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    Bangkok & London
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    flyng high and getting as many loads bred into me from as many different cocks. take every load
    the more toxic then better...love my chemmed cunt overflowing with hot poz loads from any cock
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    skype for sleazy breeding pozzing chat. just add me and let me know that you've from bz - sleazycumwhore74
    yahoo - rawbottom74
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    just home made...no other stuff yet
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    looking to take ANY and EVERY load. None refused. the dirtier and more toxic the load the better. sleazier the better. chems, groups, public, multiple loads, being videod, photoed, cam2cam, ff, leather, piss, raunch, saunas, sex clubs, cruising parks - basically will try anything at least twice (not into pain, blood, puke)
    LOVE poz loads or actually any dirty cock or load with any bug...that's what my hole is for

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  1. Been fuckn with my friends you would be sharing lots of cocks and loads with everyone too. Lost my magic marker pen that was keeping count.Well with all the sloppy hole's and hard cocks. ...Who cares now. 


  2. Anonymous loads

    absolutely...love opening my hole to a gloryhole and letting any cock just push inside...best feeling ever when they thrust, hold and then pull out and you have that familiar wet feeling as you wait for the next cock
  3. You look like you need my cum inside you! So hot!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AZRawPig


      That's the ONLY way for HOGS to enjoy themselves!  I totally agree with that scene...especially; when its over a long weekend where there are NO TABOOS or LIMITS untouched by everyone...its a journey of purely 'animal lusts' for everyone....the nastier the better.

    3. sleazycumwhore


      fucking perfect...deeper, gaping, sloppy and just filled with so many loads

    4. AZRawPig


      Viagra cocks and loads dripping with sloppy load's sharing inside our darkroom. .No taboos when everyone gets all lubed and raunchy. 

  4. NOW, that's the type of action...We can do over a few days together.  Keep you in a sling and turn you into a Cum Dump.

    1. sleazycumwhore


      sounds good to me...always love getting in a sling and am made to be a cum dump

    2. AZRawPig


      YOU would become my Sling buddy...at the bathhouse's....collect lots of loads and cocks...as We continue to share our addictions with each other.  NO TABOOS when its lots of action for US.

  5. thanks for the rep

    1. sleazycumwhore


      not a problem...great looking cunt there!

    2. RawUK


      cheers - it could do with some attention

    3. sleazycumwhore


      i know what you mean!

  6. I need a load of cum worse than air


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. sleazycumwhore


      yeah, love bathhouses

    3. Ozpig


      I am going to Blackout at Headquarters and will be taking as much raw cock as I can for about four or five hours. The weekend is for getting my cunt smashed


    4. sleazycumwhore


      nice one ozpig...hope you got plenty of raw cock yesterday

      I managed to get 5 loads at the sauna then another 3 last night...feels so good

  7. nice profile, man!

    1. sleazycumwhore


      thanks! glad you like!

  8. fuckin hot profile...thx for the add

    1. pozkuntboi


      cheers mebe have hook up

      got sum hot bugs for that ass

    2. sleazycumwhore


      would love that next time i'm back in the UK

      got a cunt thats the perfect home for all your hot bugs...the more the better

  9. in Tower Hotel, Tower Hill London  Room 646, cunt up, face down looking to take as many toxic loads as i can. dump & go, here for the next couple of hours and need to be bred by any cock and any load. film me, photo me, don't care...just breed me

    1. sleazycumwhore


      until around 10am sun 15 jan

  10. thanks for adding me

  11. in London Jan 12-14...looking to be bred with as many loads as i can

  12. thanks for the follow!

    1. sickfuck66


      Fuck yea.  Looking for poz/aids loads right now. Anchorage Alaska.  Know any poz load gifters here?

    2. sleazycumwhore


      fucking hot man...wish i knew someone in Alaska, but it's a little far for me!

    3. sickfuck66
  13. hey ... thanks for the follow. You look like a nice hit fuck:*

    1. sleazycumwhore


      no problems...you too

      I hope I am...i try and get around as much as I can!

    2. Fistulike666


      I just bet you do ... SLUT, or what? !!

    3. sleazycumwhore


      hahaha...definitely a slut!!!! can't help it...it's the only way to be!

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