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  1. So last night I messaged a dom daddy to see about hooking up we both agreed and plans were set in motion. He came to my place got there about 8pm. We started with taking hits off the pipe with T. Then I got down and started sucking his cock. Then I got up on the couch where I assumed the position. He slid in me hole and started to fuck me. Thourgh out the time he was fucking my hole we would take hits of T. I love having his cock in my ass, I love the way it feels and how the T opens me up to where he can just slid in and have his way with me hole. I told him my hole belonged to him and he could have his way fucking and abusing my hole. I know at one point he had pulled out and pretty much had his fist in my hole, because of how open i am. With him fucking me I have cock to realize I love having bbc in me. So i told him that my hole is made for bbc and that bbc is they only way for me now. I also told him that i am a cumdump for bbc. All this while he was fucking my hole and us watching porn and taking the occasional hit of T. He didnt leave my place till about 6am. I can tell you I'm disappointed that he didnt shoot his loads in my hole either time. I can say it was a good time had by both of us. I cant wait till next time and excited to start my new journey taking more and more bbc

  2. So tonight I got fucked and a load up my as by pigdaddy he came to my place which was different we started off by smoking t then I got down and suck on his bbc then he said he was ready for me ass. He said he love my fag pussy while fuck it. I love how my fag pussy just opens up for him to enter. I love how he goes deep into my pussy. A few more hits of the pipe and he was ready to unload in my fag pussy. He asked I is this what you want for your fag pussy to be charged up? I replied back yes charge it up he continued fucking till he filed my fag pussy with his load. We got up he cleaned his cock and got dressed. I knew I had his load in me so I wait for him to leave. Once he left I went and got the toothbrush I have just for this occasion and proceeded to put it in my fag pussy and brush till there was blood in Hope's that he is off meds and has a high vl that way I get infected with his dna and become poz

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pozmetexasboi


      @Monster5-8gPA I want and need to be a poz pig/whore

    3. Monster5-8gPA


      And you will be!! 

    4. Pozmetexasboi


      That's what I'm planning on this guy his strain of hiv is KS

  3. So I took a poz load just now right after I used a toothbrush on my rectum 

    1. Sarif98


      Hell yeah man!


    2. Pozmetexasboi


      @Sarif98 thanks if hes off meds then hes got high vl and his strain is KS. So hoping he had a high vl tonight

  4. Love to hear about I was raised in texas on a cattle ranch
  5. I want a group of black guys to destroy, wreck, and fuck their loads into me

  6. Would love for to impregnate my white male pussy. I have come to the conclusion that I am to cumdump for black men and black only
  7. So after being with my poz black daddy yesterday I am craving his cock again. But not only am I craving his cock, I'm craving other black cocks. I have realized that I am to be aids cumwhore for all black cocks. I am meant to offer any black cock my hole to pound and the cum inside my hole

    1. Uuha


      fuck yea, never let them pull out. mount them until they squirt aids and other bugs deep in your cumhole

  8. That sounds amazing I'm down if there are any tops
  9. I was told by the poz daddy I was with last night that my hole is loose and opened. He said he love it like that and said he loved the noise that came from it after he put the lube on
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