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  1. She decided she would wait for Ryan to come tonight at 10 PM so she text David that her work issue was resolved, and she was going to for a run. She had already run and what she did instead was to get online and find out where women find dick for some no strings fucking. She had plenty of dick, but it was dick that found her, she wondered if she could line up any of her own or was this just a onetime deal that everyone wanted to fuck her. She found doublelist.com a website where guys and gals and even gay guy could find sex. She read and found out there are lots of guys who want to eat cum out of pussy, she never knew that was a thing. She also found a few posts of guys wanting other guys to fuck their wives. Hot wife they called it and lots of times she would be blindfolded and never see the guy fucking her and breeding her. She decided to answer a few and to post her own. She sent a post to a guy who said he was married, 29 years old, white with an eleven-inch endowment who just needed some fine pussy to breed on the side. Another post got her attention was from three frat guy who wanted a hot wife to double penetrate and make airtight. She was not sure what both meant but wanted to learn and their pictures were hot online, and it said they all wanted to breed. Marie was finally accepting her need to have men inside her. Just a physical need for big dick and cum and to control a man for a time while they were inside her. She waited and did not hear anything back and decided after 30 minutes of reading post she would create one. “Traveling and Married, just looking for no strings sex. Open to one on one, MMF, MMMF. You must be hung, ready to breed and clean and ddf. She posted a few pictures herself without a face and that she could host or travel. Open to a one time or a regular hook up, full meet or get right to with her being a blindfolded hot wife.” The post went up and still nothing, forty-five minutes later an email came in with three responses and then several more responses but she knew Ryan would be soon so she could not really act. She was hot and tingly all over and ten minutes later she got a text from Ryan. Babe, my girl called off tonight so I cannot slip out, but I will come by in the morning to fill you up. Marie was disappointed, she needed Ryan and his big dick. She decided to go to her email and look at the post. There were eight black guys who hit her up, she saw two hot huge dicked guys, but she had never been with a black guy before. She horny white college guy, 21 6’ huge dick (9 and thick) just need pound some cougar pussy and breed it. Hit me up if you are up for being my blindfolded hot wife tonight. Marie thought this was perfect, white and hung breeder who just wanted to fuck her and get off. She replied and asked when he could be to her hotel and gave him the name and address. He quickly responded that he would be there in 20 minutes and told her to give him the room number and to leave the door ajar 20 minutes from the time she sent the email and be blindfolded. You are going to get pounded out you married Slut! Marie sent him her room number and told him she would and that is exactly what she needed. She hurried up and found something she could use as a blindfold and got ready, put on some lacy panties and a bra watched the clock and right at 20 minutes she put the door ajar and got in place and a minute later the door opened she could tell and in he walked. He snapped a couple pictures and then began to trace his fingers on her body making her moan. He worked his way to her breast and unsnapped her bra that clipped in the front and fondled her breast, he then pulled off his shirt, shorts and let his thick 9” dick loose and turned her head to suck his dick while he twisted her nipples. Marie Sucked on his thick dick and she heard him start to moan and felt his hand reach down and pull her panties aside and he started rubbing her wet pussy. Nice cunt slut, I can tell you have cum in you, don’t you? She pulled off his dick and said yes! Good little whore, we are going to have lots of fun together. I bet you want dick all the time, don’t you? Marie again told him she was always horny and needs big dick. She had never told anyone that and here she was telling this stranger who was about to breed her. Mike the guy who was about to fuck her had videoed her admitting to what a slut she was and her sent it to two buddies and sent the address with room number and text she needs your cum inside her. Once sent he climbed in between her legs ripped her underwear and lined his cock and began to slide in her wet pussy. Nice, I love fucking a married whore, does your husband know you love dick and cum? She said no, he had no idea, he is back home, and I will be in the city weekly for work. Nice, so you are going be my whore when you are here and anyone, I want you to fuck. Marie did not say anything and then he grabbed her neck and said it again and this time Marie said, yes, I am going to be your whore each time I am in town. He let go and said now you need fucked bitch. He slides all the way in, and she came hard on his dick and he began to fuck her like the anonymous whore she was. He used her pussy hard and deep till he came the first time then he pulled out and made her suck his dick off. Then the knock at the door, Mike let his buddy in, and Marie could hear someone getting undressed and Mike grabbed Marie’s head and said you are not done cleaning, get back to work. The guy who came in was Latin with a thick 8 inch dick and he spit on her pussy and lined up his dick to fuck the cunt and hammered away for four minutes before another knock at the door and a guy walked in and undressed also after Mike let him in. Daniel was a tall black guy with ten inches not as thick as Mikes but still impressive. Daniel sat in a chair watching the Riccardo fuck the white slut. Six minutes later Riccardo came in her and pulled out and went to the shower and cleaned up so he could go back to his girl while Danial got up and fucked Marie. She was having a hard time taking him, his dick was rock hard, and he was rough, Mike put hand over her mouth to keep her quiet while Daniel tore her up. Daniel fucked her for twenty minutes straight and eventually slammed deep and came without making as sound, but his body shook as he dumped his load in her. He pulled out and grabbed a towel and cleaned up and got dressed and left only giving Mike a nod and then he opened and closed the door leaving Marie with Mike and he pulled his hand off her mouth and said you did great whore, I have one more load for you and then you can get online and find more dick. Mike fucked her for another ten minutes and came hard in her. He popped up and made Marie clean off his dick again and told her how hot she looks taking big black dick. I am going to line up more for you bitch, how long are you in town? Marie took a break and said till Friday morning. Good, answer me with I email you and give me your fucking number so I can have easier access to your cunt. With that Mike pulled his dick away and got dress and left leaving Marie to take her blindfold off and think about what just happened. Fuck, why did she like the way Mike talked to her. How could she like being called a whore, slut and bitch but somehow, she did. She got up and took a shower and then found herself going back to her email and reading answers and seeing who else wanted to breed her.
  2. Marie wanted to ask about the guy in the worst was by just said that was so hot. Gio leaned in and kissed her and said that it was. Run tomorrow he asked while he was getting dressed to take her back to the hotel. She got up and got dressed and said sure! They got to the car and he drove her to the hotel with his hand on her leg and he said he was lucky to have found suck a cool chick to be friends with. Marie leaned in and kissed him and then went inside and up to her room. Marie sat there for a few and then decided to call David, she had to force herself and she jotted down several items on a list on the desk, so she had something to talk to him about. 1. Her new boss. 2. Some of her co-workers (all female and imaginary) She wondered why there were no females she had met yet. 3. Devon her assistant and his fiancé. 4. How Beautiful it was. 5. How much she missed him. 6. How great it would be if he were here with her. 7. How she wanted him more now that she was so far away. Once on the phone she hit more but could not do number seven, she just could not tell him how much she wanted him inside her. Something had changed and she just could only lie so much. The call lasted for longer than she wanted but after twenty minutes she really wanted to end the call and a text from Devon allowed her to tell her hubby that work had just reached out and she needed to handle an issue. She said she loved him and missed him and would text him before she went to sleep. Marie quickly hung up and read the text, Devon as asking if she was in her room. It went on, need to talk with you if you are, I am downstairs. She texts him back and said yes, I am here and gave him her room number and Devon text, I will be right up. Marie wondered what that could be about and soon there was a knock at the door. She opened it and Devon was standing there and he said can I come in. Marie moved back and Devon walked in and Marie shut the door and Devon told her he just had a fight with his girl and needed some attention. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear in the front and let his big dick hand out. Marie got on her knees with no hesitation and sucked on this big dick and got him hard and soon he shot a lot down her throat. He then told her to undress. Marie quickly undressed and she wanted him to kiss her in the worst way. She knew if there was any chance of that it would happen tonight. He grabbed her breast and sucked the left nipple and soon he was sucking on the right. Devon never lost his erection and before long he picked her up and tossed her on the bed and began fucking her deep and harder then before and kissing her chest and neck and after 20 minutes of fucking and kissing all over her he make out with her while he came inside her. He stayed inside her and while they made out still fully hard and after five minutes of kissing he began fucking her and ten minutes later he came again and this happened one more time so three loads one after another with no recovery. He then broke off the kiss and said my girl got mad at me because I love to fuck. Seem like I will need you often while you are here so I can get off the way I need to and not overwork my girl. Marie said that was hot and I will help you out anytime if you are going to fuck me like that. You are one hot stallion! Devon smiled and said please do not tell Michael I stopped by. He would be pissed if he knew I was breeding the new girl. Marie agreed not to say a word and with that Devon got dressed and left. Marie laid naked in bed and rubbed her clit and felt the cum in her pussy and even tasted it on her fingers. She loves that she finally got Devon to kiss her. She had promised herself she would try before she left to make out with him. She was surprised that he was a great kissed and no she really needed him to fuck her again and again and make out.
  3. Marie went back to her room; she received a text from David. It read, “I love you babe, miss you a ton.” She sent back a text that she missed him too, that was really a lie as she was having the time of her life. Once back in the room she sat on the bed and began to cry, she was suddenly so conflicted. She had let multiple guys cum inside her and two that she had no idea who they were. She wondered why she suddenly felt alive and fulfilled. Sex suddenly was amazing, and she had never cum this much in her life. The tears stopped as she thought about all the huge dicks and that guys hand and how beautiful se felt getting all those men off. She whipped her tears and wondered what she would tell Gio, he would know the cum was not from her husband since she told him she was alone here. She decided she would tell him that Ryan was an old boyfriend and he had filled her up with cum this afternoon. He did not need to know there were multiple guys cum deep inside her. She began to get wet again thinking about all that big dick and excited to see Gio. He fucked hard and she was ready to be used like the little slut she had become. She dozed off for twenty minutes and then got up to clean the sex off herself and changed into her running closed and headed to their meet spot. She ran to the spot tingling inside and with every part of her body. She began to worry he may not be there, what if he was not here? I need him to touch me, kiss me and be inside me in the worst way she thought. Just as she turned the corner, she saw her tall God waiting for her and she ran up to him and said Hi babe. He leaned in and kissed her and said he had a special run for her today. They took off and talked some, but it was a tough run with lots of hills and then it flattened out. The last half a mile was the cool down and then she recognized his place. He said go on in and take your clothes off and put them in the bin, I will be right in and join you in the shower. Marie rushed in, stripped and got into the shower. Gio followed and put the clothes in the shower before heading to the shower. She wanted him to fuck her in the shower, but he wanted to taste her first. They got out and headed for the bed and she got on the bed and spread her legs and Gio dove in and said yum you have cum inside you. Marie was prepared with her lie about Ryan being her ex-boyfriend a hook-up, but she did not need to go there. She soon came again and again and then Gio kissed his way up to her and make out with her and when he broke it off he said I love that you took some guys cum so I had something to eat! Marie laughed a little and Gio began to slide his big dick in her well used cunt and fucked her like a whore for twenty minutes and then shot a huge load inside her. He pulled out and had Marie clean his dick off and this time she was able to more than half in her mouth. While she sucked and licked the cum off, he texts someone on his phone. He pulled a blindfold out and said, “I have a surprise for you” Gio slipped a blindfold on her and it was just a minute later she heard him great someone. There she is, I just came inside her, and she has mine and some other guys cum inside. Eat her out and add yours. When you leave, I will finish her off! With that Gio left the room and there she was again blindfolded with an anonymous man. Fuck she thought, I would not do this anymore but before she could say or do anything a hand gently brushed her leg and made its way to her pussy. He whispered fucking beautiful; I have been after his cum for a long time. Marie thought that was odd. He began to eat her pussy and he was good at it, he made her cum several times in the first ten minutes. He pulled off and said swallowed most of it and he slid up and kissed Marie and made out with her while he slide his nice medium thick dick into her and make love to her making her cling to him. He was far more tender and intimate for a guy she could not see and after ten minutes he shot his load and made out with her until his dick gently slipped out of her. He sucked her left nipped and bit it making her moan and he said I will be back tomorrow to do it again. With that he walked out and Gio came back in and immediately began to eat the guys cum. Soon she came hard as she thought of this anonymous guy and the man between her legs and Gio once again came up but did not kiss her and began to fuck her harder than before and shot his load deep. He then whispered you are so fucking beautiful as he slipped off her blindfold.
