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  1. Justin was a bit dazed and his eyes had to adjust when he went outside but he headed home and knew he needed to get ready for the straight guy who was coming yet tonight. He got home and had some time and got on BBRT. He had well over 100 messages and he opened the first, he read it. Boy, you did a really good job tonight at the bookstore, it is always hot to find a young boy who knows that his holes are for big dirty dick and backs up his ass and just lets a hot hung guy fuck and blow his dirty load in you.. You need to be at the bookstore tomorrow at 11 AM. Same middle booth will be empty for you! I will have you out of there in time to get to your audition for the gangbang. I know they are going to pick you having had my dick in that sweet ass of yours. Justin sent back and email and that read - I will be there, 11 Am. Then Justin went to look at his profile, it had nothing in his status, said he was a top and the description read looking for a boyfriend, all bottom who likes being shared with other men. Justin thought, I would like to be his boyfriend he is so nice and hot and he thought of that big curved dick. The next email and the one after it were BBC's both poz and telling Justin they need to fuck his hot little neg hole. He saved and then ten more poz emails from hot dick then he deleted four and then an email from a young guy. His message stated that he was coming into town next week and looking to be with a guy like Justin. Wondered if he could help him learn about sex. Justin responded he wanted to meet when he got to town. He looks at his profile and nothing was marked but his pictures showed a tall lean guy with a big dick. Justin was salivating. He looked at his watch and needed to get ready for the straight guy. He hopped in the shower and cleaned up and then grabbed another drink. He then went back to BBRT and send D a message. Hey, you said you had some more supplies hidden around my place can you help me out. I could use a couple. Five minutes later as Justin went through more emails D responded. You have two rocks in the nightstand to the right of your bed. Good slut boy! Justin quickly went to the dresser and took the two rocks and slide them deep in his hole. Just started to feel better, and he went back to BBRT. He opened an email from the guy who wanted him to come to try out for the gangbang. The email read. This is to confirm that you are one of two who are still in the running to the guest of honor at our gangbang. Each bottom must take a rapid HIV test and pass it as neg to be in the running. The third bottom tested positive and can no longer be considered for the party. The tops who are coming are very excited and have told us from the body pics we shared on our flyers that they would prefer your jock body and fine ass to be the bottom so make sure you are the address below at 2 PM tomorrow. Be cleaned out and ready. Justin rubbed his balls and cock and thought how fun that sounded and he knew he was neg so it sounded like they would pick him. He shot an email back and said, I am neg so no worries there and yes I will be there at 2. He was ready for his straight guy and soon an email came in from him. I will be there shortly, make sure you have a blindfold on and lay on the edge of the bed with your head with your head were your feet would normally go and do not move once I enter the room. Got it? Just shot back and email quickly and said yes Sir. The straight guy sent back an email and said 10 minutes. Leave the door unlocked. Justin went to the door and made sure it was unlocked and he grabbed his last drink from the fridge and drank it down. He then got on the bed as instructed and put the blindfold on while he lay flying and spinning. He heard the door and then felt a rag on his nose and he was passed out a minute later. Dan had come over to rig him up. He restrained his legs and arms and took his arm and tied it off and gave him his first point. and removed the rope. The boy tried to shoot off the bed but his restrained arms kept him in place. He was breathing heavy and moaning as Dan grabbed his cock and balls and pulled them out from the jock strap. He rubbed and played with his boy dick and aching balls and Justin moaned and tried to move. That little dick kept oozing precum and then Dan heard his straight buddy come in. Your fag whore is ready, he just took a point and I left five more on the nightstand. Use all you want if you have left overs you can drop them off. I also filled the fridge again with G so feed him what he needs for your use. Dad grabbed the kids balls and crushed them in his hands and he let out a cry and he quickly let go. If he give your any trouble this will always get his attention. Dad headed for the door and soon they both heard the door close behind them.
  2. Justin went home and drank one of the drinks and went to bbrt and opened it to kill some time. There was a note there in the first email, good work slt. You have been putting our supplies to good use and I have left you two rocks a bit larger then you have taken for your sweet boy pussy. I also left you more to drink, signed the letter D. Justin took a shower and cleaned out and up and then slide the two rocks in with some lube. He Rushed off to address the old man gave him in the text, it was ten blocks so Justin took and uber to make sure he got there on time. The house was really nice in an expensive area of town, it was a two story with a big front porch and an American Flag flying in the wind. Justin went up to the door and there was an envelope with a Large W on it. He opened it and read it. Whore, glad you made it and you are obviously on time or the note would have already been removed. You are to walk to the back of the porch and enter that door, there is a long string hanging on the door knob. Once inside you will find a blindfold. Please the blindfold on after you take your shoes off, Leave your shirt and shorts on. There is a bell on the stand, once you have the blindfold on ring it. Justin grabbed the bell and rang it and stood there blindfolded. The tall older man came up behind him and tightened the blindfold and grabbed both hands and used a zip tie to fasten them behind Justin's back. Even though he was entirely nervous about what was going to happen his mouth was salivating at the thought of tasting this guys ass again. The guy grabbed his neck and told him to walk and he steered Justin to the living room. Justin sensed he was not alone and the guy led him over to kneed and Justin did. The guy said "boys, you will find that sometime between women, while your girlfriend is on the rag or just not putting out you will need to services of a fag." I stumbled across this fag and he is not our service whore to use.." Michael you are first, pull your shorts down and stand in front of the fag, Michael wasted no time in standing there with no shorts and his dick hard already. The guy said open your mouth faggot, Justin did and the young guy slide his dick into Justin and it was big fuck, as long as his dads and (just thought the guy must have been their dad) but thicker. Justin sucked on that thick dick while the tall guy held his head and pushed it onto the big dick. The kid he was sucking began to moan and leak precum. Then the guy said that's a good start Michael, let your brother Breck have a turn. The other kid stood up and he too was rock hard but he did not wait, once Justin opened his mouth the shoved his dick and started to fuck Justin's throat as Justin gagged and slobbered all over the kids dick. Good Breck, show your brother what a fag is for. Breck fucked Justin's mouth violently and soon Justin vomited. Breck pulled off his dick out and Justin tried to catch his breath. He had not eaten anything so it was just bile and saliva. The other guy grabbed a towel and cleaned up Justin's face and then told the boys to get on the sofa on all fours and let the fag eat their holes. He pushed Justin forward and soon his mouth was at Michael's hole and he started to eat and lick. His hole was so smooth, hairless and tasted so good. The guy said, you like tasting my my grandsons hole? He just turned 18 and needs to learn that fags can be a service to straight guys. Eat his man hole fag whore. Justin ate and tongued the boys hole and Michael moaned and pressed back. Then the old guy grabbed Justin's head and took it and shoved it in Brecks ass and Breck pulled his ass apart so Justin could get in his 19 year old hole. He two was