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    Around Australia East coast
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    Work hard play hard and went on the gear love to submit and be the submissive bottom come dump that I'd love to be and also .... Love having my hole stretched n craming big things up there
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Just a normal guy the likes to play up and have fun regardless of society's moral standards if it feels good and nobody's been hurt then let's fucken do it fuck the laws
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    When I'm chems I am a total bottom cumslut and will take up to 20 guys I would love 20 guys tag team me raw , wanna suck hot loads from another sloppy cum filled hole.. loved having a bloke telling me he was giving me his charged load so fukn hot..
    To be given a blast n whored out

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    Cum1ns1d3 I think

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  1. Out in the my Druitt area atm... hoping for a hot load or 2 on way home this arvo 28th
  2. I love nothing more than to have my hole used as a cum reseptical. When I blast I'll take anyone as long as it's raw...
  3. I would love to hook up with you have you blast me and have me b the submissive cum dump for you and all of your friends total bareback of course


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