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  1. It was late and Jon had yet to cum, he just rubbed his shriveled-up dick and moaned. I text a cock sucker down the street that I use often to come and suck his dick and went in and gave Jon a shot of Trimix in his penis and soon his dick would be a full mast. Zack a cute 26 year old with sandy brown hair and a thin body and the greatest mouth let himself in and found Jon, he picked up his dick still not hard but it was leaking and he licked and sucked him and sucked on his dick and soon had Jon worked to full erection. He sucked him for ten minutes and Jon fired off a huge load down Zack’s m
  2. I gave Jon a break from the ball gag and put it back in the drawer and slide a good sized rock up inside him and fed him a straw so he could suck down some juice and the cap of g put in it and like a good boy he did. He asked if he could get up and I ran my hand through his hair and said not yet baby. Soon thought, very soon it will be over. I went back into the house and checked my email and there was one form the tall poz kid and he asked if he could come back and bring a buddy of his, also poz. I told him sure and then he said, can I fist him? Please? I wrote back absolutely; he s
  3. Jonathan was a young college student; he had just turned 20 and starting his freshman year. Jon was 5’11 brown hair with blue eyes weighing 160 and a bubble butt! He was older than most of the freshmen, he was held back in first grade and it always made him much older than all his classmates. He just barely made it to college with his C + average, luckily, he was a legacy as his Mother and Father both graduated and the donation his grandfather made did not hurt. Jon was incredibly attractive and got hit on a lot and he had been with lots of women but always had a desire to see what it would
  4. I woke up with a twinge of guilt in the morning knowing Dan would never be the same but my dick started to grow as I thought about his hot ass and all the POZ cum deep inside him and I had to jack off before hitting the shower. I headed off to work and, on the Drive, my little blonde friend text me and told me how much fun it was last night and how hot it was fucking that straight guy. He finally told me his name, Brian, as he said he was hard as a rock thinking about fucking ass. Free tonight, can we go back to the Park? I text the boy back with my dick hard as a rock in my paint whic
  5. Part 3.1 I was not sure how I would make that happen but somehow, he needed to be ready or some other guy to take poz nut on Saturday Night at 8-whenever. I had not put the ball gag in when I was out putting two more slashes on Dan’s ass, but I had given him another bump. Soon I hard a knock, he said he would tell me when he was on the way but here, he was. He opened the door and fuck this guy looked like a model. Great body and hot face, hot as fuck. He must be friends with the muscle guy from group, he walked over and smiled as he saw the slashes on Dan’s ass, and he see
  6. Part two: Once Zak closed the door, I opened BBRT, my profile still said I was neg and I had a ton of emails from bottoms who wanted to take my load. I was after something else tonight. I was rock hard knowing that I had just blown a lot in this straight boy and charged up his tight little hole. I searched for guys who were poz, no answer or do not care. Bingo, there was 28-year-old who had no status and no preference on the bottom. I found eight possibilities and shot them the same message. Hot straight guy taking dick and cum for the first night, he is neg. Want to blow
  7. It all started in support group, I had recently tested poz and in order to get free drugs I had to go to support group. It a seemed like a legit idea but the more I was at group the hornier I got. My first night there were three twinks and two muscle boys I wanted to breed. I tried to get one of them to come home with me, but he declined. He said he was not going to have sex till he got on meds and got everything under control, but we could jack off. I declined and told him to have fun and if he changed his mind I would eat and fuck his ass and plant a big load in him. I really wan
  8. She decided she would wait for Ryan to come tonight at 10 PM so she text David that her work issue was resolved, and she was going to for a run. She had already run and what she did instead was to get online and find out where women find dick for some no strings fucking. She had plenty of dick, but it was dick that found her, she wondered if she could line up any of her own or was this just a onetime deal that everyone wanted to fuck her. She found doublelist.com a website where guys and gals and even gay guy could find sex. She read and found out there are lots of guys who want to eat
  9. Marie wanted to ask about the guy in the worst was by just said that was so hot. Gio leaned in and kissed her and said that it was. Run tomorrow he asked while he was getting dressed to take her back to the hotel. She got up and got dressed and said sure! They got to the car and he drove her to the hotel with his hand on her leg and he said he was lucky to have found suck a cool chick to be friends with. Marie leaned in and kissed him and then went inside and up to her room. Marie sat there for a few and then decided to call David, she had to force herself and she jotted down several
  10. Marie went back to her room; she received a text from David. It read, “I love you babe, miss you a ton.” She sent back a text that she missed him too, that was really a lie as she was having the time of her life. Once back in the room she sat on the bed and began to cry, she was suddenly so conflicted. She had let multiple guys cum inside her and two that she had no idea who they were. She wondered why she suddenly felt alive and fulfilled. Sex suddenly was amazing, and she had never cum this much in her life. The tears stopped as she thought about all the huge dicks and that guys hand a
  11. Marie never felt beautiful enough to be a model and suddenly after she let three hot guys fuck her, she was being asked to be a model. The guy could have been a model himself; he was 5’11 sandy blonde hair and green eyes and uber attractive features and a manly boyish charm. She just new he would take beautiful pictures. She had a slight gut feeling he was gay; he made no flirty or gestures towards her and she thought he may be which would make the entire experience easier. She was full of cum already and had knew both Gio and Ryan would most likely fuck her again and fill her with cum.
  12. Ryan text again that he was leaving and once more when he arrived. The last text said, “I am downstairs, and I want you naked, legs spread toward the door when I arrive and that beautiful pussy ready to cum. Leave the door ajar for me now and get in place I am on the elevator.” Marie put the door in place and spread her legs facing the door and leaned back and soon heard the door open and in walked Ryan. “Fucking beautiful, “he said as he walked in shutting the door behind himself with the light from the window, he could see she still had his cum in her pussy. That is at least what he
  13. Marie wondered if Ryan will really come back tonight, she tingled inside as she rubbed her finger over her pussy lips and felt how wet she still was. If she had been able to see it was Ryan's cum leaking out of her pussy that she was rubbing all over herself. She continued to think about the real sex she had and the first time a guy got her to cum from simply fucking her. She wanted more but hoped this would be a onetime thing as she struggled to fight of the desire to cheat with Ryan again. Marie decided she needed to get her mind off Ryan, so she got dressed and went for a run. Somehow
  14. Marie was forced to take on a traveling assignment for work, she was not the type to travel or leave her hubby that she loved very much. She and David had been married for two years and he was the only guy she ever had sex with. David was in great shape, dark hair and a nice 6' dick. Sex was not something they did often only three times a week and she rarely had an orgasm unless David ate her out. So she came once a week. David was disappointed that she would be traveling but she had to stay working or keeping the house would be an issue. Marie's first assignment out of town had her
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