smooth and tasted even better. He pressed his ass back and said Eat my hole you nasty fag. Breck started to moan and call Justin a fucking whore, This went on for three to four minutes an then the kid said I am about to cum you cum whore, The other guy said Open your Fucking mouth slut and Breck began to fuck Justin's through and it only took four good thrust and he shot deep in Justin's throat. Justin was disappointed that he could not taste that huge load as it ran down his throat. He did get a taste of that young cum as his dick took one more pulse as the head rest on his tongue and Justin got to taste that thick rich cum. The kid saw the satisfaction on Justin's face and he said open your mouth fag and as Justin did he spit a huge wad of spit in his mouth. Swallow that you whore. Michael jumped up and fed Justin his cock and Justin sucked and licked and swallowed it and before loan the kid said I am gonna cum and Justin pulled back enough so his tongue could lick under the head and before long Michael shot a huge load in Justin's mouth and when Michael pulled out he savored hit before swallowing every last drop. Boys I know you are both gonna be ready to go again but let your grandfather have the whore and I will call text you when you can use him again. The boys both left the room and the older guy whispered in Justin's ear. You fucking whore, you are about to have three long term breeders use you as their cum dump several times a week. These boy need to learn what fags were brought into this world for. With that he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, his dick was hard this time. He seemed to get off on watching Justin service his grandsons. Open that slutty mouth of yours and suck on my man dick, you just let two boys fuck your mouth and you swallowed their cum now you need some man cum. The older guy guided his cock into Justin's mouth and Justin nursed and sucked his cock and the guy slowly guided more and more until he was fucking Justin;s throat again moaning. Fuck boy you really want my cum too don't you. I am going to unfasten your hands and you are not to touch yourself, only my dick, balls and legs. Understand boy? Justin said Yes Sir. The tall guy sat down on the sofa and had Justin come over and lick and suck on his balls while he jacked his dick. That's it fucking fag, after several minutes the older guy lifted his leg and told Justin to lick his hole. He worked his way down to the mans hole and he licked and tongued him and the older guy kept pulling his legs higher for Justin to get his tongue in deeper. He moaned and said fuck, if my ex wife had a mouth like yours I would have never divorced her. He spent the next twenty minutes servicing this mans hole and then he put his legs down and said get back on my dick boy. He text his grandsons to come in and when they did Justin was sucking on the big cock up and down and the guy pulled him off and told Justin to stand. He did and then he was ordered to drop his shorts which he did and he was in a Jock. He grabbed his neck and steered him into the room and when they arrive his hands were bound again. The older man got on the bed and told Justin to get on the bed and the two boys helped Justin get up and they had him straddle his grandfather and as Gramps lubed up his dick they lubed Justin's hole. The older guy told Justin it was time and he put his dick at the boys hole and then pressed him back some and Justin began to slide down on that long dick. He moaned and the guys said just like a cunt. Breck you are first, just like that porn its time to practice and with that the older guy pushed Justin all the way down on his dick and pulled him tight against his chest and Breck got up and lined his cock up at Justin's hole and pressed in roughly and Justin yelped and made a lot of nose. Breck was not gentle and he used the most uncomfortable angle to open Justin's hole. Granps told Michael to grab a towel and shove it in the boys mouth, he quickly did and the boys cries were muffled and Breck and Grandpa both fucked Justin till Breck lost his load deep in Justin and pulled out and Michael tried and Breck had to help guide his dick in and Michael only lasted a few minutes and shot his not a minute later Breck got back in and fucked and Grandpa shot his nut and Breck lost another in Justin. He told the boy today's lesson is over, we will have this fag back in a couple days. Don't tell your parents! With that they both got dressed and left. Justin laid there and the old guy came back in and said You are one hot fucking whore. Cum in your ass and stomach you love our dna don't you. Justin said Yes Sir. The old guy said, I am gonna take you back out to where you walked in. Once I get there the light will be shut off and I will unbind your hands. Do not move till I have left the room and when you leave go out just like you came in and speak to no one. Understand? Justin said Yes Sir.
  3. Justin begged him to just let him suck him off and finally the guy agreed. Justin started to try to get on his knees but the guy held his hips with one hand and pushed him forward and forced his mouth to stay on the cock and his ass was up. The guy go the little tin out and slide three rocks in him. Soon Justin was flying and sucking deep on that big dick. The white guy played with his hole and whispered in Justin's ear. Boy, your hole is really hungry isn't. You need fucked bad don't you! Keep sucking that dick and get it really wet and then back your sweet white ass up on the huge dirty dick. Show me how much you want that huge duck boy. Back up and show me how hungry that hole is. Show me that little slut pussy loves BBC. Justin turned around and grabbed that big dick and held it and pressed his ass against it and it popped inside him. The guy rubbed his chest and told him what a good boy he was, press down and open that cunt. He put poppers under the kids nose and Justin started to sink down on that big dick and when he was half way on it he tried to pull up but the guy grabbed him and held him and beat his hand on the wall and the guy started to slow fuck Justin, the good looking guy wrapped his hand around Justin's face and covered his mouth as he moaned and squealed loudly as the guy opened up and stretched his cunt more. Justin laid his head on the guys chest his mouth covered and his hole getting raped by a huge black dick. The guy holding him kept whispering what a good whore boy he was, backing up on big dirty black dick and taking their cum in your hot young white hole. The guy could tell his buddy was about to blow the third charged load in Justin and he held him tighter and said, boy if I did not know any better I would say you were trying to get pregnant! You are such a hot slut! You have some of the hottest cum in you boy. You have more work to do. Be here tonight at 10 same booth boy. The guy took his hand off the boys mouth and Justin said I will Sir. Good cunt boy! Now suck my dick till I cum in your mouth you made me rock hard being suck a cum whore. Justin sucked and jacked the guys dick and after four minute the guy grabbed Justin's head and shoved his cock deep and shot another load into Justin. Good boy! What time are you gonna be here tonight? Justin said 10 once he finished coughing. With that the guy opened the door and left Justin on his knees feeling spent but satisfied. The place was empty, Justin grabbed his phone and it had an address and 8PM. Text me only once and confirm you will be there with yes sir. Justin text "Yes Sir" the text back was follow all instructions, there will be a note on the door with direction and instructions. Do not text me back,. Justin put himself and just when he was going to unlock the door and leave the both to the left and right opened up. The temptation was too great and he turned around and sat down and looked through each hole. On the right was a skinny twink and to the left a jock both looked like college boys. Justin rubbed the hole to the right and nothing happened and then the hole to the left and soon the guy pulled down his shorts and exposed a long thing uncut dick. It hardened quickly and he slide it through the hole. Justin sucked and worked his dick and it only took three minutes and the guy shot in his mouth. Justin pulled off and turned and the other guy had put his thick 8 inches through the hole and Justin went to work on the twink who said nothing but let Justin work his thick mean for ten minutes and shot a thick load in Justin's mouth. OMG Justin thought that kids cum was so sweet.
