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  1. I was around 13 with a neighbor friend.
  2. This is always a hot debated topic between those that take meds and those that don't. Its up to each of us to make that decision on our own. I am Poz and not on meds and that is my decision as others who are poz and take meds decided for themselves. No judgments either way. I stand by my decision to stay off meds for me and everyone else can decide as they want. We fuck bare back and all take the risks and pleasures of it either way.
  3. That is awesome and so hot. Love group fun with lots of cock sucking and fucking and allot of cum. BB parties are the best.
  4. Good luck and hope your results are positive. Always welcome to the club and the freedoms it brings.
  5. It seems to not be just not one local and is happening evey where. I have had more boys wanting to be pozzed lately too and always oblige them. I enjoy when some let you know that it was successful. Welcome to the club I say!
  6. Love the taboo of Arab men. Always looking for more Arabs to fuck.
  7. Incest can be a beautiful experience and bond family members. I started with my cousins and then my brother, eventually my uncle. I was young and enjoyed the thrill of a cock in my mouth.
  8. Thanks for the Rep!

  9. Good advice here and fucking BB is awesome compared to covering your cock. But with that is risk and if you just accept that BB and Poz will free you from testing all the time. No more worries or stress and free to fuck anytime.
  10. The feeling of bare cock in your hole is heaven only matched by the sensation of a hot cum load shooting in you. Unfortunately not every time do you feel the love juice filling you up. But when you do feel it,,its the answer to why we fuck bare back. Nothing like it.
  11. The pictures you posted of Sounds is fucking hot. I have to try it and bet I want it more than once.

    1. Fistulike666


      Thanks m8  ... also for following me. Yes, once you've tried sounding there'e no going back!

  12. Plain and simple is I never say no to sucking a black cock.
  13. That is the answer when less get tested the numbers come down. The health department here is always in crisis mode since less men use condoms and go BB which increases numbers that are Poz.
  14. Fucking BB and taking seed is natural for us and we need it. Primal desires that go back to our beginning makes us want sex often and BB. When you convert you bring your journey to where we all want and need to be. Embrace our destiny and sexuality. Poz seed frees you from your chains put on us by Straights and society.

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