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  1. Grindr in Manchester is a bit of a bore, these days. I’ve found much more luck on Scruff. BBRT is pretty okay locally, but recently I’ve met quite a few guys from FabGuys. I’m not on Recon but friends tell me it’s good, too. I live in MediaCity when I’m there and pre-Covid you could turn on any app and be pretty much knee-deep in cock. It’s a bit quieter now, though.
  2. Lockdown in Manchester isn’t limiting mine. Admittedly, I’m only there two weeks every month- but I make the most of it the two weeks I am there!
  3. 289 Although sleeping with your mate on the eve of his wedding when you’re his best man isn’t on the list... Then it would have been 290...😇
  4. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a very sensible policy for this site. Yes, I found it a bit frustrating at first. But by participating, I not only moved up the ranks, as it were, but made some great contacts with like-minded guys all over the world who I might never have been in touch with.
  5. I have to say, I agree. Of all the sites I’m on, BZ has the least negativity.
  6. I agree with you about the buddy link function on BBRT - indeed, we are buddy linked ourselves on there. Everything I post about my encounters is real - I have no need to exaggerate (as well you know...😂) - but I have no control over whether anyone believes me or not. And, frankly, it’s a matter of indifference to me if they don’t. I’m never rude. Never down vote. And trolls can troll away with me til the cows come home because I’m immune.
  7. Get someone to piss in you - it’s an incredible sensation.
  8. Swallow, all the time. Last time was just a few days ago when a fellow BZ member obliged...
  9. RawPlug


    I felt the same frustration at first, but as @BootmanLA rightly advises, just participating does build up a reputation. This is a unique site of likeminded guys from all over the world. Sadly, the nature of it could lend itself to abuse and I’m glad those restraints are in place. Keep engaging and you’ll find things loosening up (as it were...)
  10. Not many messages. But I always like the ones I do.
  11. I may have been at that party 🤔 and I confirm that this guy is one of the sexiest, friendliest men I’ve met in a long, long time. A killer smile and a fantastic body. He’ll hate me saying this (because he’s endearingly modest) but he’s terrific.
  12. Yes. Until I came across BZ I didn’t know other guys shared my passions. And reading their experiences has opened up horizons...
  13. Welcome on here you sexy bugger...
  14. RawPlug on there (as on here)
  15. South of the river? 🧟‍♂️ “Here be dragons...” 😂
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