  4. Justin headed off to the bookstore and just as he was about to open the door this 6'6 tall white ginger all muscled and his dick was still hard as Justin zoned in on his package and his fat meat was outlined. He thought fuck, wish I had been here ten minutes earlier. The guy walked to his car and go in it and speed off. Justin went inside, got change at the counter and heading back to the booths. It was empty except for a young college guy in the back. That much have been who serviced that big dick massive ginger dick. Lucky fuck Justin thought as he dipped in a booth. The booth next to him opened and closed and soon he saw a finger tracing the hole. Before the last few days his dick would have been hard for some young guy who wanted to blow him but all he wanted now was to service dick and lots of it. Justin put his finger up to the hole and traced it and soon the kid stuck his dick through. Nice seven inch dick, uncut. Justin started to suck his dick and fished his balls through, lifted his dick and licked and sucked the kids balls. He then sucked and nibbled the foreskin and the kid was moaning, he sucked and went down on him and after ten minutes the kid was about to shoot and he tried to pull his dick back but Justin held him in place and sucked and licked that edged dick till the boy shot his load in Justin's mouth. It was huge and tasted amazing! Young college cock, so good. Justin nursed his dick and cleaned him up till the boy went soft and he let go. The kid whispered thanks through the hole and left. Justin sat there licking his lips and then he heard the door to the right open and close. The guy unbuckled his belt and pulled out a curved dick had to be nine inches,he watched as the guy watched gay porn and jacked his dick. Just rubbed his dick and balls as he watched the guy. He was so ready to taste the guys dick and then he froze, fuck that looks like that hot poz 23 year old from BBRT. He tried to see the guys body and face but he could not. Justin struggled with the idea of getting up but couldn't move. If that is him maybe I can just suck his dick, it looks so beautiful, then the guy turned and backed up to the wall, it was not him. Justin was relieved and rubbed his finger over the hole and the guy walked toward him and slide his rock hard dick through the hole. Justin sucked on the guys head and held his thick dick and slowly started to inch his way down the guys cock licking and sucking on the guys dick until it was all the way to the base and then let up and did it again. He sucked and licked that big dick and then pulled off and nursed the guys head. The guys started to pull his dick out and Justin went deed again and he let him swallow his cock and then he pulled it from Justin's mouth. Justin put his tongue out to show the guy he wanted this dick again and while he was doing that the guy turned around and spread his hole ass and hole and pressed his hairy hole back on Justin's tongue. Justin licked and probed the hot guys hole and put his fingers on either side to pull it apart so he could tongue deeper and the guy moaned. The guy pulled off and shoved his leaking dick back in. Justin opened wide and swallow the entire dick and started to suck it. then pulled up and went back down again and the guy pulled out of the hole and got on his knees and whispered to Justin "show me your hole." Just got up and pressed his ass back and the guy spit three times on his hole and then fingers two of them entered him. The guy pulled out and spit on his hole again and then shoved two fingers deep her and then he hard the guy spit three more time but it was not on his hole and then that big curved dick pressed against Justin's boy pussy and started to push in. Justin looked forward and then to the left and he saw a bottom of poppers someone had left and he quickly grabbed them and started inhaling. The guy was rough, he would pull almost all the way out and shove it back in getting deeper each time and the curve beating up his insides. The guy got deep once Justin had inhaled enough and after another two minutes he shot his load in Justin. Left his dick in Justin and then slowly pulled out after his dick started to soften. He slid two fingers back in the Justin and fingered his hole and then a third. Justin kept inhaling the poppers and the guy pressed his fingers all the way in. Then he pulled them out and put them back in after a min and a noise like the guy had dropped a tin lid and then he felt that familiar sharpness and then his hole started to get warm and tingly. The fingers worked their way in and out and soon Justin was moaning and pressing back hard on the guys fingers and then the guy pulled out and slide his big dick up Justin's ass and slow fucked him. slowly all the way in and then out til Justin's hole close and then pressing right back in slowly. Justin began to shake on the others side. His dick was so tingly and his balls felt so tight. This guy made just feel like his hole was the most amazing fuck tunnel. Justin heard the door open in the other booth and soon the longest black dick slide through. Had to be 11 inches, Justin stretched and got the head in his mouth and sucked on the guys cock. He could only take three inches but he loved how dark and smooth it was. He was leaking cum and it tasted amazing, Justin's legs kept shaking, he was rubbing his cock after taking it out of his jock, he felt like his legs were going to fall out from under him they were shaking and week so he pressed both hands against the opposite wall which allowed him to take another inch of the black gods cock. The guy on the other side of the wall never changed his pace and soon Justin felt his little dick leak cum all over the floor. It felt amazing. The guy slow fucked him for another two to three minutes and shot a huge load in the boy. He said, that a good fucking cunt! You deserve every drop of my load! Justin did not think much of it as the guy continued to slowly pump his ass and he sucked the big black cock. Soon the guy pulled out and said fucking whore back up on the BBC. I text my buddy to come over and try that hot hole of yours. He is huge but you can take it boy, I am gonna watch your face as you back up onto his big dirty cock. Justin turned around and lined up that big dick at his hole and pressed back and the guy watched as Justin started to show pain as the dick was rearranging his intestines. The guy smiled and said you better hold onto the wall over her he fucks hard, Justin followed his direction and the the nice guy put poppers under Justin's nose and Justin inhaled ten times before the the bbc started to move around inside him. Justin's pain increased and the guy told Justin that he was gonna come over, wait 30 second and open the door. Here me boy, Justin said yes Sir. The guy got up and he was standing right at the booth door when Justin reached up and unlocked it and he let himself in. Justin looked up and this really nice looking man smiled at him and said you look amazing like that boy. The guy rubbed Justin's head and got on the otherside of him and now was blocking the video, He rubbed his chest and told Justin what a good boy he was letting this big black cock cum in his hot little while hole. The guy pinched Justin's nipple and twisted it and Justin yelped. The door to the next booth opened and a minute later another huge black dick slide through. This one was thicker than the one in his ass. Open up baby boy, both that pussy and your mouth. Justin opened his mouth and swallowed that huge cock head and the white guy beat his fist on the wall, the black guy knew that this meant everyone was was in place and that cunt was now going to get railed hard. The bbc started to pull out a little and slam back in and Justin tried to pull of the BBC and pull his ass away from the wall at the same time but the nice white guy held him in place saying, boy its rude to tease these bbc's like that. Relax that hole and let my buddy deep inside you. He held Justin in place and the guy was railing his boy ass and Justin would yelp and moan and try to suck that big cock. The guy bent down so he was right in Justin's ear, Open that boy pussy, give him your pretty white ass while you suck that dirty black dick. You are such a beautiful young cum whore! Five minutes later the bbc in his ass shoved deep and beat on the way. The guy in his ear said, boy you just took that Black guys dirty dick and load. You get hotter the longer I am with you. The bbc in him pulled out and the white guy pulled him up and kissed him and then turned him around and spread his ass and backed Justin up against that bbc. Justin said I can't its too big. He kissed Justin again and grabbed the bbc with one hand and spread Justin's left check with the other and once in place he grabbed both Justin's hips and pressed him back until the head popped inside Justin and he yelped and moaned and said no please. The guy whispered in his ear, boy you want this more than you even know! My buddy drove in three hours today for your ass. You are going to open that cunt up for him and give him that sweet hot ass for his dirty man dick.