  4. Marie never felt beautiful enough to be a model and suddenly after she let three hot guys fuck her, she was being asked to be a model. The guy could have been a model himself; he was 5’11 sandy blonde hair and green eyes and uber attractive features and a manly boyish charm. She just new he would take beautiful pictures. She had a slight gut feeling he was gay; he made no flirty or gestures towards her and she thought he may be which would make the entire experience easier. She was full of cum already and had knew both Gio and Ryan would most likely fuck her again and fill her with cum. Marie headed to the room and finished some Human Resources paperwork and took a little nap and got up and headed down to meet the photographer. She had forgotten his name, or he never gave it to her. He sat at the bar early in a nice outfit and Steven appeared and asked if she was ready and she said sure. He told her he set up a studio upstairs, he rented a room for the shoot. Marie smiled and followed him to the elevator. They headed up to the tenth floor and to room 1001 all the way at the end by the fire escape. It appeared to be the unrenovated part of the hotel and he said the hotel has two more floors before they complete renovation so I was able to get this event though all the other rooms are full on all other floors. Steven arrived at the room and it was nice and clean but somewhat dated and he had a rack of clothes some hard-core outfits and others more sexy lacy teddies. Steven handed her a robe and had her get naked and put the robe on and he snapped a few photos with the robe on and then he opened it up showing her breast but it was still tied around her waist. He snapped away and then he had her lay on the bed with one leg out but the robe covering her wet pussy. She still had tons of cum inside her. This was making her wish Ryan or Geo were watching and she kept thinking about them. Then Steven grabbed a leather teddy off the rack it was crotchless and he handed it to Marie. Go ahead and put this on. She hesitated and he said nothing to worry about models undress in front of the photographer all the time. She dropped the robe and slipped into the tight teddy and sipped it up. He snapped a few candid photos and then had her lift her put it on the bed. This made her pussy leak some cum that dripped on the floor and Steven caught it all on camera. Nice, now lay back and spread your legs a little, she did it and he got close ups of her wet leaking pussy and then he took two of her face and the hot look on it. He told her to wait there and then he brought back a ball gag. You would look so hot with this on and he helped her fasten it in place and snapped more photos. I have a few more things for this next photo, he grabbed two restrains and one he put on her legs and they pulled her legs back and apart and the other on her arms and it fastened her to the headboard and then the leg straps were fastened to the arm restraints and he snapped lots of photos. Then she heard the door, she wondered if Steven was leaving but then she heard Steven say, there she is just like you requested. Then she heard Steven say he would be back in an hour to take more photo’s and the door shut. There Marie was all tied up and restrained with ball gag in her mouth and naked she started to pull on her restraint and then the lights went off, it was really dark she tried to say who is there but it was nothing more then muffled sounds and then a blindfold slipped on her and a large firm hand grabbed her left breast and then a hand on her right and they squeezed and worked down her body. Quickly getting to her pussy all wet and a large finger slide in and then two. Finally, three fingers worked there way in and finger fucked her wet pussy till she came. The fingers gently pulled out and then a large thick dick slide up and slide into her pussy. It was thick like Gio’s and it made her think of him, but he would have eaten all the cum inside her. He pressed deeper while moans and grunts muffled by the ball gag could be heard and then he finally bottomed out inside her making her cum. He was long like Devon but thick like Gio. Then the fucking began, and it was hard and intense making her cum again and again. The guy had control and fucked her for what seemed like an hour and shot just one load deep and then another half an hour and he shot another. He pulled out and cleaned up and left without saying a word. She heard the door again and thought, thank god Steven is here but someone came in and unzipped their pants and slide inside her and began fucking. He must have been average because he reminded her of her husband, and she knew he could not make her cum. He shot his load off and then pulled out and started to finger her pussy, two at first and then three and soon he had all four inside her and she was starting to feel amazing and then he slide his fist inside her. He twisted his hand around and she came so hard, it was the hottest she had ever been, and it felt amazing. He left his hand inside her and fist fucked her some more she shot off another round and he pulled out and went and washed up. The door opened again and she could hear the camera and soon shots of her used body and wrecked pussy were being taken and the guy who fisted her left and Steven started to unfasten her and told her she made five hundred dollars her first job. She wondered if that was from the photo’s or he sold her pussy. In either case she could use the money and took he and got dressed and just before she left Steven said he lined up another photo shoot for tomorrow afternoon. Two in the afternoon. She did not say much but said okay, then once she left a text came across and it said, you look amazing taking dick and I need more photos unless you want your husband to see what a slut you are becoming. Marie, quickly responded that she would be there at 2 PM same room, she asked? Yes, same room be ready for more fun! Marie wondered what the fuck she had gotten herself into and went back to her room to get dressed for a run with Gio.
  5. Ryan text again that he was leaving and once more when he arrived. The last text said, “I am downstairs, and I want you naked, legs spread toward the door when I arrive and that beautiful pussy ready to cum. Leave the door ajar for me now and get in place I am on the elevator.” Marie put the door in place and spread her legs facing the door and leaned back and soon heard the door open and in walked Ryan. “Fucking beautiful, “he said as he walked in shutting the door behind himself with the light from the window, he could see she still had his cum in her pussy. That is at least what he thought as he slides his fingers along her leg and then to her pussy gathering a scoop of the cum and putting it to her mouth to swallow which she did. He brought his finger back to her pussy and spread it and more cum began to collect and he licked it and with it on his tongue he leaned down to kiss Marie with it and they made out with Gio’s cum sharing it. It was so erotic having Ryan share Gio’s cum with her. Ryan asked her how he tasted, and she said amazing, can I have more she asked, and Ryan smiled and went back to collecting Gio’s cum and feeding it to her. She was hot in a new way, she knew that Ryan would not have been into it tasting Gio’s cum like Gio was eating Ryan’s but it was so hot knowing Ryan wanted to share his cum with her and even hotter in a way that it was Gio’s. Before long Ryan began working his dick deep inside Marie and fucking her more intensely than before and it was not but ten minutes before he came for the first time this trip. It seems that Gio’s cum got him hot and ready. He then presented his dick to Marie and had her lick and suck the cum off both his and Gio’s and then they made out. Ryan set his watch for 4 Am and held Marie and they made out and he fucked her two more times, each ending with her eating the cum of both guys off his dick. They fell asleep around 2 AM and the alarm went off at 4 Am and he slipped out of bed and but whispered that he would be back tomorrow night same time. He shut the door behind him, and Marie dozed off to sleep. She slept till 8 AM and then hopped in the shower to report downstairs for her first meeting with her new boss. Her new boss was an older guy 45, she had looked him up on the company website and they had exchanged several emails. His picture did not do him justice as he stood up Marie could tell he was well defined and at 6’2 and 200 pounds he was a beautiful man. He was with a young guy who could not have been more than 22 years old, Devon. Michael her new boss greeted her with a deep sexy voice and Devon had a heavy British accent that enchanted her to listen to him. Michael lead them to breakfast and as both Devon and Marie followed and once they were sitting after they ordered; Michael began by stating that the partial week business is only something he agreed to after much negotiation to get you here. If you prove as valuable to the team as I believe after seeing what you have done for the company back at corporate you will be needed more and more. Please know that as your responsibility grows you may need to spend more time here. One of the first task Devon and you will need to accomplish is to find you a finished flat, so the company does not need to pay for hotels rooms for you every week. Marie paused and said every other week? No, I have decided that you will be needed every week and we can work out how many days but that is what we will need for now. Then they talked about all the other task they needed to accomplish and with that he finished his breakfast and said I am going to leave you in Devon’s capable hands, he patted Devon on the shoulder and told him to show her the city but keep her close as you can. Marie wondered what that meant but would later find out. Devon asked Marie if she was ready to go and he escorted her to his car, and they drove a few blocks to the first flat. They both entered and he went to the front desk and asked for the key to 843. Then to the elevator, once in 843 Devon kept telling her all about the city and all there was to do. Marie loved hearing him talk and his tall lanky body was nothing to look at, but he had a beautiful face and his accent was getting to her and he was making her horny the more he talked. She realized as he stood at the window he must not have been wearing and underwear as his dick began to grow and it was pushing at the material. Devon kept talking and Marie seemed to follow his every word and she walked up and stood next to him and told him what a beautiful view it was and her hand brushed his large penis and she lost control and got on her knees and right there at the large full length window, she unzipped his pants and fished out his huge dick and it must have been at least 10” long (actually it was just under 11 inches). It was beautiful and uncut but not near as thick as Ryan or Gio’s dick but something much easier to hand and she began to suck his dick and swallow it and before long as was trying to take it down her throat and eventually suck was able to suck him to his balls. She had never done that before, Marie was so proud of herself as she pulled off his dick and she heard him say, wow, lets get out of the window before others see us. Little did she know, the office was in view of the window and her new boss was watching her exchange with Devon along with close circuit video going in the flat. Devon lead her over to the bed and leaned back and told her to keep sucking his dick. She did as she slipped off her panties and soon she pulled up and straddled him and felt his hard dick slide deep inside her and he fucked her as she rode him and soon he grabbed her and flipped her over and fucked away till he shot his first load in her. Marie leaned in to kiss Devon and he pulled away and said, I do not kiss nor do I eat pussy but I definitely want you to suck my dick as much as you can and to breed you. You can even eat my ass while I jack off, I have a girl and kissing, and eating pussy is cheating as far as she is concerned. Marie got quiet as they returned the key and they went to the next two where he again got hard and she sucked and swallowed his load in that flat no fucking and on the third visit she got both his load down her throat and up her pussy. She really wanted to kiss him in the worst way, she kissed all over his neck, chest and sucked his nips in hopes that he would kiss her and cheat on his girl, but he did not. She vowed that she would eventually get him to kiss her before she left or on one of her future trips. Devon dropped her off at her hotel and said she should call Michael and tell him which flat. He is expecting your call. She walked back into the hotel room and decided to collect her thoughts before she called Michael to tell him which spot fits her best. She had a drink at the bar and finally picked the first flat. It was by far the nicest and that is where she had sex with Devon for the first time. While she waited another businessman was at the bar and he brought her another drink and told her he was scoping the place out before his meeting later tonight. He said his main job was boring, but he was a photographer on the side, and he made more money doing that than his main job. He was always looking for models and wondered if she would be for making some extra money. She said sure, they could talk about I and she gave him her number. Grant here he said, Marie here. How about we grab a drink later around 3 today to talk about it. She said sure, I can meet you here, I will text you if something comes up.
