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    Vers/bttm. Bareback only. Getting both holes used(butthole and facehole) used for guys to cum or piss in-thats what it's for. Sucking cock, ball sacks. Love sucking on and pigging out on buttholes(clean only). Especially opened or gaping holes. Cum lover. Pnp/slam/hi ffun.
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    Love to xxx chat/sex-message. (Wickr- fcdrre1@yahoo.com) More than porn if it's with the right guy. Bareback only when hooking up(top and bottom). Yes-It's a deal breaker.

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  1. I like it when the top who's raw fucking me asks "can I cum in you?" just so I can tell him "YES!". It's kind of a turn-on for me. Gives me a slutty-like feeling inside letting the top know that he's welcome to go right ahead and drain his balls in me:)
  2. I've been exclusively bareback for at least 5 years. My hole is for raw dick only. I'll top also, but it has to be bareback as well. NO CONDOMS ALLOWED.
  3. Yep! And if the top goes and slips his dong into someone else's fag-hole and not my own, even after I sucked it clean so be it. It's up to the top which pig hole he wants to use and breed. Im just a hole and deserve to treated like one.
  4. For me, ATM is part of taking dick and cum loads. I always clean out before getting fucked so I'm always willing to suck clean any raw cock the fuck-slop(cum, butt juices, and/or piss)off any raw dick and that exits my fuck chute. The same goes for any dong that's been in another someone else's butt(clean only)as well, ballsack included.
  5. As far as getting fucked and bred, I have no preference. As for oral/sucking, I would have to go with low hanging balls. Easier to suck on. Balls and ball sack.
  6. Agreed. It's fun being an easy slut for raw dick and cum. A top who wants a hole to fuck, give it to him and let him raw fuck away at it and if he wants to cum in you, he's welcomed to no questions asked. That's what our fuck-holes are for -raw dick and cum.
  7. Loose/open. I love to eat and felch butt, and a looser, stretched open hole makes it easier to get as much tongue as possible up his fuck chute. Awesome for tongue fucking and easier to suck cum loads out also.
  8. I received my first blowjob at age 5 in a tent in our backyard, from an older boy who lived on my street. He had me suck his also. Before we parted ways he whispered in my ear "don't tell anyone that I sucked your wiener". At the time it was a rather overwhelming experience, but now if I could go back in time and relive the experience, I so would.
  9. I wouldn't necessarily say "lots" of guys do, but they're free to use me as a flesh urinal anytime I'm taking dick.
  10. I won't necessarily object to doing other stuff, oral, eating butt and such, but as far as fucking me goes, I don't take safe-only dick. Bareback dick ONLY
  11. My ass is for pissing into as much as it is for cumming.
  12. Don't be afraid to lick and suck his balls and ball sack.
  13. I eat my own cum just as I would someone elses.
  14. It's up to him which hole he uses to cum in. Both of my holes, butthole and mouth are for him to use.
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