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    Masculine Latin Poz Bottom. 5'9", 190 lbs, Smooth brown skin, Athletic build, married but playful, 7 inch cock
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    Masculine Top for NSA daytime fun, (I have a thing for Hairy dark haired guys or furry red-heads) not written in stone, should love to fuck and breed, age and nationality not as important as a fit body and a big hard horny cock that's bigger than mine (I have 7") Please be Masculine and have good hygiene. Eat my pussy and fuck and breed it deep! NOT INTO piss, fisting or Meth. 420 and poppers cool.

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  1. It's been since March since I've had a hookup. I'll keep waiting for the vaccine.

    Once the pandemic is over, "look out!"

  2. Damn! I miss my old sex life!

  3. Well I've been keeping my legs crossed.

    No sex for me until they have a viable working treatment for Covid-19

    I wonder about all you virus hunters out there who are so intent on getting HIV.

    Are you still getting bred regardless of the pandemic?

    If you really want a life threatening virus, are you eager to be infected with corona virus?

  4. Been having the most mind blowing sex recently. Met a new Fuck bud. Latin Chub with a nice cock, listed as Verse on BBRT and he even says he's not into total bottoms but he checked out my profile and when I opened my pics he said, "Damn! I'll hit that!" And he did, squirting in me twice. Before that I hadn't hooked since the day Kobe passed away. My favorite fuck bud had been over. He's also listed as Verse but he hit me up on-line a year ago and we've been fucking regularly since. He's SO FUCKIN' HOT he drives me crazy. Got bred again by the Latin Chub a week later. Had 3 guys yesterday the best was a 30ish Mixed race fucker who was super handsome, average build and the most beautiful cock. The stud could fuck like a pro and bred me deep and said my ass was a blessing. Which is really the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my ass. He could be my new favorite fuck bud, as he said he wanted to come back for more and we've sent flirty texts back and forth. Just got hit up by a 20ish Top who wants to hit it again. And another bud, great ass eater, who really loves to eat another guys cum out of my hole. Already got fucked by a regular fuck bud this morning. 20ish Latin bear with a nice cock who loves to eat my hole and breed it. Maybe have 3 guys by the end of the day.

  5. Those same fairies came to my cradle too! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️
  6. I've tried to Top but I've never gotten into it, so I can't imagine that I'm any good at it either. My hole is my sex organ and it drives my desire. I'm good at being a Bottom, or so I've been told. Love being a man's cum-dump.
  7. As an experienced Bottom I don't have a lot of things that I require from a Top. I do like guys who are Masculine and confident. (not into Twinks or Fems) And I do like men who have a bigger cock than me (I'm only 6 inches) but it's not a requirement. And stay rock hard. I've had guys with small cock who had great technique and a rockin' hard cock. Ultimately I'm turned on by "take-charge," kind of guys who act "manly" and are at least H/W proportionate. The rest is negotiable.
  8. I'm an over 50 Bottom and I have younger guys who want to fuck me and get off on calling me Daddy. It's cool with me as long as they know that once in bed the roles reverse and they are the Daddies. Seems to really turn on some guys to dominate and breed an older Daddy. Works for me but not necessary and I don't prefer younger guys over men my age or older. Either is cool with me as long as they are masculine confident take-charge kinda guys.
  9. I need new pictures. Anyone local to Long Beach who's a good photographer?

  10. Since most Tops want to get sucked first I usually deep throat it till it's rock hard and can go up my puss. But it should always be just foreplay before you squirt your jiz in me.
  11. It depends on how deep you shoot in me. I have a fuck bud with around 6 inches and since he doesn't get very deep it tends to leak out. My fuck bud with 9 inches gets deep in my cunt and it never leaks back out. If I was fertile he'd have to be paying me child support.
  12. My favorite thing is to feel a cock throb deep inside me and the feeling of jiz shooting in my cunt. If it's also long and fat and hits all the right places before flooding me with his jiz, well.. that works too.
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