  6. Marie wondered if Ryan will really come back tonight, she tingled inside as she rubbed her finger over her pussy lips and felt how wet she still was. If she had been able to see it was Ryan's cum leaking out of her pussy that she was rubbing all over herself. She continued to think about the real sex she had and the first time a guy got her to cum from simply fucking her. She wanted more but hoped this would be a onetime thing as she struggled to fight of the desire to cheat with Ryan again. Marie decided she needed to get her mind off Ryan, so she got dressed and went for a run. Somehow even on the run she was thinking about Ryan, his touch, the way he kissed her, his big dick and how deep inside her got and his penis inside her and knowing he came in her made her hot and as much as she knew she should not do it again she had to. She stopped to get a drink at a water fountain and while she was taking a sip, this tall guy stopped from his run. When she stopped and looked up there was this Greek god standing there waiting for his turn. He smiled at her and said, looks like you had a nice run, I am just on my third mile and have two more to go. She for that moment stopped thinking about Ryan as she suddenly thought about this tall dark and beautiful man in front of her with a great smile and she started to wander what it would feel like to have him inside her. He leaned down to get a drink, Marie got to examine his firm ass and hairy legs made her hornier than she had been looking at another guy. She tried to think about Ryan, her husband or anything but when he stood up from the water fountain, he introduced himself as Gio. Marie said, nice to meet you Gio, I am Maire. Want to finish our runs together Marie, Gio quickly asked and Marie said sure without thinking. They chatted on the run and Marie was able to tell Gio that she was here for a week for work but never mentioned she was married. He never asked, he shared that he had moved to the city a few months ago after he and his fiancé broke up. He said nothing else about her or dating and before long he stopped and said this is my place. Marie looked at this cute little house that he had run her to. She told herself she should not go in but when he asked her if she wanted water he just started walking toward the door and punched in a code and Marie just followed him in. Gio took off his shirt and tossed it in a bin near the door and slipped off his shoes and socks and tossed the socks in the bin. He walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water into a glass even though Marie could see that there were bottles of water in the fridge and he could have handed her one. He asked to be excused and he slipped into his bedroom and shed his shorts and came out in a loose pair of shorts no underwear and she could see his member moving as he walked toward her and he was still shirtless. His hairy chest was amazingly chiseled, and his chest and abs were rock hard. He had also grabbed the bin and a rob and told her to put her wet clothes in the bin and he would put them in the wash while he made them something to eat. Marie slowly took her top off and bra while Gio held up the robe to block the view and then she slipped on the robe and put her shorts in the bin. Gio showed her to a shower and put out a towel for her and she locked the door and jumped in the shower to clean off. While she was showering Gio put the clothes in the washer and when she came out in the robe all clean and refreshed Gio was chopping veggies and had started making a meal. He motioned for Marie to come over and help and when she did, he excused himself to go shower. She had finished the task by the time he came out in a different pair of shorts still commando and a nice t-shit and he headed to the cupboard to grab two wine glasses and poured them some wine and handed Marie a glass and held it up. Cheers to being in a new city and making friends! I think we will make great friends said Gio, Marie agreed but wondered if that is all he wanted, she was getting more and more turned on by him the more they were together. He was physically hot as fuck but this side of him made her want him so much more. Marie did not have to wait too long to find out what Gio meant by friends, they both had two glasses of wine and sautéed veggies and a small dessert with two spoons and instead of sitting across from her he sat right beside her with his legs straddling her bar stool. She had never had anything like it before it was amazing. She was not sure if it was the company, food or the fact he was so close to her and her body was tingling. She finally could stop thinking about Ryan and Gio was all she could think about. David her husband would be calling but she did not want to talk to him right now. Gio, grabbed a spoon and some whipped cream one of the last bites and fed her the bite clumsily getting the whipped cream on her lips and before she could lick it off he leaned in and kissed her to help her with her lips. She swallowed hard and kissed him right back as he slipped his hand in her robe and fondled her breast and unfastened the robe till her naked body was exposed. They continued to make out and although her disappointment in herself for letting the second guy in a day touch her body and make out with her, she could not stop. Gio grabbed her and picked her up after ten minutes of making out and took her to his bedroom and laid her on the bed and spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. Two minutes in he pulled up and said you let your husband cum inside you before you left, fuck love that. Then he got back to eating her out and tasting Ryan’s cum. She was mortified at first but as Gio eat her out and sucked the cum out of her cunt she began to cum over and over once she realized he was so into it. Then with little warning he popped up and pulled his shirt off and then slipped off his short sand the thickest rock hard 8” or so did was pointing right at her. It was huge, uncut and he brought it over to Marie and presented it to her. Marie wasted no time, she never really enjoyed sucking David off but did it when she had to. She pulled back his foreskin and licked his huge head of his dick and tasted his precum. He leaked a lot. She sucked on the head and then pulled the skin back and opened her mouth wide and tried to suck his dick but could only take three inches. He stopped her and said, this is a new friendship and you will learn how to suck better. With that he went back to eating her pussy and getting the last of Ryan’s cum and then pulled up and said it was time to add his. He began to rub his uncut cock head on her pussy and soon was spreading her cunt around his big dick and she began to moan and said it is too big. Gio had heard that before and kissed her while he tore her tight little cunt. She had already taken a hug dick earlier and she was sore from getting her vaginal canal beaten and breed and now Gio was going to widen it. She struggled to get him to stop or give her a break but then it happened again. He made her cum all over his huge dick and with that he started to fuck her harder. He was far more intense than Ryan and once he started, he was going to take what he wanted. Gio fucked Marie for twenty minutes hard and she came two more times during his first breeding and then after he made out with her as his dick softened inside her and he gently pulled out five minutes later. He got up and told her to stay there and went and put the clothes in the dryer and then came back to bed and made out some more. He told Marie he needed more and began to finger her cunt and told her how wet she was and then he puled out two fingers and had her suck the cum off his fingers as he got up again rock hard and slide inside her cunt and fucked her for another ten twenty minutes and shot another load inside her. Marie had cum another three times and then Gio got up and asked her to the shower and they cleaned off and then toweled off. By then the clothes were dry and he retrieved them and Marie got dressed in her clean clothes while Gio put on a different pair of shorts and t-shirt and he said I will give you a ride to your hotel. In the garage they got into a Tesla Model 3 and he drove to the hotel, stopped out front and leaned in and gave her another kiss and said let us run again tomorrow. Meet me at the same place at 6 PM. Marie agreed and leaned in to give him a kiss goodnight. While she walked in, she looked at the clock and he was 9:15. She hoped Ryan was just saying he would come over later and did not really mean it. She decided that she should call her hubby just in case Ryan did come over and once back at the room she rang David. She told David all about her run and how ready she was to come home and see him and how much she missed him. These were all lies as she was having the time of her life and had finally had real sex. She asked him about his day and week and her mind kept wondering to Gio who had wrecked her pussy and filled her up again. Ryan who might be coming back to her hotel room. Her phone buzzed from a text it was from Ryan and he text he would be there at 10:15. His girl had taken longer to get ready than usual but would text when he could leave and was on his way. Marie got excited and finished up her conversation with David with I love you and miss you! She waited for Ryan getting wet while she thought of him.
  7. Marie was forced to take on a traveling assignment for work, she was not the type to travel or leave her hubby that she loved very much. She and David had been married for two years and he was the only guy she ever had sex with. David was in great shape, dark hair and a nice 6' dick. Sex was not something they did often only three times a week and she rarely had an orgasm unless David ate her out. So she came once a week. David was disappointed that she would be traveling but she had to stay working or keeping the house would be an issue. Marie's first assignment out of town had her staying for a week, she would fly in Sunday and leave Friday evening. David and Marie had more than a few arguments that weekend but by the time David drove her to airport on Sunday afternoon they had made up and had sex and David got her off so they were in a good place. They kissed and Marie cried a little as she left to get on the plane and head off to San Diego for her training week for her new position where she would have to be in San Diego every other week for three to four days. Hours later Marie checked into her hotel after picking up her rental car. She had sat beside a young guy who flirted with her the entire way and she had to admit he made her wet and horny. She unpacked and got out her vibrator and thought about him. She kept trying to keep her mind on David but Ryan kept creeping back into her head. Ryan was tall 6'3 muscled blonde with deep blue eyes and really big hands he kept putting them on the arm rest. She was just about ready to cum when her phone went off and she did not recognize the number, she answered and it was Ryan. He said Marie, glad I caught you while I was still around town. I have your credit card and thought you might need it. Marie was flush and she quickly thanked him and tried to gain her composure. Give me your hotel address and room number and I will drop it off. Without thinking Marie gave him her room number and address and hotel name and he said yea, I know that hotel I am 10 minutes away. See you soon! Marie stood there wet and horny and put her vibrator away and got dressed. She put on her panties, yoga pants and a top and before long she heard a knock at the door. Ryan stood there in a tight shirt and shorts and she could help but glance down and she could see the outline of his dick though the tight shorts and he smiled and said aren't you going to invite me in as he started to move closer and Marie moved out of the way and felt very uncomfortable but she also was horny as fuck. Ryan walked over to the window and looked out at her view and said, wow I have never seen this view while I stayed at this hotel. My last room was much larger but had a crappy view, you know you can see the ocean and my condo from here, come over and I will show you. Marie walked over and stood beside Ryan and he slide behind her and then pointed over her shoulder toward the water and asked her if she could see it? She nodded and he slide his other hand on her hip, it sure is beautiful isn't it. She agreed and knew she should pull away but stayed right here, Ryan rubbed her leg and then with the other hand he lifted her shirt and pulled it over her head and rubbed a hand out her flat stomach and then fondled her breast with his big hands. Marie knew she should tell him to stop, cry out she was married and could not but he felt so amazing and she could feel his dick growing against her back and she could not believe this was happening to her. Ryan leaned down and kissed her neck and his hands slide down to her yoga pants and panties and slipped them off quickly and then slide his hand on her hip and then over to her clit and rubbed her pussy and soon he was inside her with his long digit and she was shaking. Ryan picked her up and carried her to the bed and she started to say stop but Ryan kissed her before she could get it out. She kissed him back while he slide down his shorts and let his 9" dick slip onto her stomach and then he pulled off and pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing her and they made out for five minutes till he pulled up and kissed her neck, and worked his way down to her breast and then stomach and finally her pussy and he began to eat her out and within three minutes she was so hot she came for the first time and Ryan kept eating her cunt and the pulled off and kissed his was back up as his dick rested against her pussy and he began to slide it back and fourth and Marie spread her legs more and more and soon he was pressing his thick dick inside her and she whispered you are too big, stop but Ryan slowly pulled back and forth until he was going deeper and deeper inside her and she came on his big dick when it was only half way inside her. Ryan spent the next two hours making her cum and giving Marie two of his loads deep inside her. When he was finished he pulled out and said he needed a shower and soon Marie heard the water running. She could see her husband had called and left her a voice mail and a few text and she was sad. She had never done anything like this before and when Ryan came out naked he thanked her and he could she she was upset and as he got dressed he said babe, this is just sex. I know you have a husband but this was nothing more then you using a huge dildo or vibrator to get off. I will be back tonight at 10 PM for round two and he leaned down and kissed her and made out with her again. I have a girlfriend too and we are going to be married in a year so this is just what we both needed nothing more. Marie knew she needed to reach out to her husband and picked up the phone and called, she felt so guilty but she put on a brave face and talked to him about the flight and this night old man who sat next to her telling her about his life and grown children. She basically lied her ass off about Ryan so her husband would have no clue that she had cum in her pussy from a young stud who had just left.
