nope.  Not for a bug chaser.  I have full blown AIDS + HepC as of last year's donation.  Want every fucking STD as well.  Will generously share too, already do  

    2. boybottom4use


      no, that is totally HOT!!

  3. Hope everyone is doing good ...sorry have not really responded to messages just been really busy 

  4. Hope everyone is doing good ...sorry have not really responded to messages just been really busy 

    1. michael07


      yea that and a job 

  5. I wanted to get pozzed up but I have a bf now so those plans are on delay sadly 

  6. my ass is very sore this morning lets just say that much lol 


  8. I want pozzed but do not want the risk of hep..the struggle lol 

    1. ytowndaddybear


      I'm poz and off meds, I had hep C and been cured of it, so you would it would be nearly impossible to get it from me.  I'm just over the Ohio border.

  9. the urge to get poz cum in my neg hole is strong rn 

  10. just curious who would poz me on here? ;) 

    1. horny4bb


      I would in a heart beat

  11. new years resolution: get pozzed! 

    1. Med-Resistant-Cum


      Come visit this weekend :)

  12. Happy New Year everyone!! ;)

  13. I want to be a poz boy :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. boybottom4use
    3. Willing


      I want the infection too?

    4. SDPartyPig


      FUCK YEAH. Being POZ is awesome. 

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