  5. Justin heard a beating on his door and the attend said, put your fucking money in the machine and he quickly put a dollar in and text the number on the card. His text said: Justin - Hi, you just gave me your card and told me to text you before I left the booth. The guy - Good fucking whore,I could tell the moment you started sucking my big dick that you were a slut worth keeping. There are rules for fag whores and I need to know you will follow them. You do not text me but only answer future text, you will serve me and any man I direct you to service now and in the future. You will be available when your slut whore mouth is needed. Do you understand your role faggot whore? Justin - Yes I do! The guy - You will receive at text at 5:30 tonight with directions. No fucking questions, there will be a note at the door when you arrive and you will be a good faggot whore and follow every detail. Understood? Justin - Yes! Justin fed another dollar in and rubbed his dick. He wanted to text him back but fought off the desire to ask him any questions. He slipped his sunglasses and hat back on and got dressed and left the boon and headed home. He needed to be back at 5 to be there for the construction worked. He decided to go at 4:15 to make sure he had cum in his ass when the guy used him again. Justin stopped at the ATM on the way home to get more cash for the booths and made him home by noon, When he arrived he got on the bed and slipped off his shorts and played with his hole and tasted the cum inside and rubbed his dick and got it to harden up a little and jacked off and came hard again then dozed off to sleep. He woke up two hours later and got up and showed, the cum was still on his stomach from his hard cum. He felt a little rough and def thirsty. He went the fridge and remember he had not gotten anything on the way to or back from the Bookstore so he grabbed one of the drinks number one and drank it down. Then stripped and hopped in the shower but could not get himself to clean the hot cum he had in his ass out. He just dried off and went to the computer. He pulled up BBRT. He had 75 messages this time. The first one was a guy who had emailed him the day before and told him he wanted to blow his poz nut in his hot neg ass and he was going to do it very soon! He had pulled number two from the breeding order so that neg boy hole would soon be his. He looks the guys picture, no face but a hot body and a beautiful 9" dick with PA. Justin closed it and sat there and rubbed his dick and then opened it again and had to look at this guy again. Wow! Then he saved it and opened the next email. In the back of his mind he was struggling with two competing thoughts, first why where those dicks so hot on those Poz guy and Why would want to fuck his neg ass. His balls tingled and the next three emails were all poz guys. Most of them were from out of town. and but one common theme, they all wanted to put their poz dick in his unprotected hole several spelled out. Fuck, that was sick Poz dick fucking a my hole but their dicks were so hot and he was totally horny. He had several guys ask him if he was on PreP. he responded that he did not know what that was and the guys emailed back good! Hate boys who do that shit! Justin thought it must be a street drug. within 20 minutes of telling those guys that he was not on PreP he had over 100 emails. He looked at his clock and closed BBRT and headed to the shower to clean out so he was ready to take some fresh cum. He needed to be back to the GH by 4PM so he was ready by 4:30 for the construction guy.
  6. Justin thought he should leave but instead he fed more money into the machine, he put his last five in there and only had dollar bills left. He rubbed his balls and ass and felt his cummy hole sliding his finger in it and then tasted the cum. He kept doing that and then he hard the booth to the right open, door close and it locked. He heard money being fed into it, one, two and then three bills. Justin thought he must be putting dollars in there. He peeked and the the guy was tall, he had white hair but lean and muscled from what Justin could tell. He was watching straight porn, and rubbing his dick. He never looked down from what Justin could see but instead slowly fished out this beautiful long dick. It had to be six inches soft. The guy just let it hang there and then slowly came to the hole and Justin reached out and touched it and then lifted it in his hand and started to jack and the guy took a step forward then Justin pulled his dick through the hole so he could suck the head. He could see the guys pubes were salt and pepper. He slowly sucked the head and took as much of the cock as he could and then the guy finally pressed forward till eh was against the wall and Justin took the entire dick in his mouth. Justin sucked and the guy did not say a word and the dick never grew. Justin tried to slow down and and opened his mouth and took it all in and then slowly pull off leaving the dick on his tongue and then open and all the way down and after seven or eight time he felt the dick start to grow and a moan out of the guy. He kept doing it and soon the dick had to be nine inches and he was not fulled hard yet. Justin kept sucking him like that and once rock hard he grew to 10.5 or 11. The guys meat was so long but not thick and Justin loved how it felt in his throat, The guy must have have been enjoying his throat because he was moaning and and started calling Justin a fag cum whore. He slowly started to back up and pull his dick from Justin;s mouth and Justin tried to suck it harder to keep him from leaving the hole and he said, greedy fucking whore, stay right there and put your tongue out. The guy turned around and spread his ass and backed it up on Justin. Justin started to lick and probe the guys hairless ass,it tasted amazing. Not like soap and not dirty at all. Supper tight and he was not really expecting that, Justin ate and tongued the guy and he said, things like good whore, that's dirty mouth and tongue on my as boy. The guy would alternate giving Justin his ass for a minute and then let him suck his dick for a minute after what was ten minutes, both their videos has stopped long ago the guy stuck his dick back through and told Justin to open wide and let him fuck his pussy throat and he fucked away for twenty full strokes and shot a load down Justin's throat as Justin coughed and gagged on his large load. In a deep voice with his dick still in Justin the guy aid, fucking swallow my man juice bitch. every drop. Justin pulled off the guys softening dick and and swallowed. The guy slide a card through the hole and it only had a number on it. You are a good whore boy, text me before you leave this both! I will you your services again and then he unlocked and walked out of the booth. Justin Held his card and licked his lips and tasted that mans cum. It tasted so good!
  7. Justin walked up to the block and saw a construction worker get out of his car and head in and as he was walking toward the door a College Jock walking toward him and hopped he was also going to come in. Justin ducked in and tried to get his bearing, the construction guy had gotten change and he was heading toward the back and the Jock entered and went up to the counter and got change , He headed for the counter and put a 20 down and asked for change. The guy gave him three fives and five ones. He quickly headed to the back hoping those two did not get together. He rushed back with his fund just in time to see the jock close a booth and Justin Quickly tried to open the booth beside where he entered and it was lock,! Fuck he thought, then he went to the one on the left of the Jock and it was open and he was please, excited and so ready as he saw a glory hole in the booth between them, He quickly entered, fed five dollars in and sat there not even not even noticing the other wall had a hole. He had watched enough porn videos to know that he needed to rub his finger at the hole and he did and then withdrew it. Nothing happened so he did it again and looked into the hole, damn this dude had a most beautiful thick uncut dick. He was holding it by the foreskin and jacking it and rubbing the foreskin back and forth. Justin stuck his tongue out and rubbed his finger on the hole again. Justin looked at the porn playing and some young girl all of 18 or so was being double vaginally fucked and although he never could watch straight porn that was hot as fuck. Justin was watching the porn and out of the corner of his eye he could tell the Jock was getting up and he turned and watched as this really thick cummy foreskin slide through the hole, He put out his tongue and licked the cum off the foreskin and took it in his mouth and sucked it like a straw sucking up all the pre-cum trapped in there. Justin sucked the skin and head and the pushed back his foreskin and licked the head and sucked it clean before pulled the skin back up and then slowly opening his mouth and going down full length on that beautiful damn dick. The guy pressed further into Justin;s neck and then slowly started to fuck his throat. Justin tried everything to stay there and take the thick dick deep in his throat but he had to pull off and take a breath after he coughed. The guy on the other side did not say a work but left his thick meat there bouncing as he pulsed his dick and Justin quickly went back down in the dick sucking and swallowing it inch by inch. This went on for five to eight minutes and then the guy pulled his dick back through the hole, Justin was so hungry and the jock bend down and whispered, show me your ass. Justin popped up and slipped down his shorts revealing is hot little ass and he backed it up to the hole and spread his checks, the guy got down and spit on his hole three times and then stood up and rubbed his thick dick on it and slowly slide in. Justin forgot the poppers and in his head he though his hole should have opened but for some reason he was tight as this thick uncut cock pressed slowly but deeply into him. It was then that Justin realized there was a Glory Hole right in front of him as a guy put his arm through and fed Justin poppers. The guy on the other felt the hole relax and started fucking Justin like a bitch, long dicking him over and over, all the way out and shove it back and after five minutes of this he shoved it deep and cu in Justin's ass. All he said was Fuck. then he slowly pulled his dick out of Justin;s hole and pulled his pants after tucking his dick in his underwear and Justin heard the door open. He started to stand upright and that is when the other guy stuck his dick through the hole, the guy was Latin, This hot uncut Latin dick pulsed and bounced and Justin went to suck it for a little while and then he pulled out and said, your ass boy. Justin obeyed and got up and backed his hole against the hole and the Latin guy started to eat Justin's cummy hole. Justin could feel the Latin guy sucking his hole and feltching cum out of his ass and then with little warning he stood up and shoved his dick in Justin and shot his load. Justin heard the door open and then close and lock. He should have moved to see who it was but he didn't He felt a finger touch his wet cummy hole. Justin did not move as his pucker started to open and the guys slide a finger in. The guy slide another finger in and then withdrew them and he felt the guy work something in his hole and then the head of the guys dick. Justin moaned as the guy slide his dick slowly inside. Justin backed up as hard as he could while the long dick invaded his hole. The guy felt amazing till he got to the second ring and Justin felt a sharp pain and this went on for five minutes and then the guy moaned really load and shot his load deep in Justin. Justin stood up as soon as the guy pulled and and bent down to see who it was and it was the construction worker. He whispered by here at five tonight and make sure you have cum in your ass by then. I gotta get in that second ring later. Then he buttoned up and walked out. Justin was still horny as fuck and his hole had three loads in it. He sat down on the bench and rubbed his jock waiting for more dick,
