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  1. Part 7 I text the boy when I got home and told him to meet me at the corner at 4:50 and I went on the site where my ad was posted and put up an ad for him. Young bottom neg prep free who wants to suck dick and ride it at the bookstore. Will be there tonight and need some big dick to service. I posted the bottom would be there at 5 PM and gave the address and pic of the front and his stats with a couple ass shots took a nap. When I got up it was 4:30 and I headed to the bookstore, got there early and cruised through I saw some older rough looking guys and two younger guys with t
  2. Part 6 I woke up to my guy, yea the poz guy fucking me and shooting his load in me again and then he kissed my neck and told me he would be back tonight, but it would be 11 PM and I need to be waiting ass up again for him. I told him I would be ready, and he kissed me and told me he is so glad we met. Not sure we every really met since I have had my blindfold on, but I get what he was saying. I can not believe I like this guy so much. I can not believe he likes that other guys fuck me, and it is so hot having him feed me the cum in my ass. I dozed off and then woke and it was 8:30 AM
  3. I woke a few hours later and felt my ass. It was starting to tighten back up, but I could still slide my fingers right inside me. My dick was hard, looking at the clock I had a few hours before the straight guy would be there and I still had my poz hottie who wanted me. I knew I was never a slut like that, I committed that after tonight I would stop being a whore and get on the straight and narrow and look for a big dicked boyfriend. That made me think about the script. I got up and went back to the computer sitting on a towel since my hole was so full of cum and I knew it would leak out
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. Great motivation to continue the next chapter.
  5. Part 4. I started reading my other emails while I was waiting, I opened a few emails from unattractive guys, two fat guys and one homely older guy. Then I opened an email from a young lean guy with a sleave, it looked a lot like Jonny’s sleave and the email read, great ass, are you into ass play? Love to see that hole wrapped around my sleeve. Fuck, I emailed him back and told him I was new to it but loved my ass played with. Read his profile and it had nothing in his status but if all he was doing was playing with my ass that was safe. His stats were 6’ 170 9.5 uncut multiple tats a
  6. Part 3 I still had so much cum inside me I went to the bathroom and hopped in the shower and as I was cleaning some cum dropped to the shower floor, I got out and dried off and then found a new jock strap, it was one I got as a gift as the others were not clean. It was purple and read slut for dick. Maybe they would not notice writing on the band or the front. I had no idea what they were going to do with me, but I was horny again for some reason. I have never been this sexed before in my life, I think I like it I thought to myself as I got everything around and cleaned up a little. I
  7. Part 2 I woke up the next morning my ass was so sore, but I was still horny. I had to shit, it hurt like a mother, but my dick got rock hard. What the fuck was that I thought, all this cum came out of me and I thought dude you cannot do this again. This is fucking crazy but there I sat with a huge hard one and I hit the shower and it finally came down. I went off to work and found myself looking at guys hands, I had never paid attention to them before and wondering what they would feel like. There were several that I knew I would never be able to take but Jonny the security gu
  8. It all started on my 22nd birthday, I had just broken up with my boyfriend after finding out he was seeing someone else on the side and put up a post on Adam and I started getting hits. My boy friend and I had fucked a few times bare when we were drunk but generally always used condoms; I put up a safe only post and showed my hot ass and body. I am lean and have a bubble butt that my bf loved! Standing all of 5’9 weighing 150 with a 28” waist I carried my weight in my ass I started to get lots of hits, and a few were tempting but in looking at their profiles most were either poz, unde
  9. It was late and Jon had yet to cum, he just rubbed his shriveled-up dick and moaned. I text a cock sucker down the street that I use often to come and suck his dick and went in and gave Jon a shot of Trimix in his penis and soon his dick would be a full mast. Zack a cute 26 year old with sandy brown hair and a thin body and the greatest mouth let himself in and found Jon, he picked up his dick still not hard but it was leaking and he licked and sucked him and sucked on his dick and soon had Jon worked to full erection. He sucked him for ten minutes and Jon fired off a huge load down Zack’s m
  10. I gave Jon a break from the ball gag and put it back in the drawer and slide a good sized rock up inside him and fed him a straw so he could suck down some juice and the cap of g put in it and like a good boy he did. He asked if he could get up and I ran my hand through his hair and said not yet baby. Soon thought, very soon it will be over. I went back into the house and checked my email and there was one form the tall poz kid and he asked if he could come back and bring a buddy of his, also poz. I told him sure and then he said, can I fist him? Please? I wrote back absolutely; he s
  11. Jonathan was a young college student; he had just turned 20 and starting his freshman year. Jon was 5’11 brown hair with blue eyes weighing 160 and a bubble butt! He was older than most of the freshmen, he was held back in first grade and it always made him much older than all his classmates. He just barely made it to college with his C + average, luckily, he was a legacy as his Mother and Father both graduated and the donation his grandfather made did not hurt. Jon was incredibly attractive and got hit on a lot and he had been with lots of women but always had a desire to see what it would
  12. I woke up with a twinge of guilt in the morning knowing Dan would never be the same but my dick started to grow as I thought about his hot ass and all the POZ cum deep inside him and I had to jack off before hitting the shower. I headed off to work and, on the Drive, my little blonde friend text me and told me how much fun it was last night and how hot it was fucking that straight guy. He finally told me his name, Brian, as he said he was hard as a rock thinking about fucking ass. Free tonight, can we go back to the Park? I text the boy back with my dick hard as a rock in my paint whic
  13. Part 3.1 I was not sure how I would make that happen but somehow, he needed to be ready or some other guy to take poz nut on Saturday Night at 8-whenever. I had not put the ball gag in when I was out putting two more slashes on Dan’s ass, but I had given him another bump. Soon I hard a knock, he said he would tell me when he was on the way but here, he was. He opened the door and fuck this guy looked like a model. Great body and hot face, hot as fuck. He must be friends with the muscle guy from group, he walked over and smiled as he saw the slashes on Dan’s ass, and he see
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