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    bb, cum, toxic, chems, smoking, gear, sneakers, boots, perv, and beyond
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  1. Thanks for the follow bro! You’re sexy AF

  2. Thanks for the follow, nice username

  3. Thanks for the follow, stud 

  4. RawVersGuy on KIK and Wickr if your ever up for chat.  

  5. I don’t understand guys who post their Wickr screennames saying they want to chat, then within 2 mins. of chatting, they want to cam/phone.  That’s great if that’s what you like, but just fucking say so.  Don’t act surprised when I don’t want to cam or phone with you within 30 seconds of talking.  

    1. Guest
    2. GeorgiaBoy


      Here, here. I totally agree

  6. If you have recurring hemorrhoids, swallowing 1 tbsp of mineral oil a day helps a lot. It literally lubricates your GI tract and colon and after a few days you won’t be strain and you’ll begin to heal down there.
  7. Want your blood and cum shot in me babe

    1. Denvercumslut


      Let’s make it happen!

  8. thanks for the follow!

  9. miss you! message me if possible <3

  10. Cheers for the follow man - wish I could get your toxic load 

    1. biohazardboy79


      I wish i could give it to you, dude!

  11. Damn.  I get hard every time I look at your profile.  Would love to PnP with you.  Has to be bareback and with boots.

    1. Ctpigdaddy


      Once you convert...I want you to poz me

    2. Ctpigdaddy


      Once you convert...I want you to poz me

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