  8. Justin woke up the next morning and he was sore but still horny. He must have only slept a few hours. He looked at his Laptop and there was a note taped on it. Boy, go pull the butt plug out of your hole in the shower and clean up and once you are slide these two little favors up your cummy hole. You should call in today and check your phone, BBRT and you have a new twitter account, Anoncumdump25. You have massages there and check your phone you little whore but take your two bumps first. You will need it, I placed a couple drinks in the fridge and only drink one, I will send you a text when you are to drink the other and where I hid the other rocks. Justin was confused, aroused and a bit unnerved. Fuck he thought, who was here while I was sleeping. The note had just an initial, the letter D. Dan, I think the one guys name was Dan. He must have left it, he remembered he never got up and locked the door after the straight guy left. Justin got up and took a shower and worked the butt plug out of his ass which was tight again. Fuck that hurt coming out, how the fuck did they get that in me. He felt his hole it was so wet with cum. He showered and then sat on the toilet and his hole exploded with cum and a solid movement out of his ass. It smelled like a cum factory. He sat there and though fuck I really should not do this again, it was so hot but I really don't know anything about the guys who came inside me. His heart start pumping and he got up and showered again cleaning his hole and then cleaning out three times. Okay he thought, I am going to delete BBRT, toss the rocks and sleet little more and then go to the gym. He slipped on some shorts and a tshirt and went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and there were several orange drinks. Two were off the side marked 1 and 2. He went to grab one of the others and he opened it and drank it down. It tasted funny but his taste buds had been a bit off since eating out that straight guy. He went to look for his phone, and he finally found it under his bed. It must have fallen under there after he called off to work. It was dead. He laid it on the charger and sat down the the computer. He anxiety calmed as he finished his drink and after it was empty he could see it had a number 3 on it. shit he thought, okay not to worry, is is making me feel better anyway he thought. He still felt off but tried to shake it off. He opened BBRT and he had 55 messages. Holy fuck is all he could say under his breath and he opened the first email. The first email was from the Str8 guy he saved the email from last night, he read. Thanks for your email boy, I already know you love to eat straight man ass and you have one of the hottest throats in town. Set you watch, I will be at your place tonight at Midnight after my shift and will need you to eat my hole just like you did last night. Fuck I love little hungry faggots they will do anything a Straight man wants! Justin, involuntarily licked his lips and stuck his tongue out like he was eating ass. He emailed the guy back and said I will be ready for you, how do you want me? He sent the email and opened the next one., it was one he did not have to spend some time and he did not even read it all. They guy was 70 years old and poz. Delete and then to the next one. The next email was from this skinny guy with the hugest dick hanging between his legs,he email read. Thank you for hitting me up on twitter. I generally fuck pussy but every so often a young boy ass is what I need. You have convinced me that you can take big things up your hole. I am pressed and ready to destroy that boy cunt. I will be town on Sunday! You need to be at my hotel at 9 PM. I need confirmation by midnight or I will book a whore and pay for a whore to use! Justin's dick started to get hard but not fully still and he looked at the two rocks. It had been an hour and he slide his finger in his hole and felt his loose hole and thought fuck it. He grabbed some lube and lubed up and then took the two rocks one at a time and slide them in his ass. It hurt but within a minute he was felling hot and horny as fuck. His hole was tingling and his mouth started to water looking at this big dick, another straight guy. Fuck! He sent an email back to the huge dick guy and simply said. I will be there, please send me the hotel and the room number when you get it. I will do anything you want to get that big straight cock inside me. Justin and hit send. He opened then next one, another huge cock. This guy must have been midleastern, latin or light skinned black in his first picture. The thing was so thick. It was bigger than a beer can around. I have received your personal invite and I agree to fuck you. I will be there. Justin though, damn he may have the wrong guy but I would love to take it but he read further and the guy sounded rough and really nasty. He talked about hate fucking boy holes. Justin was horny and aroused but closed and saved the email without hitting him back. The next email was a black guy and he said, thanks for the invite to your party. Three BBC buddies and I are coming to your party. You are gonna be destroyed. Love young White pussy boys. Justin always loved seeing bbc fucking white boys in movies and he rubbed his little dick and balls and thought. These guys think there is a party and fuck I wish I was the bottom at that party. He saved and closed the email. In total 40 guys said they would be attending the party, five he deleted from guys wanting to fuck him and the other 6 he saved they were big dicked poz guys who wanted to fuck his neg ass. It was hot to look at their pics but it was get off material as far as Justin was concerned. He closed the app and decided he was really horny. He lived a few blocks away from a bookstore that he had never been to but heard about, It was close to the University and in a pretty industrial area. He decided he should go check it out. He slipped on a jock and then put his shorts back on and a tshirt and sunglasses, ball cap and his sneaks and headed out the door. Phone in hand and some cash for the booth and headed there not knowing what exactly to expect. He had heard they had glory holes, he had only seen videos of guys getting sucked off and it was hot as fuck.
  9. Justin, rubbed and jacked his dick and it would not get hard but he did get it to chub up and it felt so amazing. He rubbed his body and nipples and wished the Str8 guy was still there touching him, tweaking his nipples, sucking and biting them. He jacked off for ten minutes, the guy was fucking him now in his mind and the moment he imagined this big dick inside him and the guy so close to cumming the straight guy bent down and made out with him while his dick pulsed and he came inside Justin in his fantasy, Justin's balls tightened, began to tingle and he came so hard! Fuck he thought, I never came like that before and I am not even hard. He tried to rest there with the butt plug still in but could not, he got up and signed on to BBRT 25 emails. Fuck he had never been that popular. The screen was really bright and with the light on the desk on it was too bright. He turned the light off and opened the first email it was from a older guy 55 6'2 165 and he was holding a 10.5 inch dick. Justin licked his lips. He read the profile, " Looking for young dudes under 30 who love big uncut dick. Daddy only wants your holes. Not looking to date or fall in love just want some good quality clean hole to fuck. You got that boy? Need daddies big dick? I see you are neg. Daddy loves Neg hole. I will be in a hotel downtown next week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Send me an email agreeing to give yourself to me now!" Justin went back and looked at this guys profile and he was into fisting, dp and wrecking young hole but the thing that stood out was that he was POZ and it said he was Detectable. Justin kept rolling his hand on his balls and then to his tina dick that was leaking. Justin hit to replay but then closed it and thought, maybe not. Besides he is not her till next week and he was not online at the moment. Justin did although save the email. He made note the guys email was 10fivethick He opened the next one and deleted it quickly, it was from a fat guy that was really out of shape and not his thing, the one under it was a young guy who wanted Justin to fuck him. He still had on his file that he was Vers. He looked and he now had 29 emails, fuck more came in. He opened the next one, and it was from a really good looking guy. Hey dude I am a young straight guy who likes fucking throat and having my ass eaten. Hit me back if you get turned on by servicing straight guys! He read the file and it said he was neg and ddf. Justin hit him back and said he loves sucking and servicing straight dudes. Hit me back I can host. He opened the next three and they were all Poz looking for neg hole. The first guy made Justin Pause, muscled and tatted and a thick 8" dick rock hard in his pic, Wow, fuck he is hot, he closed it and saved the meal of the first and third and deleted the second. The third guy was young it said he was 23 but he looked 18 with a 9" dick curved to the right and his file said he only fucked neg guys who were not on PreP. Fuck that is sick, he thought that but kept rubbing his balls and dick as he looked at the kids big dick, one shot he posted had a big load he shot and the other precum dripping from his dick. He finally forced himself to move to the next email. He kept going through the emails and ended up with 15 saved emails. Of the fifteen emails 11 were poz and talked about breeding and pozzing a neg ass. Justin looked back through each of them and tried to get his dick yard, it felt like it should have been hard but it wasn't. He closed it, got up n the bed and jacked his soft dick till he shot a load. He could not get a few of those big poz dicks out of his head especially the really thick tatooed muscle guy, the young dude and the old guy. He eventually shot another hard load and it felt amazing. He curled up and tried to sleep and eventually dozed off.