  8. Dillon went to work, his hole was leaking some after taking two loads and once inside he went to the bathroom and looked at his ass in the mirror to make sure he did not have a wet spot and he sat on the toilet and let the cum out. After the first gush of cum he dribbled cum for a minute and then whipped his ass and it was tender. He licked his finger and slide it in his hole and then brought it to his mouth and tasted the guys cum. He had really wanted to taste cum so bad this morning so he fingered his ass a few more times and tasted that hot masculine mans cum. His dick started to get hard again and he had to jack off thinking about him. When he came it shot almost to the stall door and landed on the floor in huge globs, He quickly whipped it up just as a co-worker came in. Dillon felt relieved , he got to taste cum and he got to cum again. He felt like he get some work done and all. He heard his phone and it was an email. Dillon looked and the guy from the glory hole hit him up to confirm today. Dillon sent back an email yes I will be there, I need to taste your cum! Then Dillon saw an email from the guy from this morning. Boy, your tongue and mouth on my ass was amazing. You have a great pussy too, looking forward to teaching you hot to be a real cock sucker but until then you can eat my hole as much as you want. Dillon did not respond although he was getting hard again. He tried to work on his project but he seemed to only be able to think about sucking some cock tonight and swallowing their loads. he hopped that guy from last week was there too. He turned off his phone and got to work on his project and by 2 PM he had made a dent in it but turned his phone on and the ding of an email so he quickly looked and there was a email from glory hole. He got worried the guy was cancelling but instead the email read. Hey Cock Sucker, instead of stall three go to stall one. It works the same way and once you see me tap my foot pull off the toilet paper dispenser and get on your knees. Confirm you have this and you will have your fag mouth there at 4PM. Dillon sent an email saying Yes! Dillon could not concentrate and tried to work but had to got the bathroom at 2:30 and touch his hole and jack off. He had never really liked his hole being touched, he had a girlfriend in college that went there and he stopped her. Now it was like electric, still sore but it made his dick even harder. Dillon jacked and soon slipped a finger in his hole and shot all over and this time he hit the door of the stall. Dillon cleaned it up and went back to his desk and saw it was almost 3:00. He decided to work another 30 minutes and then head to the building. He arrived at 3:50 and he waited in the car. He tried to listen to music but all he could think about was sucking dick. He played with his dick and then at 3:59 he walked to the door and went in and headed to stall one. He sat down and his dick was hard as a rock, he pulled it from under the fabric and jacked it while he rubbed his hole and then he hard the door. Stall number two opened and a foot tapped, once, twice and then three times. Dillon pulled up the toilet dispenser and a dick pushed through. It was not the guy from the email nor the other guy but someone new. The dick was really big and thick, dark brown and uncut. Dillon got on his knees and started to suck that big brown dick and licked and tongue the foreskin and the guy moaned, Dillon worked more and more and then pushed back the skin and sucked and licked all over the head and tasted all the guys precum. The guy was leaking big time. Then Dillon sucked and tried to take it all, it was so thick and the guy just moaned and said good fag, that is fag boy. Dillon heard the door and stopped sucking for a minute and and tried to see through the crack in the stall. He could not see anyone. Then he heard something move on the other wall of the stall and a dick slide thought. That was the first guy he sucked, He jacked the big brown dick and leaned over and sucked this guys dick while he jacked the big uncut dick. Dillon was in heaven and he would switch back and fourth and then the Dark Dicked guy spoke. Fag, put your ass up to the hole I want to lick it while you suck dick. Dillon had noticed that the hole on this booth was bigger and he wondered if that is why he was told to move her or if it was because he could suck two dick in this one. The big dark uncut dick pilled out out and Dillon put his ass up the thole and spread his checks and felt a wet tongue lick his hole and he moaned. The guy knew how to tongue a hole and soon was eating Dillon's hole making Dillon leak and suck hard on the other guys dick and then the Latin guy, the accent gave it away said really load. This fucking Fag has cum in his ass. Dillon was busy sucking cock but he was totally ashamed and pissed he let that guy cum inside him but his dick was still rock hard and dripping and then the Latin guy dove in and ate him for two more minutes, spit on Dillon's hole three times and then stood up and pressed his dick up against Dillon's wet hole. Dillon knew he should pull away but the dick slide slowly and somewhat painfully inside his still tight little ass and the guy said Baby, your fag pussy is so tight. Relax your little slut pussy so Papi does not cum to fast. The dick on the other side pulled out and slide some poppers in the hole and gave them to Dillon. The guy had a ring on his left ring finger so he was married. Dillon hit the poppers and his hole opened up and the Latin guy said again slut, Dillon did it again and then the guy fucked him hard for ten minutes and shot his load deep in Dillon. The guys said fucking stay right there you dirty whore and take all Papi's cum. The guy slowly slide out after another two minutes of slow fucking and then whipped his dick off and said, thanks fag, and walked out. Dillon had his hole right against the wall when he heard the door again and the guy he was sucking said slut stay right where you are and do not move. Someone entered and then Dillon felt a finger and then two. The guy said good whore pussy, then pressed his dick up against Dillon's hole and slide inside and slowly fucked him while he moaned and after five minutes he shot his load in Dillon. The guy he was sucking told Dillon to stay put while the guy who had just shot in him did not say a work and walked out. The door again and then he hard two guys in the booth, or he thought it was two. He felt a tongue on his hole and the guy eat his cum filled ass and then stood up and slide his big long dick inside Dillon. The guy had to be 9" but not supper thick and he kept hitting Dillon deep and Dillon loved that dick in his wet hole. It was the hottest dick so far inside him as to how it was making him feel deep inside. The guy fucked him for five minutes and pulled out and then he felt another tongue on his hole and this guy ate his hole for a few minutes and got up and slide in. His dick was a bit thicker and not as long but still felt amazing in his hole. They switched off and on like this for another ten to fifteen minutes and the the thicker of the two shot his load deep and then the long amazing dick fucked Dillon for another five minutes and came hard and they both got dressed and left. Stay right there the guy he had been sucking said as he moved to booth two. He just slide right in in one motion and fucked his hole and said nothing but pounded away. Then the door and Dillon watched the hole and this fat 7'5 inch dick presented itself. It was soft and the guy had ginger hair with some gray hair mixed in with his red hair. Dillon knew the guy had to be older but he had yet to taste any cum and he grabbed the soft dick and started to suck on it, The guy was leaking but did not seem to want to get hard but after five minutes of sucking Dillon felt his dick starting to harden and soon it was a this fat beer can dick and Dillon sucked and licked all over it and the guy started to cum and Dillon sucked and swallowed all his load. The guy came a lot and Dillon loved it and while hew as cleaning up the last of the guys cum the first guy he ever was with shot his load deep inside Dillon's ass and then pulled out and zipped up and left and the guy he had just sucked pressed his dick back through and it was now soft again and Dillon sucked it and in no time it was rock hard again and he did not last long and shot another load even bigger then before. The guy pulled his dick away and closed the hole and disappeared without a word. Dillon sat on the toilet ready to jack off but thought maybe someone else would enter but after ten minutes he shot his wad and left with the cums till inside him.
  9. When Dillon got back he realized that he had responses from everyone but they were in his spam folder. He quickly responded to them and tried to make sure he got them all answered before his Girl got home. Glory Hole Guy - Boy that was a good start but I think you can do better. I am gonna give you another shot, be back at the bathroom at 4 PM and not a minute earlier and got to your stall and wait. Got it? Dillon responded - Yes, I will be there. I know I can do better. Dillon responded to the Hung Straight guy who was packing 9" and said Dillon must eat his ass, lick and suck his balls and deep throat his dick. (Dillon had never eaten a guys ass but he was so horny for sucking dick he thought WTF I will give it a shot). Dillon - Expert cock sucker who wants to suck and service your big dick, lick and suck your balls and eat your ass. I can not host but can travel and need to service you in the worst way. (Dillon could not believe he was typing those words) Dillon shot off an email to the BBC. Dillon needed to know what black cum taste like, he had watched plenty huge black guys shoot huge loads up a pussy in porn and he had to see if they taste different. Dillon - I love your BBC, cock sucker at your service and ready to suck and swallow your big dick, edge you and make you build up a huge load for me to swallow. Finally shot one of the to Hung Married guy who wanted him Blindfolded, he originally thought that was out of the question but it was not much different then sucking that guy off at the GH that he had not seen. Dillon - Hey guy, I def want to suck that big dick and swallow your load for you. I can not host since I have a GF and it seems you can not either. Know anyplace we can go so I can give you the relief you need? Dillon had just finished when his girl got home and came bay and kissed him. He had just shut down both email accounts and started working on a project for work as she came up to the computer. She kissed him and said she was gonna take a shower and he should order the food. Can you get Chinese tonight, Dillon hated that shit but thought it was the least he could do since he felt guilty sucking off two guys today. He ordered and they delivered and had a nice dinner. His and him watched some TV and after an two shows his Girl said she was gonna call her mom and sister and would be in the bedroom. Dillon said, I am gonna work on my project and try to get a head start on it. Text me when you are ready for bed. She kissed him and headed off the bedroom. Dillon rushed to the computer to see what responses he got if any. This time he was checking both his regular and spam folder and there were messages. Bingo he thought. First one was from the hot guy who wanted this ass eaten. Boy, you need to come to this address at 7 AM in the morning. Make sure you are ready to serve and you can access your email on your phone, I will be able to see you when you come to 3456 Turo street and stand by the fire hydrant. I will send you my address when I see you are ready to be a cock sucking whore standing on the street like a hustler. (fuck Dillon thought, this guy is hot) Dillon - I will be there, I will be wearing a Red Shirt and blue jeans. Hot guy must have been on because he responded saying Do not fucking take your dick out, if I see your dick I will beat the shit out of you. Got it. Dillon - I will not, I understand. See you at 7 AM. Dillon was not rock hard and ready to suck that guys dick. There was a response from the black guy. He wrote fucking love white whores who need BBC. You do need my BBC don't you whore. When are you free to come to the west side of town and be my wet mouth to fuck? (Dillon was not sure when his Girl was going to be working again late so he waited to respond) The hot white guy who wanted Dillon to eat his ass must have sent the other email as an after thought. Make sure you are wearing a jock, although your dick can not ever be exposed if you are not an expert cock sucker I may need to eat your hole and pretend it is a hot chicks pussy. I have the feeling you may not be the cock sucker you think you are. Dillon - I will wear it but I promise you will not need to eat my ass to get off. ( Dillon thought about it and wondered what that would feel like) The hot guy responded, good to know you think so but you will need to let me be the judge of that, Just get here at 7, my wife leaves at 6:30 each day, I will shower and be ready for you cock whore. Dillon - I am so ready, I will be there. With that Dillon shut down his laptop and headed off to bed, he was really horned up and fucked his girlfriend and french kissed her with the same mouth that had been on two men's cocks that very same day. He came hard inside his women and they held each other while he kept thinking about his hot guy he would soon be sucking off. Ready to have his mouth on that big dick. Dillon dozed off just after setting the alarm for 6 AM and when he woke he showered and grabbed his red shirt, jeans, loafers and grabbed the Jock and slipped it on and got dressed. He leaned down and kissed his girl and said he had to get to the office early and bolted out the door. He drove across town to Turo street and parked and walked to the corner fire hydrant and looked at his watch and it was 6:55 and he kept looking at his phone checking and rechecking his phone. Finally an email came in and it read 4578 Turo, come to the back door and let yourself in, there is a sock on the door so you will know you are at the right door. Dillon went walking and got to the door and opened it and stepped in and it was really dark He could not see anything, he hard the voice. Whore, drop your pants and loose the shoes. Dillon hesitated and the guy slapped his head and said, boy you need to listen to me or leave right now. Dillon started to unfasten his belt while he kicked off his shoes and then unbuckled his jeans and unzipped them and pushed them down and stepped out of