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  1. @RawTopnc if you get to Chicago would love to take your toxic load. Any plans coming up?
  2. Members of ANY Race CAN be racist, that’s obvious. It’s wrong to say otherwise. Have I been a victim of racism, of course, you go to into a restaurant and are ignored by the staff while they bend over backward for those of their race.
  3. I said nothing about Muslims nor did it have to do with them just your reaction to those who disagree with you. You seem intolerant of ANYONE who doesn't support your political view. You also seem intolerant that Gays would prefer our neighborhood still be Boystown. You can think the name should change FINE!! but you can't seem to be tolerant that the majority gay/straights/everyone in the survey said keep the name and the vast majority like 80% did not think the name was a problem. And that people feeling that way is a valid point of view.
  4. You are the Intolerant one Obviously. You are making things up, where did I say anything about Muslims being bad at all? I didn't you imagined something out of thin air.
  5. More Politically Correct Nonsense you are posting, You hate Gay men, fine stay out of my neighborhood Boystown.
  6. Actually there was a HUGE PUSHBACK. The Turds on the Board ignored initial petitions that wanted the name kept. They did their own survey and admitted they went AGAINST OVERWHELMING sentiment. 58% said Definitely keep the name and 80%!!! said they had no problem with the name. We will see how much business and Donation money they get from festivals. Those donations go straight into their organizations pockets. I certainly won't ever pay the $10 donation again. And in Chicago since they are held on streets I pay for it is strictly optional.
  7. Hi planning to do the Cumunion at SW tonight. I went once before and though they say 3rd floor didn't get much attention. Is third floor best or aam I better off getting a room on the main floor? Bearish bottom guy here and was wondering if the folks attending at Jackhammer Cumunion are same mix or maybe older and bearier?
  8. I have had a stiff/sore neck last couple, days shoulder/upper back soreness comes and goes, last couple days had mild headaches
  9. Yes everyday it hits at least around 100+ for awhile. A few years back, I got the vaccination for whatever meningitis version was going showing up in the gay community.
  10. Sorry haven't posted still no answer still have fevers every day. Went to clinic 5 wks-1 day post exposure for the 1 minute HIV test no antigen negative. Next day, 5 wks post exposure went in doctor ran a whole bunch of tests including what is listed as a 4th generation with antigen w/RFL hiv test and it came back negative. From what I have read those tests with antigen for a majority maybe big majority would be positive by that long after exposure? Would you rule HIV out as the issue? Tests included Hep B/TB/Chlamydia/Gono all neg and I'm vaccinated for A&B. I was Hep C negative in Fe
  11. In my city, the hiv prevalence rate is much higher in non-white population and they on average are less likely to be connected to care/undetectable, that is all.
  12. Safe is his choice, you as an anonymous bottom who he or anyone can't trust saying on PrEP or negative etc wanted bb. Neither is wrong, and both should be respected, and condoms do help with other stds too. As a top, he has more choices to pick from. It's not "stigma", it's respecting each person's choices and if they don't match, you either agree to safe or move on hoping to find another top.
  13. I know it would seem unlikely by the stats but am concerned. I am experiencing symptoms that could be the "fuck" flu. I have been on PrEP for a year and a half. Have not missed a daily dose in over 6 months. To my knowledge have never gotten the regular flu. Only recent encounter, Wed July 13th had unprotected sex with 2 guys at the bathhouse, one I'm not worried about because we have played before is strictly top says he's neg on PrEP himself and have exchanged contact info etc. Other one was a black guy, I let him fuck me, I got bored after 5-10 minutes and said take a break not sure if
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