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    Huge swollen cocks, any kink (except scat or feet) love perv fun, beast , group, risky behavior FF, huge insertions into small holes, bad parenting , if your from northern mass, southern NH or VT add me I need close fellow perverts
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    Started yng, totally into perv and taboo talk , guys around my age who are total alphas and don't care what I like as long as they're raw ball juice goes into or onto me
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    Fat cocks, poz , neg it's all good love to see my hole gape from dominate verbal tops. Let's see what fits

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  1. I love the smell of poppers lingering in the air in the hallway of the video booths, or showing up and finding a filled parking lot
  2. Very nice profile!

  3. My take on the topic is it happens, if whomever you had incest with later claims rape then that's the risk you take
  4. I have no idea, my vetting process was never my strong point, stupid poppers lol
  5. I try never saying no to group fun or the really big dick guys I know especially if they are popper freindly
  6. Hooking up I've only had luck on manhunt but I get bored getting winks from the same couple of guys, i like squirt just to see who's cruising where and when
  7. I have the same problem, I tend to get bored after 2 or 3 times i think that's why i like finding new cruise spots, as for the age thing as long as your upfront with me and your body and dick work I don't care if your in your 70s, guys under 35 tend to intimidate me, always afraid of ageist rejection. I can't tell you how many times guys ask for my contact info and I have to say no
  8. I think a lot if guys get so horned up they can't remember even having a profile , no less what's in it
  9. 5 and 14, the others aren't trying hard enough
  10. Video booths, most around here are sadly closed though , so it's wood fucks for me
  11. LittleCumSewer for president 2020 , he's a candidate I can get behind😛
  12. I'm terrible at it, especially when I'm getting fucked, every once in a while I can feel the change in the rhythm
  13. I try not to be but my cruise spots seem to always have the same guys, I like not knowing what I'm getting. Of course it backfires on me like 60% of the time I either get another bottom, a small dick , Mr Vanilla, the jittery guy who freaks at every sound or worse yet the guy who just wants one on one! Hello ? I'm naked in the woods with a head full of poppers I'm not looking for a beautiful love making session
  14. A lot of the guys I'm with just wait till I'm zoned on poppers and shove their holes in my face, I don't care I'm just worried I'm doing it wrong, as a bottom I'm surprised how many tops want to eat my ass before destroying it
  15. Stopped in at the cruising woods today, saw a few cars thought I'd see what was going on, felt a rain drop, 10 minutes later I'm poppered up, shorts down on the ground, its pouring rain, top decides I don't need my shirt, yanks it up to my shoulders as he's fucking my brains out and telling me I'm such a faggot whore for making him fuck me in a downpour that ,my friends, was an alpha male (cock could have been bigger but I'm a size slut anyway)
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