  10. The guy spread his ass checks and let Justin eat and tongue his hole. The guy was moaning and telling Justin what a hot tongue he had. Justin could feel precum on his left nipple from the guys dick. He thought fuck that dick must be huge. A minute later the guy pulled off Justin's tongue and he grabbed Justin and pulled him to the edge of the bed and let his head hand over the side. Fucker, open that whore mouth and throat of yours. The straight guy guided his thick cock into Justin's mouth. Justin sucked and licked the head of this guys dick, it tasted amazing, Justin moaned on his dick and then he heard the torch. The guy must be taking a hit, fuck I hope he gives me some. The guy pulled his dick out and then held Justin;s mouth open and blew the cloud in and said inhale whore. Then he heard the torch again as he blew a cloud out and the guy did it again. Justin wanted to kiss him so bad, but the guy just kept holding Justin's mouth open and soon they were both flying. The straight guy told Justin to keep his mouth open and he grabbed Justin's head and then slowly slide his cock all the way into Justin's throat. Justin began to panic, the dick was really long and thick. The guy held Justin's head in place until he bottomed out. Justin tried to pull away and the guy laughed, fucking whore you are not going anywhere. The pulled his dick out just a little and slide it deep. That is some good throat boy, then he pulled out further and slide back in and Justin's body started to shake. The straight guy slide is cock out enough so Justin could gasp and cough and make gabbing sounds. The straight guy turned Justin's head to the left and let the all the saliva run out as he held Justin's mouth open. Then he slide the fingers from his left hand into Justin's wet mouth and slowly pressed his long fingers down the kids throat as he said boy open up, come on open the fuck up. Justin tried to relax but his fingers were so deep, he could not tell if there were just two or three but fuck he was gagging and the guy said through your nose bitch, breath through your nose. Justin snorted and tried and then the guys withdrew his fingers and and grabbed a towel and whipped his fingers off and then grabbed the pipe leaving justin there with his mouth a mess and saliva everywhere. Once again the guy held Justin's mouth open and blew clouds and Justin inhaled and after five gunshots the guy held Justin's head and slide down his throat with ease, the finger stretching did the trick. The guy said I knew you would open up. He fucked his throat for three minutes and then pulled out so Justin could breath. Two more time, each time going a little longer and then letting Justin breath and then he hit the pipe again and they did another round. This time Straight guy went over to Justin's computer and turned on some straight porn and all Justin could hear is a young chick getting nailed by two guys one in her ass and one in her cunt. The guy said, I fucking love this one. She is taking a huge black dick in her pussy, a huge Latin dick in her ass and you are gonna pretend you are her and I am gonna use your throat to cum in. The guy moved Justin on his side, and he laid down next to him so he could watch this hot young chick get nailed and he slide in Justin's throat and fucked hit off and on for the next thirty minutes and then finally grabbed Justin's head and shoved his dick deep and came and came a total of ten ropes down Justin's throat. He pulled out and then told the kid to suck him clean, lick all the cum off his dick and when the guy was satisfied he pushed Justin into place and sat on his face again. Eat my hole some more you fucking whore. We are gonna make a regular thing of this you sick fucking slut. Justin ate his hole for five minutes and he said fucking whore you would do that all night if I let you, I gotta go. I have your number and email. When I reach out you better answer, the only time I will contact you is when I am on the way. You better be fucking ready. Then he got up and dressed and just before leaving the room he unfastened Justin's hands and said my friend told me to do that otherwise I would have let you fucking figure it out slut. Stay right there till I leave. Justin stretched his arms out and a a few second later he heard the door and the then slipped off the blindfold and played with his little tina dick.
  11. Justin was warm inside and he loved that guys dick, he would let him fuck him anytime anywhere he thought. Then the hands returned on Justin's ass and the pipe was torched with it in Justin's mouth, He guy eased his fingers back in Justin's hole and then pressed his thumb again and with enough force and some slight movement right and left he popped back in Justin but this time Elephant Dick was right there to press his legs at Justin's shoulders so he could not pull off and had to let his hole stretch and open up. Justin was making all kinds of noise but neither of them cared or could make anything out. The guy in his ass withdrew his hand and then slide two rocks in him. Elephant grabbed the glass that was still on the nightstand and filled it up with the last of some fruit punch in the fridge and had Justin drink. Boy you need to stay hydrated, this would hurt less if you kept your fluids up, Just sucked down the nasty juice and started to feele light and tingly inside. The T had kicked in and the g was making him float like he was outside his body as the guy started to side his hand back inside Justin. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as his hole relaxed and opened up enough so the guy could slide his hand to the wrist and then slowly pull out stretching Justin and then press back inside and force his fist a little deeper. Justin was so high and his hole so hungry it was accepting this guys hand a little deep each time. Elephant unfastened the ball gag and took it out of his mouth and faintly he could hear Justin whimper and moan. He slide his hands under Justin's chest and started to tweak his nipples and the moaning and whimpering got loader. He told the guy to take a break and the guy inside Justin slide his hand slowly out of Justin and Elephant picked Justin up and flipped him like a pancake and he suddenly on his back, He grabbed his legs and pulled each leg back so his hole was fully exposed and fastened them to a cord that was attached to a color and then he fastened it around Justin's neck, his legs flopped forward slightly but his hole was still totally exposed. Elephants dick started to get hard as the guy re-entered Justin and started using one hand then then removing it and then the other pushing deeper into Justin. His head just above Justin's lips begin to leak and drops of cum landed on Justin's lips and he licked them and then opened his mouth and pulled up enough to grab the edge of the guys head and suck it like a tap, drinking down the guys pre-cum. The fisting continued and finally the guy was up to his middle of his forearm and Elephant said it's time as his dick got rock hard and popped out of Justin's mouth. He guy removed his the hand inside Justin and went to the bathroom to clean up and he could hear even with the water running Elephant stretching Justin's home with his huge rock hard dick. Justin's moans had turned painful and he began to bed Elephant to stop but he paid no attention to the boy and when Dan the fist guy came out of the bathroom he climbed on the bed and unfastened the cord holding Justin's legs up, it was not necessary since Elephant had both legs in his hands as his dick pierced Justin's ass. Dan climbed up and sat on Justin's face and said whore eat my hole. Justin shoved his tongue in the hole, it was musky and had a funky taste. He tried to pull off but the guy grabbed his balls and tina dick in his hand and squeezed it hard. Justin Yelped and then began to stick his tongue in the guys hole. He squeezed harder and said fucker lick that hole! You hear me. Justin began to lick the guys hole all over and the guy let up on Justin's dick and balls a little and started to moan. Dan spread he ass so Justin could lick deeper as Elephant slid deep and then almost all the way out and then back in again. Justin ate Dan's ass for twenty minutes and Elephant finally shoved his dick in deep and came. Justin thought fuck is he pissing in me, Elephant came buckets in Justin and then pulled out slowly and pulled the dildo Dan found in the bathroom and slide it into Justin effortlessly and then went and took a shower. Justin lowered his legs and kept his tongue licking and probing Dan's hole while Dan hit the pipe. Justin heard Elephant come back and grab his clothes and get dressed and told Dan thanks for opening up the cunt for me. May need you again when I am back I am going to get deeper in this fag. Dan said fuck yea dude you know I love wrecking boy cunt. With that Elephant walked out out of the room and Justin heard the door close. Justin eat and licked. He hard the guy texting and five minutes later the door opened and in walked someone. The guy he bud, you got a little slut for me? That I do said Dan, he eats a mean ass give it a try! Dan slapped Justin across the face and said slut, you are gonna eat some straight