them. Fucking whore that took way too long, Dillon felt two hands on his shoulders and he was told to walk. He took ten big steps and then the voice said stop. He felt his right arm being pulled to his back and then his left and they were zip tied and then the guy grabbed his shoulders and turned him to the right and his body was pushed forward and his chest fell on some cushion. He tried to figure it out, it was not sofa since it was much higher but that is what it felt like. Then he felt his ass being touched and he could feel this guys breath on his hole and slowly his ass checks were pulled apart and then wet. Oh fuck he thought, that feels so amazing. Dillon began to moan. The guy kept licking and sucking that little hole and then stopped. He pushed Dillon's legs apart and then sent back to eating his hole. The guy stopped and pulled Dillon, disappointed he thought he was going to be able to finally suck this guys cock but to his surprise the guy slid a ball gag into his mouth and fasted it and he again turned him and made him walk five more feet to a bathroom, a dimmer switch was put on and he could see the shower, toilet and sink. The guy lubed up his finger and slide it in Dillon and Dillon protested through the gall gag. Then a metal cold object slid in and the water was turned on and Dillon felt full. More full and then the metal was slowly pulled out and the guy said hold it there boy. Dillon did but after five minutes he had to let the water out. He Dillon shot all the liquid and shit into the shower and the guy slide the metal up his hole and did it again and Dillon held it and shot out all the water this time. The guy whipped his ass off and hole and turned him again and walked him back to the same spot and bend him over and began to really eat his hole and tongue fuck it. Dillon moaned and then that fucking lubed finger was slid in and he was finger fucked and then two. Dillon was really getting pissed, fucking hell he thought I am not gay. He was trying to figure out a way to get out of this hell when the guy stood up and rubbed his big dick on Dillon's hole and Dillon thought no fucking way he is gonna fuck me not in this life. The guy slide a bottle under his nose and he said inhale while the guy held the other side and he made him do that four times each side and as the guy put the cap back on it he slowly pressed his dick against that virgin hole and he could hear Dillon scream and wrestle to get off the bench but the guy was too big and strong and slowly that huge dick broke though and sank into Dillon all nine inches of it. The guy whispered in Dillon's ear "boy, you have one slut pussy on you." He began to slow fuck Dillon and with as tight as Dillon's virgin ass was he only lasted ten minutes before he shot his load in the boy. The guy slowly pulled out and said, boy are you ready to suck my dick now? Dillon swore and told him to fuck off but none of it was audible. Boy, I asked you a question. He pulled him up and held the back of his head and said shake your head once if you want me to fuck you again right now and cum in your ass or do you want to suck my dick? Dillon was confused but his masculine rapist who had just taken his ass without permission said, boy if you shake your head no to the next question I will fuck that ass again and cum in it right now. Do you want to suck my dick now., Dillon did not hesitate and shook his head yes. Dillon thought if he would just suck this guys dick he would be able to get out of here and never do anything like it again. The guy with the huge dick said good boy, now I am going to unfasten your ball gag. If you scream I am going to give you a liver punch and do some real damage you hear. Shake your head if you understand and Dillon shook his head yes. The guy unfastened the ball gag and then told Dillon to get on his hands and knees and he pulled a chair out and sat on it right in front of Dillon. Then he grabbed his head and lowered it down and told Dillon to open his mouth and Dillon felt that cummy dick on his tongue. Dillon started to suck and lick that big dick and swallow his own ass juices and all that mans cum and soon the guy dick was clean and Dillon was sucking hard and as deep as he could and the guy pressed his head down and Dillon was force to throat the guy. Fuck Dillon thought this guy is gonna kill me I can not fucking breath. The guy let Dillon up and Dillon coughed and tried to inhale. The guy put the poppers up to his nose and made him breath in again and soon Dillon was high as fuck. He got really close to his ear and he said boy, you see now why I had to fuck you. You lied and said you were an expert cock sucker, you will be coming for weeks before you can gain that title. Now get the fuck back down on my big dick. He grabbed Dillon and slide his cock deep down Dillon's throat and slowly fucked him as Dillon tired to breath. Each time Dillon was able to keep that dick down his throat longer and after eight deep throats and a break in between to do poppers and breath the guy pulled him off and told Dillon the lick his balls and eat his hair ass. Dillon worked his balls and sucked on them and worked his way down to his hairy hole and licked and ate as the guy spread and lifted his legs letting Dillon get in deep and the guy encouraged him. Fuck that is it boy, finally found something you are a natural at. It totally centered Dillon and made him eat and tongue like crazy and after ten minutes the guy said okay boy. You got me worked up and now I need you to show me what you have learned, if you can without my help fuck your throat with my dick I will let you blow me till I cum and leave. If not I will take your ass again. Do you understand, Dillon agreed and said he understood. Dillon opened his mouth and took a big breath and then sucked his way down but could not get the last two inches even when he used his neck muscles to press down and after five minutes he had to come up for air. While he was catching his breath the ball gag went back in and it was strapped on and he thought fuck, here we go again. The guy pushed him forward and fingered his hole, one finger all the way in and then two and finally three and twisted them around and finally pressed his cock up against the hole and told Dillon to push back. Dillon just stayed right in place and then a hard smack on his ass. The guy left a red mark and then another slap and he said boy until you fuck yourself on my dick I am gonna beat your ass. Dillon pressed back and although the pain was intense he finally got the dick to slide into him and he slowly fucked himself on the dick taking a little more each time and soon he was starting to like it. Dillon thought, fuck how could he like a dick in his ass. He knew he was not gay and loved pussy. The guy grabbed the ball gag and loosened it and and let it fall out of Dillon's mouth. His rapist grabbed his hips and fucked him hard and soon he was panting while Dillon was moaning and making whimpering sounds and a minute before the guy shot, Dillon came in his jock. The guy fucked away and said boy you have a fag pussy on your, you just came. Your hole tightened right up and you are gonna make be blow my second load in you. The guy shoved his dick in deep and came hard. The guy slowly pulled out and told Dillon to stand. He did and the guy walked him back to his cloths and told him he needed to be back at 7 Am on Friday that is the next day she is heading to work early. I have a copy of your license so know where you live and will come to your place if you are not here and share what you have been doing with your girlfriend. Understand pussy boy? You need practice until you learn how to suck dick like a true whore. Then he grabbed a knife and cut the zip tie and told him to get dressed and leave the way he came in. The guy seemed to have disappeared. It was still dark but he go this jeans on but put his shirt inside out and had not noticed till he got to the car and took it off and turned it inside out and drove to work.
  10. Dillon got back to his apartment and even though he kept telling himself that he was not going to act on any of this, he really wanted them all to want him. Once he got back he checked the first email his regular one and he had five more responses from old men. He deleted them, then he checked his new email and there were two responses. First one - Married guy coming into town with his hotel and times he would be available once he arrived. (Dillon's rock hard but did not respond right away) Second response - Glory hole guy, he gave Dillon an address and a picture of the building where the Glory Hole was located and a time. 4 PM for Dillon to arrive and told him to go into the last stall and tap his foot three times. He also said he would be wearing red converse high tops. So Dillon knew he was tapping the right guy. I will tap back and once I do pull up on the toilet paper dispenser and it will come off the wall and you will see a hole. Stick your finger up and rub it on the base of the hole and I will slowly feed my cock through. I will need to cum twice, so after you swallow my first load keep sucking. I will need a confirmation by 2 PM to make it there by 4 PM. (Dillon looked at his watch and it was 1:45 ) Dillon typed his response and waited but after five minutes he said fuck it and sent it off. He justified, it was anonymous and he could still blow the guy off and change his mind all the way till 3:45 since he was just 15 minutes from the location. His response read: Dillon - Dude, I will be there. I am wearing black kicks and so ready to suck your big dick and swallow your loads. Anonymous guy - Good, be there at 4 PM exactly. Not any earlier, my dick is dripping thinking of your work mouth on my prick. When you arrive come to the side of the building and use the second door. Ignore the signs that say no trespassing. Dillon could not stop touching his dick and had to watch several clips of Glory Hole action and he was really getting turned on. He took a break and responded to the straight guy coming into town. Dillon - Definitely want to service your big dick. love your foreskin and bush. Totally ready to drain you. Your hotel is 10 minutes from my apartment so I can get to you easily, so early morning before work, after work and lunch are the best. Otherwise we can play it by ear and hit me up and see if I can break free from my girl to drain you! Dillon grabbed one of the dildos his girl used often and began to suck it and he gagged some, although he continued and stopped gagging. He grabbed the bigger one he bought her that she never uses and tried it and gagged, He kept working it in his mouth and throat and after ten minutes he was sucking that big fat dildo without gagging. He looked at the clock and it was 3:30. Right then his Girl text him and said she had to work late again and would not be home till seven and he text her back and said no problem babe. I will grab take out tonight. Love you! Now Dillon was feeling entirely guilty and he went to shut his computer down and he thought about the straight guy saying having a guy suck your dick is not cheating. If that is true sucking a dick can't be either. He knew deep down that was bull shit but he really wanted to believe it as he started sucking on that huge dildo again. After a couple minutes he put them back in the drawer and left to go to the old building side entrance bathroom. He arrive at the parking lot at 3:55 and waited till 3:59 and walked to the door and looked and his watch said 4 PM and he entered and he went to the end stall as directed. It was clean in there and he played with the toilet paper dispense to make sure it came off as he was told and to his surprise it just lifted up. He put it back and then heard the door. He nervously sat on the toilet and waited as the stall next him opened and he saw two red converse high tops walk into the stall and tap his foot three times. (he did not even sit down) Dillon tapped his foot three times and then removed the toilet paper dispenser and he could immediately see the long uncut dick being fed through the hole. The guy had lots of skin and precum was leading out of it. Dillon began to suck on the skin and nibble on it and slide his tongue and dock his tongue and lick the guys head. Tasting that precum, Dillown was in heaven. The guy pulled back his skin a little and the rest of the precum poured into Dillon's mouth and he back to suck and swallow more and more of that beautiful uncut dick. Ten minutes in the guy shot his load in Dillon's mouth and all Dillon heard was swallow, Dillon pulled off and swallowed and the guy left his dick right there and Dillon went back to working the head and sucking his dick and it took another fifteen minutes and he shot his second load. The guy pulled his dick out slowly as Dillon swallowed the second load. He loved hot it tasted and wondered if it was just this guy or is that what guys taste like. The guy said, stay right there don't fucking move until I have done for two minutes. Dillon said okay. the guy undid the stall and headed out. Dillon stayed as instructed. Before Dillon could get up the door opened and Dillon jumped up and sat on the stall and before he could cover the hole a guy was standing in the stall. He was wearing work boots. He tapped his foot three times and Dillon did the same out of instinct. The guy unzipped his jeans and slide a fat 8" dick through the hole. It was cut, big fat head and lots of veins. Dillon got back down on his knees and licked the head and took the entire head in his mouth and sucked and he hard the guy moan a little and push his dick further through. Soon Dillon was sucking the guy deep and after 8-10 minutes of heaving sucking and licking the guy blew in Dillon's mouth. All the guy said was "Thanks, be here tomorrow at the same time." The guy left and Dillon had no idea what he looked like or anything about him but that he loves his big dick and his cum tasted even better then the first dude. Dillon put the toilet rack back on the wall and left quickly. It was almost 5 PM and he headed back to the apartment and he kept tasting the men he swallowed. All he could think about is sucking more dick. When he arrived back he had a response from Anonymous, great cock sucker. Be there tomorrow at the same time, I am off again tomorrow and definitely need to unload in that cum dump mouth of yours. Dillon loved told he had a cum dump mouth and hated it at the same time. He wondered why others did not hit him up that he sent an email to and thought I really need to hit up that bbc guy. Wonder if his cum taste different?
