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    Berlin, DE
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    Constantly horny top man. I like devoting hours to my cock every day, either edging/stroking alone or playing with a buddy.

    I like exploring deep intimacy, letting inhibitions fall away and following my cockneeds. Masculinity, testosterone bonding, Long, verbal sessions. Chem friendly.

    Very into dad/son roleplay, especially as the hard top son to a bottom dad. Huge body hair fetish. I'm naturally pretty smooth, but I go wild for thick, beefy, furry men. Hairy backs +++ Sex as sport, training for endurance, more cum production, several orgasms +++ Very into men's hairy chests and big nips.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    From the USA. Intellectual pig. Living around EU with lots of travel. Homo-flexible, so also into fucking cunt with top buddies, passing it around.
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    Men to meet in person for long fuck or bate/edging/gooning porn sessions. Light chems. Skype brothers. Perv bottom dads.

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    Xhamste profile name: b8budjj

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  1. My cock always points to attention when I see a bottom man showing off his fur, front or back. An open shirt showing off the hairy chest will get men like me needy to penetrate. Even better when the back is hairy. I have some bottom bear buddies that I meet for long sessions, and looking down at a broad, hairy back with my penis stretching out hole is the turn-on I need to squeeze out load number three or four.
  2. After a friendly visit with the men's health doctor at my university during grad school, I sent him an email asking if he'd like to go out sometime. He said he is in a relationship and doesn't date outside of it, but he was open to hooking up. We had a good rapport, so I asked if he'd be my primary care doc. We had a lot of sexual energy, and every time I went to see him for an exam, he would conduct it professionally, then open my pants and give me a long blow job until I shot my sperm down his throat. This happened periodically over three years. It was very fucking hot, and I was always a little nervous because he never locked the door. But overall, a great fantasy come-to-life.
  3. Although I prefer a full beard, I can't grow one. But I am glad to sport a nice, thick 'stach. I also like that it subtly labels me as more sleazy than the average guy.
  4. I have a big thing for bottom dads and incest role play where I am the top bull son. The intense intimacy that this role play can provide makes me cum crazy hard. I'd love to meet a real fam couple to play with, but I recognize that's extremely unlikely. Still, the fantasy fuels a lot of my semen squirting.
  5. I played around with the settings today, and you can indeed edit the information in an encounter. After selecting the date on the calendar, there will be a list of encounters below. Instead of clicking directly on the entry, click the three dots to the right side of the encounter's title. From there, you can choose to duplicate it for another day, delete it, or edit it. @ErosWired You can also add activities for loads take and given, DP, or any other activity you want. You just need to go into Settings > My activities > Edit > +. Overall, I am quite impressed with the app.
  6. I'm honestly less interested in the load tally than I am in keeping track of how fulfilling/fun the meeting was. I can easily check the profile I make of a hook up and then decide if I want to see them again based on what we did and how satisfying it was.
  7. I'd say only about 30% of the user galleries are viewable to me. Most don't load any image. Mac OS Monterey Firefox 95.0.2 (64-bit) I just figured BZ was quasi-functional/glitchy.
  8. Now I am going to follow you, to keep track of that ass for next time I'm in nyc. What a great body and ass to mount and breed.
  9. I only top because it's what my cock wants most. ^^This guy expressed it well. I'm not interested in bottoming if another guy is able to pin me wrestling, or whatever. But I have found that when I communicate this, it will sometimes have the effect of flipping another "top" who only wants to take the seed of 100% top man. I generally appreciate a bottom who knows what he's doing and wants to worship my dick, get as much semen out of me as possible.
  10. This is great. I am going to add the hook-ups and loads I pumped into them starting from the New Year.
  11. b8budj

