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  1. Sexy guy. Really hoping you get infected soon!
  2. Kik is one of the least secure apps to use when it comes to privacy.. I keep my 😈 side to wic & tele
  3. Thanks for the follow perv!

  4. So stupid! You can still buy them in the US and UK... Why does Canada need to ban something that is relatively safe?!
  5. Hold up... Is it true that the government made it illegal to sell them in this country?!! Since when? Why?!! When I lived in the states you could get them anywhere.. and they don't even have legal weed ffs....
  6. Really pissing me off that poppers aren’t easily available in this city. Where do we find them?
  7. thanks for following, tfukk

  8. I'm gonna be in Chicago in a couple months and will be able to play one night on my own. I wanna get into some dirty anon sex with as many guys as possible. Gonna hit up one of the bath houses, but would like to hear some suggestions as to which one I should go to... Steamworks is supposed to be really busy, but MC is supposed to be a little more sleazy (which I prefer). I've also heard that MC is really dead a lot of times though, and I dont want to waste my night in an empty place with no action... It will be a Thurs and I know SW has a blackout party that night too - which sounds really hot
  9. Hey guys... Might be headed to Phoenix for a quick wknd trip soon. Was wondering if anyone knew where to go for the best anonymous sex there. I know that they have 2 bath houses. Is one better than the other? Any other hot places to check out? Pretty open to anything. Just like hot dirty random encounters...
  10. So, no bathhouses in Boston (just found out on my first trip there)... But isn't there any bookstores or ANYTHING?!! Where to Boston pigs and pervs go for some filthy anon sex?
  11. Get infected and spread!

  12. Awww... I miss the bijou... So sleazy... Remember that dead end dark room? So fukkin hot!!
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