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    Bareback, poz fetish, poz phone sex
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    Love raw dicks in my hole, sucking, piss and poz fetish
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    Message me on telegram or wickr:jermbag still too new to send message through BZ

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  1. Anyone wanna chat tonight? Hit me up on wik/telegram/kik under the same username! 

  2. Kik: jermbag HMU love some nasty chat
  3. My first time was in my early 30s. A guy my ex invited over to play was fucking me with his 8in cock. He fuck a good hot load into me. After he finished, he told me clinch my hole and then felt him pissing in hole, that full feeling was wonderful. He pulled out after he was finished and told me to get in the shower. He proceeded to fuck me again with his piss still in me. Afterwards I cleaned his dick of his cum and piss. Couple hours later he took me back to the shower and pissed all over me. It was awesome and I can't wait to have someone do it again.
  4. anyone wanna chat today? HMU on wik/telegram same username

  5. I'm horny anyone wanna chat? Possible Phone?

    1. Willing


      You should be doing smoke and stroke 🤔🚬🥵👿

  6. 40 bottom here for some hot chat. HMU on wik or Tele jermbag
  7. Would love to chat, HMU on wik or Tele jermbag

  8. Welcome buddy. I'm close to your region and I'd dive into your sexy man hole face first for a good extended rimming session before breeding my cum up into your body...

  9. HMU on wik if you would like to chat, Same username. Love phone sex

  10. Would love to chat sometime. HMU on wik jermbag

    1. hornynhung


      Sounds great love to breed sometime

  11. Love some dirty nasty talk. HMU on wik jermbag
  12. Would love to chat sometime. Hit me up on Wick3r same username

  13. If anyone wants to chat, hit me up on Wick3r same username

  14. If you would like to chat hit me up on [deleted] same username

  15. Hi there, thanks for following me in here 🙂

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