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  1. I would love to find a guy like you who could do that to me ;)
  2. Amazing! Just truly an amazing turn of events in this chapter, everything came full circle and this latest chapter pulled me in so much.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. It’s all about communication. Though I know this one top who does not want me to practice with my dildo which I find interesting.
  4. Damn I love when a top does this to me. You can call it whatever gets you hard and horny just make me your bitch and make me cum like one
  5. Another amazing chapter! I am so in love with these characters and the plot. Wonder if brad will come into the picture again and try and do something only to have Pedro stop him.
  6. @iosolent amazing chapter. You really bring these characters to life and capture the reader’s attention. Almost missed an appointment because I was so into the story.
  7. Folsom gulch is too far from my work. This is called palm beach arcade on Kearny but love the gulch when I can get there
  8. Yesterday at lunch. Was tired and frustrated with work so went to an adult arcade/bookstore intending to only suck dick. Hopped in a booth but the guy next door was only interested in jacking off so went a couple booths down. Looked through the hole and saw a new guy who had just arrived. I signaled I wanted to suck him and he pulled out this amazingly thick and uncut (my favorite) dick that curves down and I started sucking him. He grew and that cock was not only thick but long. He told me to come to his booth and I did where I continued to suck him but he wanted more (he started pullin
  9. Amazing and such a twist with Brad. I am in ❤️ with these characters!
  10. @Cumslut943 cum up to the Bay Area would love to be flooded by you. My hole will always be open to you and all your cum. Drain yourself in me.
  11. I’m also going to be at Dore hoping to get some
  12. Another amazing chapter and well worth the wait. I always love the passion/primal lust you incorporate when it comes to Angelo and Ethan. So amazing!
  13. Another amazing chapter @Iosolent! I love it so much and just seeing the love between all the couples including Adam, Tony, Steve and Callum
  14. I love this story! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️!
  15. Love it! Had it done a few times but it is hard to find a top who can piss while hard but when I do find a guy and he is doing it I am in heaven.
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