  11. Dillon was a hot jock who always had a girlfriend. He got hit on all the time and could have any woman he wanted and often did. No one would have guessed that he watched gay porn video's of straight guys getting head from another guy. He would jack off often to these when he was alone and imagined that he was a straight guy giving head. He knew he should really want to be the straight guy wanted to get serviced but something about sucking a big dick turned him on. He vowed he would never do it but that did not stop him from watching videos all the time. He had a few of his favorites that always turned him on. One day while he live in girlfriend was at work he was playing online and searching Doublelist and found some post about guys giving head and he though why the fuck not, put up an ad and see if any hot dick presents itself and he created a post and put it up. He just needed more jack off material is how he rationalized it. The post read like this. Straight Jock wants to orally service another straight cock. Nothing more, just sit back and let me suck and service your road till you blow your load. No small talk, just some great head and I will even swallow your cum. 24 5'11 165 blonde blue eyes and muscled with a hot mouth. He loaded a pic of his body no face, showing off his tight body. Dillon went on to watch some new videos, and an hour later he still had not blown his load. He checked his email and there were more than twenty responses. He started looking through them and most were gross. Old men but he came to one where a muscled guy in he 40's that got his attention and another for a traveling guy who would be coming to the city in a few days and needed head. The local guys sent a pic of his hot boy shirtless in his underwear with his dick rock hard and it read. Hung straight guy,wife is out of town and just need some good head. You must be able to deep throat 9" and lick and suck my balls and eat ass. If you can't do all three do not respond. I agree with no talking, not fucking looking for anything but a regular mouth to service me orally. (Dillon was rock hard after reading this and looking at his pic over and over) The second was Married white guy with a pregnant wife. Dude, I will be in town for two nights and need some relief. My wife and I have not had sex and she is a few weeks from giving birth and I need to get off in the worst way. Liked that you just want to suck dick and unlike hooking up with a chick. Having a straight dude suck me off is not cheating as far as I am concerned. I am 29 a ginger 6'3 200 lbs, all muscle and have 8.5 thick uncut dick. I have sent a pic of my meat to make sure you can handle it. ( even harder after reading this one) Dillon fought the urge to respond but thought, fuck there was nothing wrong to responding. He set up a new email and shot off a response to the Ginger. * Hey, thanks for hitting me up. Fuck that is a hot dick, I would love to suck your big dick and give you lots of pleasure while you are visiting. I can tell from your email you have tons of built up cum and I can help you relieve the pressure and your blue balls. Where in the city is your hotel? Can you host? Dillon was proud of himself and somehow even more turned on. He decided to send a message to the guy was local as his dick was rock hard and dripping. * Hey, thanks for responding. I would definitely like to orally service you and make your build up a huge load to feed me. When are you available and what side of town do you live? Can you host? Dillon notice that the responses kept coming in and there had to be another fifteen in his other email. He went back and of the fifteen there were three he liked. 1) Hung Married guy who works out and cums a lot. Just need your hot mouth on my dick and to suck out a load or two. The picture show a really thick dick on a muscled stomach. Very private and just looking for a hot mouth. I walk in and you are blindfolded and you fish my dick out and suck me till I cum down your throat. 2) BBC need a hot mouth and throat to get off. Must be able to service big dick for a long time and lick my balls. If you start you must finish, no fucking leaving this nigger with blue balls. He sent a pic of his huge dick. 3) In a relationship but totally and sexually frustrated. Have not had sex in weeks and need to unload big time. Can not host but know a Glory hole you can suck me off at. It is private let me know. The pic showed a long not to thick cut dick with black pubs. 26 years old, 6" 180 and worked out. Need a cock sucker for anonymous head. Dillon Answered all three of them but he really wanted the first and third with the third being his favorite of the three. He kept checking but after an hour no one had gotten back to him. He went to grab a bite and he too was sexually frustrated. He had been edging all day and now more then ever he wanted to suck one of these guys dicks. He calmed down after he had a bite and knew it was just hot cyber sex and that was all it was really suppose to be. He walked back to the apartment and wondered if anyone had responded. ....
  12. Seth told Ty that Justin would need to wait for another time. "This straight guy needs to be used, you still have access to that warehouse?" Ty said "yes" and pulled out of Justin, shoved a butt plug in him (a large one) from his bag. He untied Justin and moved him on the bed so he could sleep; grabbed a Xanax and a straw leaving Justin there with his hands tied above his head but not fasted to the bedpost. "Let me text my buddy and make sure the combo code hasn't changed," said Ty while texting his bud. Seth unfastened Rick's legs and told him to sit up. Rick did as he tried to say something but the ball gag was still in. Seth told him "Stand up," then put a robe on him - Justin's bathrobe, grabbed some flip flops from Justin's closet to walk him downstairs and put him in his van. Seth had a work van already rigged for fastening packages and cases of goods in place. He put Rick in fastening his feet to the floor and his hands to the wall of the van. Rick (ball gag still in-place) tried to get his attention but Seth just put a hood on Rick and told him to settle down. Then he locked the van and headed back up to get Ty. When Seth walked-in he saw Ty placing his last post on BBRT, Adam, Grindr and Doublelist. He placed the same ad on each and sent out a group text to some hung tops who had fucked the last guy they took to the warehouse. The posted ad read: Straight bottom needs lots of cock and cum tonight, he just lost his cherry and needs more cum. Married with kids this guy is one horny fuck and just wants your big dick and cum. 30 yrs old, 5'10 160 hot bubble ass and a tight pussy. Come drop a load in him in the warehouse district. Ty immediately started getting request and text back. but waited to answer until they got to the van. When they entered Rick was trying to get free, Seth did not say a word but grabbed his taser shot it at Rick. His body jolted and shook and then he fell as far to the floor of the van. He turned and got back in the driver's seat and pulled off while Ty gave out the address of the warehouse in the group text and started lining up tops. By the time they got to the warehouse there were more then 50 responses. From those Ty invited 30 and gave them the address and then Ty opened the warehouse and got the fuck bench ready they used last time and Seth grabbed Rick after unfastening him and carried him in and placed him on the fuck bench not too gently and Rick woke up as his legs were being tied in place and then his hands were unfastened and tied to the bench also. His hood was pulled off and a blindfold was placed on him and Seth said get him ready bud. Ty grabbed a point and a band and tied off Rick's arm and gave him a large a point and then removed the band and Rick's head came up for the hanging position and Ty removed the ball gag. Rick said nothing much but "holy fuck, shit, wow." Ty got a drink ready and fed Rick the straw and he was told to drink and Rick did and soon Rick was flying. Seth pulled out the butt plug and pressed his thick cock against Rick's ass and slide in and began to fuck him while Rick moaned and spoke mumbled nonsense. Ty told Seth the first guys just parked and Seth started to pick up the pace and pound the slut's hole as a 50 year old 6'4 200 pound muscled guy and 35 year old ginger 6'1 and 180 walked in and the 50 year old walked over to Rick and unbuckled his pants and pulled out a 9" uncut thick dick and lifted Rick's head and spread his mouth and stuck it into Rick as he started to suck and lick all over the thick head. Rick started to make slurping sounds and while Red held his head he unfastened his button fly and out popped a 10 inch long medium thickness dick with a large PA. Seth started to breath heavy and soon unloaded another toxic load deep into Rick. Red came around and got down to view the used hole and pulled Rick's ass checks apart; holding them there with a slight gape as Red lined up his PA and pressed his dick against the used hole and in it went as he drove his dick deep in Rick. He long-dicked Rick who started to show signs that it hurt. The old guy was rock hard now and he started to slowly press into Rick's throat while Red tore up Rick's insides with his big knob on the PA. He got up on the bench by putting his feet on the steps on either side and started hammering Rick and then he growled and flung his head back and said "fucking whore there is your first load from me!" Red got down and pulled his dick back still rock hard and eased the PA out and then grabbed a rag he had brought and cleaned up the cum and a light smearing of blood off his dick. He then went over and took the 50 year old's place and made Rick clean off his dick. Two more guys entered; a Puerto Rican dude and white eastern European looking guy. It was clear they had not come together.The Rican got to Rick first and pulled-out his fat beer can 7 inch dick and fed it to the boy. The white guy stood there and rubbed his dick while he watch the older guy fuck Rick hard. Five minutes later he shot his load deep. Ty came over with the marker, he had been looking for it and he put a plus sign on one hip in the center above Rick's ass check and a minus sign on the other. Then he marked five '+ marks' on Rick's ass cheek for the five poz loads he had already taken. The Rican guy - all of 27, neg(-), 5'10, 160 pulled out of Rick's mouth and went around to his ass and pressed his fat dick in Rick and fucked him hard for ten minutes while the Eastern European guy pulled-out his fat uncut dick (it had to be 8 inches) and let Rick suck on his head. Red and the 50 year old had left but told Ty they would be back with two more buds who needed to dump their loads. Ty said "make sure you guys are back for the DP round" as he pointed to a mattress all set up and ready to go. Rick took 35 loads in all, 27 poz most toxic and the rest neg. He wore the slashes to prove it. When it was all done, his hole was wrecked and puffy. The guys grabbed him and tossed him in the van, tied him up again with a hood on, took him to an alley two miles from the warehouse and pulled him out of the van. It was dark again and they grabbed his phone and ordered an Uber back to Justin's place so Rick could grab his car. They tossed his clothes on the ground with his shoes. "Dude your uber will be in ten minutes, get your ass dressed and go the fuck home." Ty then said "I'm gonna take off your hood. Stay facing forward until we've driven off. Got it?" Rick agreed and two minutes later the guys were gone and Rick was getting dressed and his ass was leaking cum all over. When the Uber driver dropped him off Rick was too messed up to go home so he ended up in Justin's bed holding him and feeling his ass and playing with the butt plug. He ended up fisting Justin and came in Justin twice before he finally fell asleep for a few hours.