guy ass, make sure you show him how much you love it. The guy got up and started to squat over Justin and the guy said, just finished work and I need a slut like you to clean my hole for me. The straight guy lowered his hairy tight round muscle ass down so Justin could get a smell and taste of his hole. Dan grabbed his balls and squeezed them tight again and said fucker eat the dirty hole boy. Justin yelped again and stuck his tongue out again and got his first taste of that guys dirty hole, tasted so odd, sweat, musk and had to be shit. The guy must have taken a dump and not wiped. Justin wanted to cry but the pain on his sensitive tina dick and the crushing of his balls kept him from pulling back and he licked and ate the hole. Nice boy the straight guy said, deeper and lick all around my hole. I want my hole totally clean before I go home. The straight guy hit the pipe while Justin serviced his nasty hole and after ten minutes he said your turn. Justin could still taste the straight guys ass on his tongue and it was on his nose and it is all he could smell so when Dan climbed back on his ass tasted like the straight guys. Five minutes later the straight guy entered the bedroom and by then Dan was Jacking his dick and got up told Justin to open his mouth and shoved his dick down Justin's throat while he unloaded a five day load. Dan told the straight guy that the boy was all his, he had to go. He left a pipe filled with T and a vile of g if he needed it on the nightstand. Don't leave it you can drop it off at my apartment if you do not use it up. With that he got up and got dressed and left. The straight guy said, boy you are really lucky. Most faggot whores love straight guys and you are about to be my little clean up whore! You are gonna give me a tongue bath after work before I go home to my GF. With that he climbed up and lowered his jock ass down and he told Justin to lick his dirty hole. I just took a shit and I hate toilet paper boy. I could have showered but than what good are you! This time when he sat down on Justin's face he felt a fat dick rest on his chest. Justin ate and licked and started to enjoy the guys hole as he spread his ass checks and encouraged Justin to swirl his tongue and circle it around his hole. That a good faggot whore, Ten minute later he hard the pipe and he guy pressed his hole into Justin's tongue and Justin was tongue fucking the guys hole and he could hear him moan. What started out really nasty was not turning Justin on, he loved making this guy moan. Straight man ridding his tongue! Fucker he said, you are making my dick hard. Right there, deeper boy,
  12. Justin shut the door and walked home, his ass was sore and cum was dripping out of it and he was sure he had a wet spot on his shorts. He got home and showered and crawled into bed and tried to sleep but he was still so horny. He got online and fired up BBRT hoping to see some hot guys and jack off. He went to his mail and before he could open the email from the visitors coming to town an email hit from ElephantDIck. Justin opened it and it read, abnormally large penis, most men can not take me. You probably can not either but you are so cute and hot I had to hit you up. Justin emailed back and said, I can take I am sure! The guy emailed back and said host or travel, Justin said Host in an email back and the guy said, Give me your address, be ass up on your bed with your hole toward the door. I fuck a long time so you better not waist my time. Good boy the guy shot back, I am on the way be there in 15 min. Just opened the email from the guys coming in for a wedding and it said, good glad your hole take take large dildos and toys. Sounds like you are a good fuck toy and love your ass played with. You sound perfect for us. Just emailed back and said I am your boy, I will do anything you want, I just wish you were here now. I am so horny! He hopped up and took a shower and never even looked at the guys profile with the elephant dick. He dried off thinking he should check it out but by the time he was drying off he heard the door open and close to his apartment so he hopped on the bed and slipped on the blindfold out of habit and soon the door opened to his room and the guy said nice piece of ass. Hope you don't mind I invited a buddy over to help you so you can take me. Justin said yes sir that is perfect, With that Justin could hear him texting and he went over to Justin's exposed ass and started rimming and eating it. He stopped and said see you have been busy slut and he went back to tongue fucking and eating Justin's cunt and all Justin could do is moan. The guy opened some popper as he pulled off Justin's ass and took several hits and then put the cap back on and gave them to Justin. He told him to keep taking hits. Justin did and soon he was flying. Moaning louder and in between moans the door opened and they greeted each other. The elephant guy said, your skills are needed. With that he lifted his hand off Justin's ass and brought his dick and let it hang right in front of Justin and then he lifted it to his lips and Justin opened his mouth and started to try to suck on the head. It was not even hard and it was huge, he licked and suck on the head and he could tell it was getting harder. Justin felt lube on his ass again and lots of it, The guy said open him up nice and slow, I love watching this shit and make sure he is deep so I can fuck the shit out of him. With that the guy started fingering Justin's hole and soon had four fingers in to the knuckles and he started twisting them around and then bend his thumb and started to press and Justin yelped, the guy rubbed his back and said boy relax you are gonna love this. He told the other guy that he ordered supplies but they have not hit yet. This did not make the guys stop pressing and twisting his fist back and fourth and then he stopped and put more lube on and in Justin and He told the guy in front of me Elephant that he what was left in a pipe in his back and a some g. He hard the guy go to the kitchen and open the refrigerator and then dig in the trash. WTF he thought and then he appeared with a drink and a straw. Justin had tossed a drink earlier from a fast food joint. Just sucked it down and then he heard a torch. The guy put the pipe up to Justin's lips and told him to hold his breath and when he told him to breath he should take a soft steady inhale until he told him to stop. He said now and Justin slowly inhaled and then the guy removed the pipe and he said slowly exhale and a big cloud came out. No that is not right boy, you went too fast and he put the pipe up and said slowly inhale when I say and he lit it again and then said now. Removed the pipe and then slide down and put his lips next to Justin's and said exhale boy and he put his lips over Justin's and he took in the cloud as Justin exhaled and he left his lips there and have it back and Justin without being told took it all in. They did this till the pipe was empty and Justin was flying! The guy behind him was pressing hard and elephant grabbed Justin's ass and pulled it apart and with the other hand he gabbed Justin's balls softly at first and then hard till he was crushing them and Justin screamed out in pain and the guy as his ass broke in and his fist was inside Justin and he was trying to pull away but elephant guy had him in his grip. The guy in his ass said it is in the bag and elephant let loose and Justin pulled off his dick and started to gasp and said I can't please. He was suddenly grabbed and turned on his back and his legs and hands were tied together and his hole was now exposed on the side of the bed. Elephant said for now, this is how you have to be and he said open your mouth so you can taste my dick. Justin did but a ball gag was placed inside instead and then fasted. Justin thought, fuck I should not have done this. and then he hard the door open and both guys said supplies. Here is a ball, some g and the other stuff you ordered, Nice pussy there, any chance I can dump my six day load, gf is not putting out. Sure thing, here is a half a ball for the trouble, With that the guy came over and unbuckled his belt and slide his finger over Justin's slit and pressed his finger inside. Then two fingers and finally three, nice pussy he said loudly and he pressed his dick against Justin's hole after withdrawing his fingers and slide slowly inside. Right past the second ring and finally bottoming out. He starting calling Justin a cunt, whore, fucking Dirty slut for everyone to fuck, Bet if I posted your ass up for sale I could make some money tonight. He kept talking and the while deep fucking Justin in and out of that second hole and almost all the way out and this went on for more than ten minutes and then she shot his load in Justin. Fuck is what he bellowed as his load shot rope after rope and he pulled out and asked where the shower was. Before he left the room with his clothes he grabbed Justin;s phone and and it was unlocked and he called himself from the phone and then went to Justin and whispered in his ear. Boy you need any party favors I am your guy, I just shot a huge load up your ass and will want more of that pussy soon! Then he left to go shower.
