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  1. Hilarious. One would really have to have a wicked sense of humour to tell the owners of those new flats the history of the site… Can we toss a coin to see who gets the pleasure of telling them? 😂
  2. The reactions to the news online have been hilarious and scathing. Apparently, you can’t have your boyfriend over for sex. But you theoretically can book a rent boy because he’s allowed to travel to work. Okay, that’s a bit facetious. But the truth is the police have no right to enter your house to stop you having sex. And the government guidelines might even contradict international human rights legislation. The whole situation is becoming a mess. Either we’re in lockdown or we’re not.
  3. 3-5 am was always the best time, I found.
  4. Same here. It’s hard to convey to anyone who never went just how sleazy it was. And yet, I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced anywhere that had the same camaraderie as The Fort had. As I’ve written elsewhere, there was a complete lack of pretence, bullshit or attitude.
  5. What you describe is exactly how I felt about The Fort. That refreshing lack of attitude, was what made it so special. I never got to Playpit, but I’ve seen the videos. Wouldn’t mind playing with some of the regulars.
  6. I have to say I quite agree. In fact, I sometimes find some of the amateur material more of a turn on because maybe I can identify with it more - or imagine I could actually be doing that myself.
  7. Did you ever go to The Pride Of Stepney? Not as sleazy as The Fort - where could be? - but it was pretty raunchy. I love that the "interactive games room" (as it was knowingly advertised) in the dark room had a snooker table surrounded by netting. Of course, it was only a stone's throw away from Sailor's Sauna and I used to head there or the Heath once The Pride Of Stepney closed for the night.
  8. God, I’m hard pushed the recognise a face in a sauna or a bar without my contacts. How I’d navigate that, I don’t know...😂
  9. Then, of course, there was always the ring on the little finger - left or right. And my first fella advised me to wear my watch on my right hand... Do any Londoners recall that you should always travel in the last carriage on the Northern Line to seek out pickups? I’m not sure that’s been the case for years and don’t know why it was the Northern Line...unless it’s because it’s the Underground line that serves Hampstead...
  10. Hi mate. Don’t worry. I think anyone would understand it’s a fantasy - a very well-written one at that - and you’re not advocating breaking lockdowns in reality.
  11. Have you ever been to SOP? Well, that with knobs on - or, more accurately, out. It’s really hard to explain just how deliciously sleazy that place was. I went often. Basically, you had to knock to get in - and it was in a busy road with a bus stop right outside! There were lockers all down the side the bar because the boots only sessions (trainers were allowed) were legendary. You’d strip and everyone would be naked. Young old, neg poz - no one cared and there was no attitude at all. Some really sleazy guys! There was a partition at one part of the bar which had loads of glory holes. And there was a sling at the entrance to the dark room, which a bottom could just lie in (I did many times) and get fucked while drinkers at the bar drank, watched and joined in. And then there was the dark room - or more accurately two dark rooms. The main one wasn’t dark - it was black. You couldn’t see a bloody thing. As you walked through - or more accurately pushed your way through because it was a mass of horny, sweaty bodies - hands reached for you, anonymous cocks slid up you - you’d have no idea who they were. But at the back there was a door which led to a urinal, again in pitch black, with a cubical at the end. And on a good night, THAT was probably the hottest place to be. The best thing about The Fort was its raw honesty. I saw guys arrived in business suits and some in full leather. But stripped off there was no hierarchy - everyone was there for the same reason. There was no pretence. No bs.
  12. I think anyone on this site would... 😉

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