  13. Justin was relieved but felt empty, Rick was still moaning loudly with the ball gag in. Ty told Russ to take a try, and they traded places as Ty cleaned his hands on a towel; Russ had lubed up his right hand and slide three and then four fingers in Justin. Justin moaned as Ry ran his clean hands across the boys chest and tweaked his nipple. He grabbed a point off the nightstand and Russ told him where the band was and he tied off Justin's arm and gave him his much needed help for was was to come. Ty pulled the band off and Justin arched his back and pushed his head back and said holly fuck I feel great. Ty got down and started whispering in his ear as he rubbed and tweaked the boys nipples. Feel that boy cunt with all that dirty cum in you, feels so good doesn't it. Just moaned, come on boy tell me you love your hole played with, Justin said. Yes, I love my hole planed with. Tell me you want his fist inside you boy, tell this hot guy to fist your boy pussy. Justin was silent, Ty twisted his nipple hard and Justin said. I want your hot fist inside me, please., Justin said softly. Ty twisted his nipple harder and said I can't hear you boy. I want your fist in me, please! Just loudly proclaimed. Russ was already twisting his four fingers around and he lubed up his hand. Slightly smaller then Ty's big hands and then pulled out and slide his thumb and four fingers back in. Ty poured some poppers on a rag and put the rag up to Justin's noise and he told the boy to inhale deep, again and after five deep inhales and lots of force and twisting back and four by Russ the boys hole started to give way and open up. Ty whispered in the boys ear, it is about to happen boy. Push your pussy out, if you push it out maybe he will stop, Ty knew that if the boy pushed his cunt out the fist would get sucked in and he would have taken his first fist. Ty gave the boy more poppers and then rubbed Justin's chest and played with his nipples and whispered. If you push out right now it will stop hurting boy and you can keep his fist from going inside you. Tell me do you want him to stop, Justin said yes, please stop. Boy the only way he will stop is if you push out like you are trying to take a shit. Your muscles in your ass are totally strong boy. Do it now or it will be too late. Ty grabbed his face and turn him so he was looking right at him and said boy, I am trying to help you. Push, Russ lightened up some but kept his fist against the hole with medium pressure. Again Ty said, Do it again and Justin pushed out and Russ felt that hole open up and try to take the fist. Keep it up boy it's working, Justin pushed hard two more times and on the second Russ pressed up against that open cunt and his hand popped inside the boy. Justin cried out, omg that is to big please take it out, stop, please Russ left his fist inside the boy not moving it allowing Justin to adjust and Ty said boy, I tried to help you if you had pushed harder this would not have happened. Now that this guy has his fist inside you it is up to him what happens to you. No pleading just relax and let him decide what your hole needs. With that he grabbed a ball gag and fastened it on the boy to muffle what was about to come. Ty motioned for Russ to go for it and he slowly pulled his fist pulling the boys ass lips with him and you could hear Justin screaming into the ball gag. Ty got the poppers and soaked the rag and put in on Justin's face and told him to breath. Boy this is the only thing that can help you now, Justin huffed and whimpered and Russ twisted his fist out of the boy. Ty whispered good boy see, Then Russ began pressing his fingers and twisting them and Justin moaned but then when the thumb and knuckles hit he tried to screams stop through the gag and Ty twisted his nip and said boy huff the poppers. I told you that is the only thing that can help! Justin huffed and Huffed and he sorta sounded like he was in labor doing breathing exercises. Ty rubbed the boy chest and told him what a good boy he was as Russ fisted that cunt. Soon the boy was moaning and his tina dick was started to get some life. Ty took the gag off and got some G ready for Justin and gave him the straw and said drink boy your mouth must be dry. Justin did and soon he was flying and saying OMG that feels so good, fuck my ass with your fist! Russ was doing a pretty good job and his dick was rock hard. Ty said let me show you how to really get inside. Russ pulled out and cleaned his hand and and got up next to Justin's leg as Ty lubed up his hand and slowly began to press fingers all four into the boy and then his thumb and when he got to resistance he twisted right and then left and the upward and his fist slowly entered the boy as he started again with OMG stop. Then Ty let the boy adjust to his had and twisted right and left back and fourth vibrating and rubbing the boy prostate. Justin was leaking and moaning and then he slowly twisted out and the yelp from the boy and again slowly working that hole back and four and on the fifth exit Russ began to jack his dick and shot his load all over Ty's hand. Ty worked it back in the boy and Justin was now loving that fist. Rick had stopped hurting and was moaning and just before entering the bathroom Seth growled and shot his load in Rick. Russ showered and got dressed to leave and when he came out he saw Rick face in a pillow ass up with a butt plug in him his hand were tied together and his legs were tied apart. Russ thought fuck, this was not exactly how he thought it was going to turn out but hot nonetheless. He wondered if he should help Rick get back to his wife, he decided not to get involved and headed to the car. He had one other passing thought, Ty was talking about dirty loads and he knew he was blowing neg loads, He signed back into Ass Pig and sure enough both Seth and Ty were POZ. Both had Unmedicated in the bio. Fuck those two are screwed Russ thought. He would use Justin again and it seems like Rick was soon to be a cum dump bottom all on his own. Russ text his GF he was on his way home from work to see if she was up. No response it was 2 AM after all.
  14. The straight guy Russ stood over the boy, at 6'6 200 all muscle and a thick 10" cock showing through his shorts he grabbed Justin's balls and squeezed them tight and Justin cried out but Russ just held on tight and twisted them and told the boy by the end of the night he was gonna wish he never was born with those and then he let them go. Justin took a deep breath and the Straight guy took out his cock and slapped it against Justin's face and without a word Justin opened his mouth wide and the Russ slide into his mouth and started to fuck his throat. Justin began to choke and slobber all over his face and after three minutes Russ lifted his cock out of the boys throat and Justin gasped for air and then a minute later and shoved it back in and after thirty minutes of back and fourth he finally gave Justin's throat a rest and untied his legs and lifted the boys legs up and lined up his thick dick and shoved it in in one push! Justin screamed and cried out and to take his mind off the pain in his ass hole Russ grabbed his balls and squeezed them till Justin whimpered and begged him to stop. Russ had been guiding his dick in and out of that tender hole and once he had Justin under control he started to slam fuck him and and Justin Yelped more and Russ pulled out and went over and grabbed a point and tied off Justin's arm and have him his point and pulled the band off and Justin whimpered and asked Said Please fuck me. Russ got in place and slide back into the boy and the boys body opened up and Russ fucked him for twenty minutes and shot his first load in the boy. He pulled out and went over to his bag he left by the front door and grabbed a large dildo and lubed it up and pressed it against Justin's cummy hole and pressed hard and the big dildo popped in and Russ started to slide it back and four in the boy. His dick hardened as he stretched the boys hole with a huge dildo in both depth and length. Justin was starting to hurt and grunting, Russ liked that the fag was not loving it but had a lot more planned so he worked another point, tied off Justin's arm and gave the boy another hit. Justin let his head fall off the bed and shook as the drug took hold and Russ got in place to fuck the kids throat when he came around and work the rest of that 11 inch dildo in the boy. Russ slide his big dick down the boys ass and fucked his throat while he slide the dildo deep in Justin's ass, There with his dick deep in Justin's throat Russ shoved the dildo harder and harder into the boy and eventually had it balls deep. Great cunt boy, Russ said as he pulled out of the boy's throat and Justin gasped for air and coughed and then he went around and lifted both Justin's legs and tied them to the wrist restraints. He then slide the huge dildo out and looked at the gaping cunt and dangling legs and then he walked around to the night stand and grabbed the band and point and tied it off and have Justin another hit and then pulled off band and Justin made a swooshing noise and he pulled his head back and his legs were bouncing around as he body shook and he finally said holly fuck dude, I am so fucking horny. My hole is so empty please! Russ rubbed the boys chest as he said please fuck me, then Russ pinched his right nipple and and Justin yelped and walked over to his bad and grabbed his tube of butt butter and came back to the bed and opened the jar and with his right hand he scooped out a huge amount and rubbed it on Justin;s pussy and started to finger him. Two at first and then three, and finally up to four. Justin was moaning and saying omg that feels so good. Russ pulled out all four and then started working his other fingers in three and then four. He twisted them around and then pulled out and in with the other and twisted it around and pressed, The pressure was so intense, Russ said breath faggot, Breath, then he pulled that hand from the boys ass and went to his bag and brought over a huge fat dildo. Russ lubed it up and pressed it against Justin's hole and it was so big it was not going anywhere, Russ Grabbed Justin's balls and squeezed and twisted and Justin cried out and as Russ twisted and pressed and Justin's hole started to give way. Russ knew he was getting close to breaking the boys cunt so he pulled off and let go of his balls and cock and cleaned his hands leaving Justin restrained and relieved at first and then feeling empty and moaning. Russ brought back Some poppers and a rag and grabbed his pone and snapped some pictures. and opened up fist pig to see who was on. He hit up four guys to see if anyone was up for coming over to use the boy with him. The first guy was 29, white 6'1 160 and it said he had big hands and fat 9" cock. The next guy who was on was 39 Married white guy 5'10 175 in shape and to a woman but loved fisting a hot ass and he was muscled, medium hands and a 8" uncut dick. The last guy was Middle Eastern, from Egypt 5'11 180 muscled, hairy with a beer can fat 7,5 dick and loves to fist ass. He had not face but fuck that did not matter. The same email went to all three Hey, have a hot young white bottom who is going to take a fist for the first time tonight. He is really close and looking for another ff top to help me train his hole and show him what he was made for. Young muscle Jock, needs cum and his hole stretched. Ty -The 29 Year old was the first to respond, "Dude, who is the bottom, where are you and Fuck that sounds hot" Russ - 2345 Dover Run, upper apartment door will be unlocked. Feel free to use his mouth if I have already gotten his hole to open enough to get my fist in him. Ty - Cool, heading out in 5, I will want to drop a few loads in him. I only Bareback. Cool? Russ - Fuck yea, the kid has loads in him now! Ty - Hot! Love a wrecked hole to fuck. ON MY Way The Married guy responded and said, only fuck safe bud but he sounds hot and I love to feel inside a hot jock boy ass. Especially one just broke in. Russ just shot him the address and info and told him to feel free to feed the boy his cock and fuck his throat if he is working his hole when he arrives. The guy said he would be there in 30 minutes after he made up an excuse to run to the office with his wife. Five minutes later that Middle Eastern guy hit him back and said, I can fist a boy for hours, have you broken entered him yet, Is he partying? If so he needs me to double fist his cunt for you. Where am I going? Russ - Yes he is flying and fuck you need to get here. He shot him the address and the guy said 30 minutes. The entire time he was texting, Justin was sucking and swallowing Russ's cock, Russ hard the door and in walked the Married guy. He walked over and got on the bed and started to finger Justin's ass,. Lubed up his fingers and soon was sliding four fingers deep in the boys cunt. Justin began to whimper and as his hole got attention, The door and it was the tall young white guy who walked in and pulled out his big dick and motioned for the married white guy to give him the boys ass and he pushed Justin's legs back after getting on the bed and slide his big fat dick deep in Justin who was fucking loving that huge dick. The guy started calling Justin a whore, faggot slut who was about to loose his real cherry. He fucked him for twenty ten minutes and shot his load in the boy. The married guy slipped a condom on and slide in Justin's well lubed hole and fuck him calling him a pussy boy and how he could not wait to get inside him. The Arab