  13. The black guy kept rubbing his dick on Justin's cummy cunt and then after another two minutes he spit on the hole and pressed his fat thick head against the hole. It hurt like fuck, Justin tried to say stop and please but only muffled sounds were coming out and then one of the guys spread some lube around Justin's hole and the let up and then the guy lubing him up coated Justin's hole and then he must of lubed up the guys dick and the pressure began again but this time the pain was far more intense as Justin's ass started to open up what felt like a car entering him. Tears started to well up and finally some poppers were placed under his each nostril and after eight his he felt just slightly more open. Then a straw small one was placed in one nostril and the guy plugged the other like popper and he told Justin to inhale deep and not to stop till he said so. Justin did as he was told and the straw was removed and Justin was flying but it burnt some and he had to shake his head and then the straw on the other side and again he inhaled deep and this time it felt even better, He almost forgot about his ass until the guy fucking him said fuck that is some hot tight pussy. Give him another hit in five minutes I can already feel him trying to tighten up. With that he took long strokes and until he got to his second ring and he pressed against in and tried to open Justin and he snapped and the straw appeared with an even bigger line on each side and Justin was in another world as his second hole was torn apart and the big dick battered his inside hard and rough. The beating lasted for another ten minutes and the guy finally unloaded but never stopped slowly moving his dick as he shot load after load inside Justin. The guy turned to one of them and said good fucking pussy, he will get better with your help but it was a nice tight cunt to wreck. Def worth it! The guys unfastened Justin's gag as the guy slipped out and got dressed. One guy whispered to Justin, you are still horny aren't you? Justin said yes I am! The other guy had gotten in place to eat his cummy slutty cunt and Justin loved it. The other guy got in front of him and fed him is 8 inch cock, The guy ate his ass for five minutes and sucked out cum and then got up and the guy fucking his mouth pulled the pillow out held Justin up and the guy who had fucked him slide under Justin by lifting his leg and sliding under and then laced his 9" dick against Justin;s hole and slide in and the other guy let Justin rest chest and face on the guys shoulder as he went around and slide his dick in beside his buddy! Justin started to moan and the guys fucked him deep and after twenty minutes the guy on top shot his load and his buddy said time to trade places. Then before he got soft they traded and the eight inch dick slide in my hole and his buddy slide in right beside him, This time his buddy just moved back and fourth a little and his buddy piston fucked until he shot his load five minutes later. With that they both got dressed and told him there was more to come but for now he needed to get dressed and leave. One guy said, I will be back in here in less then five minutes and you better be gone! With that they unfastened his hands and they both walked out and Justin slipped the blindfold off and searched for his clothes.
  14. Justin felt poppers being placed under his nose again as he moaned and whimpered on the pillow. The assault continued on his hole and the thick dildo was seven inches in now. Then the assault stopped and the guy said, hand me the long one. His second ring is not opening, just tried arched his back a little and after the guy lubed up the long dildo just felt it slide inside him and it went deep quickly and then the guy rammed it in and then pulled almost all the way out and rammed it deep again and again and finally his second hole opened and the dildo slide deep! Justin lost his breath as the dildo started to massage him deep inside. His moans became louder and soft OMG that feels so good started to ease out of his lips. The guy left the dildo deep and slowly loved it and then after a few minutes withdrew it and then let his second hold close and started over. This time the hole did not resist at all but opened up welcoming the dildo. The guy kept withdrawing and re-entering and then finally withdrew completely. Justin's hole started to twitch and pulsate but it was not long before the really big dildo was shoved back in his cunt. Justin pushed his ass back and the guy said, nice fucking hungry whore we have here. The huge dildo hit the second ring and stopped again but the guy twisted it right and then left with pressure against it and the pulled out and shoved it against the second ring and the soft spot he felt on the right and the ring have way and the head started to press in and then he pulled out and did it again. This time it almost made it through and then the finial push the head of the dildo popped in and the immediately pulled it out and shoved it back in and did this three more times as Justin lost his breath. The guy finally shoved it deep and massaged it back and fourth twisting it around a little and Justin was moaning and then he heard the door. Some sounds and then clothes dropping and the guy with the dildo continued until one of the guy tapped his shoulder. Heard the guys say, that slut is ready. The guy sounded black just thought. The guys with the dildo slowly withdrew the dildo and the black guy took his place and slapped Justin's ass with a fat huge dick and then slowly rubbed it on his hole slowly opening up his cunt with the fat head and then pulled it up and he did this over and over and finally left it there and slowly started to slide in, good fucking pussy boy the black guy said. Just felt so full and it felt so much better then either dildo and then the guy his his second hole and he stopped and pressed and he slowly popped the head of his dick inside and Justin loudly moaned omg that's it fuck me please! I have never felt so goo inside! That's what all white pussy says the moment they feel a BBC stretching and re-arranging their cunt. Does not mater if it is pussy or ass cunt they both work the same! He told Justin to arch his back and get ready for some real fucking as he drove his 11" dick back and fourth in his cunt Justin went in and out of pain and pleasure. This went on for twenty minutes as he picked up the pace he took one deep trust and unloaded his cum in the boys deep ass. Justin could feel flex after flex while the guys made this deep and guttural moan as Justin accepted every drop of his cum. He pulled back some but left his dick in the boy ass and fucked him for another minute and then slowly slide his dick out. He thanked the guys and said this slut would be worth fucking again and got dressed while another guy, back got in place and slide inside Justin's well used hole and fucked him for twenty minutes jack hammering him till he shot his load in the boy. That dick had to be 10 " not as thick. Then a third guy got in place and slapped Justin ass and he snapped his fingers and the guys went into motion and one gave Jason a straw to drink the other slide two fingers under the big dick resting on Justin's Lilly white ass and slit two rocks in him and then poppers were presented as the black guy rubbed his dick on Justin's hole while he spread his ass wide. Justin, wanted his dick so bad and having him rub that slab of meat across his hole only made just even hornier and then a guy told Justin to open his mouth and a ball gag was slide into place and fasted on. Justin was flying but knew this fuck is going to be very different.

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