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  1. Look on the positive (no pun intended) side: you've been saved from hooking up with an obvious jerk. I recently chatted to a guy on FabGuys in the UK. His ad specified that he was looking for bareback sex. I was honest with him about my status and he turned vile - asserting that he never plays with + or +UD guys ever. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have reacted but there was something about his nastiness that riled me. I told him tersely that if he regularly plays bareback, he will have - and will again - encounter guys who aren't as honest about their status as I am and maybe, just maybe, he might ha
  2. I won’t pretend I understand much of that. But it’s pretty clear from what you’ve written that you’re watching our backs, so thank you.
  3. I thought that about ThisVid - but actually when you start using it, it’s really quite easy to become friends with thx posters. Still prefer Bareback Bastards though.
  4. You looked pretty bloody fit in those black ones when we met, Andy...
  5. Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated yourself, but perfect the art of not giving a damn about what others think of what you do with your genitals.
  6. I have those Timberland ones, too. They’re actually very comfortable.
  7. I love your posts! I have slept with a lot - and I mean a lot - of black guys in my time. In fact, three out of my last four sexual partners, not counting my regular fuckbuds, has been a black guy. Not by design, that’s just how it happened. But each one has not been because of objectification - simply because we’ve found each other mutually attractive. One of things I’ve embraced in my life is how my sexuality has offered me opportunities I really don’t think I would have had had I been straight. I’m from a working class background but I’ve dined at the heart of the British establishmen
  8. Well, if you’re ever in Manchester...😈
  9. Manchester, but often in London pandemic permitting (although I’ve been allowed to travel with work).
  10. It’ll be interesting to see what difference there will be next week when Boris lifts the “stay at home” order on Monday.
  11. I know it works for you and it would for me. My ex and I shared many passions - and some that we didn’t. We had a similar relationship to yours and that wasn’t the reason he’s now my ex. In fact, he remains my best mate who would get a kidney if he needed it.
  12. I think that ship had already sailed. Already guys in the UK are adding “vaccinated” on their profiles. And it has been noticeable just how busier BBRT has been - in Manchester at least - these past couple of weeks.
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