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    College guy who is new to the scene but ready to get converted
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    Dom guys , preferably tops.

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  1. I want pozzed but do not want the risk of hep..the struggle lol 

    1. ytowndaddybear


      I'm poz and off meds, I had hep C and been cured of it, so you would it would be nearly impossible to get it from me.  I'm just over the Ohio border.

  2. the urge to get poz cum in my neg hole is strong rn 

  3. Sold Health

    so hot
  4. just curious who would poz me on here? ;) 

    1. alwaysready
    2. horny4bb


      I would in a heart beat

  5. new years resolution: get pozzed! 

    1. Med-Resistant-Cum


      Come visit this weekend :)

  6. Happy New Year everyone!! ;)

  7. I want to be a poz boy :/

    1. Saturn1


      YAY!!! Go get that poz seed, bro!!!

    2. boybottom4use
    3. Willing


      I want the infection too🍆

  8. hope everyone has been good...havent been that active (been sick not with the fuck flu sadly) 

    1. ctcumlover


      I hope that you feel better.

    2. boybottom4use


      feel better, hope you are back in action soon!

  9. does anyone remember poz convert??? 

  10. i think i finally found a toxic top who i'm comfortable with to infect me 

    1. alwaysready


      what makes you feel that level of comfort from him? good news for you!

    2. negbtm


      I hope you get it!

  11. hope everyone is doing well ;)

  12. any tips for taking a first toxic load in me ??

    1. alwaysready



      if that is what you want, relax and enjoy it.

    2. negbtm


      Lay back and look in his eyes, spread your legs and tell him you want it, then enjoy the fuck, cum as many times as you can, and thank him. 

    3. arrxxx


      don't be nervous. relax. take his dick.

      you'll learn a lot about your deepest desires once you feel his poz seed inside you.

  13. im new to poppers...whats a good one to try 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. phukhole


      I always end up buying them at the big events - IML, MAL , Decadence, Pride, etc.  I should plan ahead and order online, but I'm not that organized!


    3. boybottom4use


      I like Amsterdam or Jungle Juice Platinum

    4. alwaysready


      love to get you poppered up, boy, and then just use the fuck out of you.

  14. how do you overcome the nervousness of taking your first toxic load 

    1. alwaysready



      I think you have to do a personal needs analysis. make a chart, vertical line down the middle of the paper. on  one side write the pluses of taking a neg load/getting pozzed. on the other side, write the possible, even likely, negative consequences. if there is someone you know and trust implicitly, who is poz, talk to them. listen to what they say. more than 1, even better.  you can read til the proverbial cows come home on this site giving the pros and cons. a lot of the answers are not very helpful. but there are some nuggets of, if not wisdom, at least common sense.


    2. alwaysready


      it sounds to me like you have been chasing for a long time. the pull of poz is great. for me it was the darkness and the death seed I so got the second, and am dealing with the first. slowly slipping into the darkness, and looking to take someone(s) with me.

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