guy, clearly attractive and with a tight hairy chest as he pulled his shirt off right away and pulled down his shorts exposing a huge bulge in his tight underwear. He walked right over and noticing his wedding ring, he immediately started rubbing the guys smooth chest and tweaked his nipple. The straight guy was a bit uncomfortable but kept fucking. The attractive Arab run his hand down his back and to his hot little bubble ass, The straight guy clearly worked out. The straight guy, Rick started to shake his head and clear his throat but the Arab guy was not paying attention as he run his hand down to that little white ass and grabbed the checks and stuck his tongue on the straight guys hole. The straight guy moaned and arched his back some and the Arab guys kept licking this hole and then a finger and slide in his tight hole. The guys eyes rolled into the back of his head as the Arab guy fingered him as he licked around his hole. It did not take long and the Rick shot his load in the condom, Russ was letting Justin lick his balls while he watched. The Arab guy got up and pulled out a really fat 8" cock and pressed it against Justin's hole and started fucking hi,m. Ty the 29 year old was rock hard again and while Rick was regaining his composure he started rubbing his ass and slide a finger toward his hole and rubbed it. Russ watched both the Arab guy pound Justin's hole as he clearly was feeling a beating and was making all kinds of noise and how Ty was seducing the straight guy. He watched Ty tell Rick to go get on the chair and show him his hole. he wanted to taste it just like he let the Arab guy. Rick did not say a work and got on the chair facing away from everyone and Ty grabbed a tin and some lube and went over and blew on the hole. Then spit on his and started licking Ricks man cunt. Justin was moaning on my dick, I slide it down this throat to keep him quiet. The Arab started to breath heavy and shot his load in the boy, but never pulled out and slowly fucking Justin keeping his erection and working up another load. Ty had started tongue fucking Rick and Rick was moaning like a bitch, Russ went over to Rick and started Rubbing his chest and put his big dick right in his face and it only took rick a few minutes to open his mouth and to start sucking on that big dick. He was not terrible good at it but Russ wanted to distract him while Ty worked his hole, Ty took the chance to lube up Rick's hole and slide a finger in and then another. He finger fucked him gently while Russ grabbed his head and made him take more cock, gagging on Russ's cock kept Rick from thinking to much about his ass more then loving the feeling of his hole being used. Ty grabbed a rock and lubed up his fingers and slide in Rick, it was then that Rick tried to pull back but Russ kept his head impaled on his dick. Ty kissed all around his hole and rubbed round it but not in it while the rock absorbed and his hole started to get really relaxed and hungry and he started to want more of Russ's dick and Russ started to enjoy it. Ty was fingering his hole now much harder and deeper then before and he soon slide another rock in and the hesitation was slight as Rick was so hungry for dick he could not believe it. Ty left me fucking Rick's mouth while he went to the kitchen and came back with a drink for Rick, and handed it to me and whispered in my ear to tell Rick his mouth is dry and he needs a drink so he can suck better. Russ pulled out his cock and told Rick to drink this, you mouth is dry boy. Russ put the straw up to Rick's mouth and he swallowed it all and made a funny face but Russ slapped his face with his dick and Ty went back to fingering the tight ass. The Arab guy had taken a break and was stuffing his big wet dick in Justin's mouth and we all could hear him gagging on it. Then the guy would let up and make him gag for 20 to 30 sec and then he would let him breath. Ty now was using three fingers on Rick and his hole was opening up nicely and after he slide his fourth finger in and twisted them around as Rick moaned on my dick Ty stood up and pressed his big dick against his hole and pressed slowly in Rick and started to slowly fuck him. Rick realized he was being fucked and looked up at Russ. Risk seemed to want Russ to tell the guy to stop, but Russ held his head in place and said good boy, give him your ass boy! Then pulled him down on his big dick and made him gag, Ty fucked a big faster and said fuck this shit is tight, and five minutes later he shot his load in Rick's hole, Russ pulled out and came around to examine the cummy hole and could not help but press his dick against the just breed cunt and slide his head in to feel it. Ty got right in front of Rick and told him to open his mouth and spit in his mouth and told him to keep it up and then guided his cummy dick in Rick's mouth and made him clean his dick off. Russ was fucking the straight guys ass and calling him a whore, fucking cunt for cum. He fucked him for ten minutes and shot his load in the boy he pulled out and came over so Rick could clean his dick off and then gave Ty the guys mouth again and went over to Justin and got out the huge dildo and started pressing it against Justin's hole. Russ twisted and pressed while the Arab guy fed Justin poppers and soon it popped in hit cunt, but worked it's way out Quickly and Russ pressed and twisted and it popped in and stayed in a little longer and popped out. Ty motioned for the Arab guy to give Rick his big dick and he walked over and took three fingers and pressed them against that cummy hole and then a fourth and pulled out and whipped them on Rick's back and pressed his fat dick against the cummy hole. That beer can dick was a lot for the newly fucked virgin hole but the Arab guy kept his dick pressed and Ty grabbed Rick's head and held it tight and but no go. It was not gonna happen. Ty told Seth to grab the poppers. These two worked really well together so they do know each other. It seemed like it Russ though and Then while Rick's ass was being fingered by Seth, Ty held the poppers under his noise and made him take four hits each side as Seth fingered and stretched that cunt pressing four fingers to the knuckles and twisting them around and then pulled out rubbed the cum all over his dick and pressed his fat dick against the home and after a minute of pressing he smacked Rick's ass hard and his dick Popped in. Ty grabbed the poppers but not before Rick could protest and say no, too big fuck no, then Ty gave him the poppers and whispered in his ear, breath boy. You know you love it. deep breaths boy, Rick inhaled deep four times each nostril and his hole started to relax. Seth slowly moved his dick back and four and Said fuck dude open up already. Ty went to grab more g and had Rick fed Rick a straw and then held up a rock to show Seth and slowly Seth worked his dick out of that tight hole and Rick let out a sigh of relief, Ty lubed up his fingers and started playing with the hole and then slide the rock in and shoved it deep. Ty finger fucked Rick with two, then three and finally four fingers deep in him. His hole was started to open up and loosen up and then he pulled out and went and grabbed a ball gag and told Rick to open his mouth as Seth finger fucked him with four fingers deep in his cunt and Rick was moaning and whining louder and louder until Ty tightened the ball gag and Rick was muffled and that is when Seth pulled his fingers out, jacked his cock with the cum on his fingers and lined up and drove his dick dick in Rick who even with the ball gag you could hear scream and shake his head left to right saying no, fuck please. Ty left Rick while Seth destroyed his cunt with that big dick and came over and got on the bed with Justin, he looked at me and said now it is time to do what I cam for. Russ had Justin licking his balls watching Seth tear up that straight guys ass and Ty lubed up his hand and slide two rocks in Justin and then started to finger his hole with two fingers from each hand and then three. This went on for ten minutes and then he started using one hand and working all four fingers and then twisted and worked his thumb inside Justin who was moaning and getting really loud. Russ stuck his dick down this throat to keep him quiet as he watched Ty work that hole and he could see more of Ty's hand pressing inside Justin and five minutes later that hold was sucking on Ty's wrist. Russ was rock hard as Ty worked Justin's hole and slowly pulled his hand from the boys ass seeing it open up and as the thickest part of Ty's big hand was still in Justin, Russ freed Justin's throat and the boy said holy fuck stop that hurts. OMG, and Ty pulled it out and Justin's hole was empty.
  15. Justin was a bit dazed and his eyes had to adjust when he went outside but he headed home and knew he needed to get ready for the straight guy who was coming yet tonight. He got home and had some time and got on BBRT. He had well over 100 messages and he opened the first, he read it. Boy, you did a really good job tonight at the bookstore, it is always hot to find a young boy who knows that his holes are for big dirty dick and backs up his ass and just lets a hot hung guy fuck and blow his dirty load in you.. You need to be at the bookstore tomorrow at 11 AM. Same middle booth will be empty for you! I will have you out of there in time to get to your audition for the gangbang. I know they are going to pick you having had my dick in that sweet ass of yours. Justin sent back and email and that read - I will be there, 11 Am. Then Justin went to look at his profile, it had nothing in his status, said he was a top and the description read looking for a boyfriend, all bottom who likes being shared with other men. Justin thought, I would like to be his boyfriend he is so nice and hot and he thought of that big curved dick. The next email and the one after it were BBC's both poz and telling Justin they need to fuck his hot little neg hole. He saved and then ten more poz emails from hot dick then he deleted four and then an email from a young guy. His message stated that he was coming into town next week and looking to be with a guy like Justin. Wondered if he could help him learn about sex. Justin responded he wanted to meet when he got to town. He looks at his profile and nothing was marked but his pictures showed a tall lean guy with a big dick. Justin was salivating. He looked at his watch and needed to get ready for the straight guy. He hopped in the shower and cleaned up and then grabbed another drink. He then went back to BBRT and send D a message. Hey, you said you had some more supplies hidden around my place can you help me out. I could use a couple. Five minutes later as Justin went through more emails D responded. You have two rocks in the nightstand to the right of your bed. Good slut boy! Justin quickly went to the dresser and took the two rocks and slide them deep in his hole. Just started to feel better, and he went back to BBRT. He opened an email from the guy who wanted him to come to try out for the gangbang. The email read. This is to confirm that you are one of two who are still in the running to the guest of honor at our gangbang. Each bottom must take a rapid HIV test and pass it as neg to be in the running. The third bottom tested positive and can no longer be considered for the party. The tops who are coming are very excited and have told us from the body pics we shared on our flyers that they would prefer your jock body and fine ass to be the bottom so make sure you are the address below at 2 PM tomorrow. Be cleaned out and ready. Justin rubbed his balls and cock and thought how fun that sounded and he knew he was neg so it sounded like they would pick him. He shot an email back and said, I am neg so no worries there and yes I will be there at 2. He was ready for his straight guy and soon an email came in from him. I will be there shortly, make sure you have a blindfold on and lay on the edge of the bed with your head with your head were your feet would normally go and do not move once I enter the room. Got it? Just shot back and email quickly and said yes Sir. The straight guy sent back an email and said 10 minutes. Leave the door unlocked. Justin went to the door and made sure it was unlocked and he grabbed his last drink from the fridge and drank it down. He then got on the bed as instructed and put the blindfold on while he lay flying and spinning. He heard the door and then felt a rag on his nose and he was passed out a minute later. Dan had come over to rig him up. He restrained his legs and arms and took his arm and tied it off and gave him his first point. and removed the rope. The boy tried to shoot off the bed but his restrained arms kept him in place. He was breathing heavy and moaning as Dan grabbed his cock and balls and pulled them out from the jock strap. He rubbed and played with his boy dick and aching balls and Justin moaned and tried to move. That little dick kept oozing precum and then Dan heard his straight buddy come in. Your fag whore is ready, he just took a point and I left five more on the nightstand. Use all you want if you have left overs you can drop them off. I also filled the fridge again with G so feed him what he needs for your use. Dad grabbed the kids balls and crushed them in his hands and he let out a cry and he quickly let go. If he give your any trouble this will always get his attention. Dad headed for the door and soon they both heard the door close behind them.

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