    Dead Man Walking

    Before reacting to the actual thoughts you have laid out here, I first want to acknowledge the emotion that you express. I'm sorry that you are feeling these things and the associated sadness/negativity/fear/disappointment. Those are not easy emotions to bear. I hope that you can sense the care and solidarity that I am projecting through this imperfect medium. Regarding the post itself, I could tell you about how I - and so many other tops like me - are maximally turned on by a guy your age, how we project the essence of masculinity onto bodies like yours. (My whole life, my cock has has tended to get hardest and most needy for men 10-20 years older than I.) However, I suspect that these types of reactions wouldn't do much to assuage the gnawing feeling of creeping mortality, the "tooth that nibbles at the soul" as Dickinson put it. I wonder if you might find more comfort among these questions were you to look for - not answers, per se - but solace in community rather than sexual drive. For so much of my life, my sexual hunger as been the primary grounding force. If I am sad, or broke, or confused, or disappointed, my cock need always grounded me and helped me feel like my true self. That drive for pleasure has been so reliable that it has helped me wrest myself from some very rough times and situations, and brought delight and wonder back into moments that were otherwise very bleak. It's also been omnipresent with my joys and accomplishments, and a way to celebrate achievements and life markers. However, after I lost a very dear friend to suicide almost two years ago, I too was plunged into periods where I would ruminate on mortality and the nature of consciousness. I was dealing with grief over my friend and preemptive grief for others, also speculating on what might happen to my own insights and experiences when I reach the end of my life. These feelings were hard to deal with on their own. Yet when they became accompanied by a decrease in sex drive, I really felt like I was loosing my bearings. The hunger to fuck had been a force that kept me feeling definitively me. After circling around these emotions in seemingly repetitive gyres for several months last spring, I was lucky to have my mood recentered by opening up to those close to me, and leaning on old friends. Like righting a capsizing ship, their care and solidity gave me leverage to get my own head screwed back on straight. Prioritizing time well-spent with these good people has allowed me to surf on the chaotic big questions of life instead of getting overtaken by a series of waves. I sincerely wish that for you right now. As an added bonus to really feeling the support of these people, I have also reignited my sexual urge. I just started barebacking last month, and it is also opening new avenues of lust, pleasure, insight, and understanding about myself, my body, and my place in the world. Let me be the first person to offer you a big hug with no expectations for any outcome, other than giving you the space to feel safe and cared for long enough to take a deep breath. Be well, good man.
  12. So, I've been a top fucker and chronic bator for many years. I learned how to step into my own as a hard fucker long ago when I had a very piggy boyfriend that I would loan out to other tops. In spite of my libido, I never went on PrEP, and always used condoms. During my whole life until now, I've only gone bare maybe 5 times, and those were during long term relationships, just after we'd both been tested. A few weeks ago I finally got PrEP on demand. I waited to use it until I had a trusted date coming up. We've been on-and-off fuck buddies for a while, and he'd also recently started PrEP. We had a good time, and I got three loads into him. But I knew that I was craving a more wild encounter, and a looser, more experienced hole. Finally, last night, another top that I've chatted with before online wrote to me. He likes sharing bottoms, and is very strict about only fucking bare and breeding. He's 60, muscled, hairy and very handsome. Now that I am using PrEP, I decided I was open to sharing hole with him. I'm 43. We found a hot 26 year old Polish otter on the same site, and we all decided to meet at the other top's place. An hour later I arrived and the bottom was already there. Our host made drinks and I rolled a joint. They were both so fucking hot, and I kept groping, manhandling the bottom even though for a while we kept our clothes on and kicked back with our drinks and weed. I mentioned that it worked out that we were like 3 generations of a family, getting ready to engage in hard male sex, and the idea of grandfather/dad/son role play got both of those pigs hornier as well. I got really stoned and had to start kissing the otter and playing with his hairy pecs under his shirt. Eventually, we all were touching and feeling our testosterone rising, so we went to the bedroom and stripped down. When we got to bed, the older guy and I took turns on top of the otter, kissing him, playing, and working him over while our cocks leaked precum. He told me to get into position, and he turned the otter over so that his ass was up and facing me. I started kissing the granddad, and he held my cock, rubbing it on our boy's ass until he eventually popped it into the warm, velvety hole. I had to muster all of my control not to cum immediately. I pulled out and I had a glob of semen on the head that spontaneously erupted before orgasm. That helped me back off of the edge a little, and I slid back into him and started to set up a good fuck rhythm. For the first time in my life I truly understood my purpose. Holding onto his shoulders for leverage to penetrate deeper into him. Making him arch his back to give me more access to his guts. My cock is 19cm (just under 8") and thick. I was able to pop the head into his second ring and throb there inside. After a while of thrusting into him, the older guy starts telling me I should cum so I pump really hard, so that his whole body is fully feeling the force of my hips and then I blasted what felt like a liter of semen deep into him. When I pulled out, the older guy mounted him, using my cum as lube for his similarly heavy cock. I worked over his nipples, cupped his nut sack, and held my hand on his ass, supporting the thrust of his hips as he fucked the boy. He finally shot and we all had another drink. After that fucked another load deep into him, and kept fucking him for half an hour, working his hole open with my penis. The younger guy left, and I stayed for a while chilling with the older guy, pawing at my cock while we chatted. He was ready to go to sleep, so I went home and got higher and poppered up to keep bating on my dick, thinking of the whole encounter. Now, it's the next day, and I'm doing the same, stroking stoned and poppered up. Chatting with pervy pig buddies. I fucking love being a MAN! I'm literally living out my fantasies and feeling fulfilled by obeying my drive to inseminate. [Moderators: please let me know if this should be moved to another category because of references to "enhancements".]
  13. One of the things that will get my cock rigid every time is a man's back covered in thick fur. It's like I have a an urge rise up from my testicles that I need to get inside him and thrust into his masculinity. WOOF!
  14. I usually look for older bottoms. I follow what my cock wants, and it leads me to them.
  15. This idea is a major turn on for me. I was hyper sexual from very early on, and was already a chronic masturbator after getting dry orgasms on my own for the first time in second grade. I was never consciously attracted to men until my late teens when a buddy convinced me to let him suck my cock, and I realized that pleasure that men could offer me. B/c I grew up so horny, and repressed by my family/community, the idea of having a loving dad that mentored me in sex is such a turn on. I've only ever been interested in topping, so I fantasize about having a dad that raised me to be his bull fucker, bringing me hole and cunt, training me to build up big loads edging for him, offering up his ass for me, etc. I'm most attracted to thick/hairy/beefy/bearish guys, especially older than me. I also get off working over and fucking hairy sons. I love the male bonding aspect of it. Openly helping each other have harder orgasms, bigger loads. I also love fucking a tough guy that I know can really take a pounding. Getting into role play that includes both the depraved and loving aspects of this scene can be really intense and powerful. It also gets me off to lean into the feeling of masculinity training, testosterone bonding, being the best MEN we can together by having the most intense sex possible. For 10+ years I had a close muscle bear buddy "dad", and we had some really incredible experiences. I also have a few "bros" and "sons" that I bond with like this, but we don't live in the same cities/countries, so we only meet on occasion. I'd be glad to have more men in my "family" to further explore these needs and urges together. As much as I love breeding, I have been a condom user most of my life outside of a few rare occasions. I just got a prescription of PrEP and I have an appointment to meet one of my boys in the coming weeks for a day of loading him up till he is brimming over with seed. Based in Berlin, by the way.... also into other tops that like getting verbal about this stuff, sharing hole in a similar scene, getting into long bate session.
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