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  1. Just an update, last week finally I underwent sphincterectomy, everything went as planned and now I am recuperating. Hope all will be back to normal soon. The fissure pain is gone now, replaced by post-surgery pain which should be gone once everything healed up. Let's just hope for the best.
  2. I went back to my GI last night. And he prescribed muscle relaxant as well as ketoprofen suppository for my pain. He's still won't give up on non-invasive medication, but we already talked about sphincterectomy when all else fails and no progress is made. Thanks for all your information and experience sharing!
  3. I think so too, but that's okay. Being healthy and pain-free is my goal here. I though at first I had piles, but turns out now it seems it is anal fissure years in the making. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. Unfortunately that is somewhat out of the question. I can only ask the general side of things about my predicament. This is actually from my second doctor. The first one I attended to gave zero result, he did not even give me stool softener when I explicitly asked him to (I think I know my BM better than him). I have done the Sitz bath with coconut oil regime, it did somewhat give me relieve but not long lasting. I don't mind the blood whenever the fissure decided to act out, but I DO mind the pain! The pain actually flared up only this year, while in the previous years usually it subsided after only a few days, and even then it was not that painful. Now it IS constant! I think it's time for me to go back to my doctor and ask about the alternative medications. Thank you all drscorpio, evilalex, Rawdawg13!
  5. I've been suffering from chronic anal fissure for 5 months now, daily BM is a pain in the ass (literally). I've taken Metamucil, stool softener and nitrogliceryn ointment. Some days the combination works, no blood in the stool (even when the pain is constant), but once in a while the fissure flares up and there goes the blood and double up the pain. My doctor said if nothing really works I should consider myself a sphincterectomy. Now as a bottom (or used to before all the fissure dramas), I want to know if the procedure correctly carried out will make bottoming easier? The fact is that I USED to be able to take a pounding, but in recent years I feel that my anal sphincter got more rigid. Around 10 years ago I suffered what I believe now a misdiagnosed hemorrhoid, which come to think of it now I think it was actually an acute anal fissure. Maybe the scarring from that incident turns out to be a time bomb, and my sphincter got contracted more and more due to the repeated tear in the anal lining (my recent doctor FINALLY told me this - the tear cause the muscles even more tense). Now, if this sphincterectomy also means goods news for my big ass bottoming life, I'm all for it! Anyway I think I should have taken this path since no other treatment seems to work now. I should consider myself lucky if this pain in the ass is gone after the operation, being back on the bottoming world should be an icing on the cake. Do any of you guys out there have ever had the same experience? Any inputs are welcomed!
  6. Hey ... thanks for the follow sexy man! :*xx

  7. breedboy

    Gay sex party raided

    And the headlines being pushed to the general public here is 'raid on GAY SEX PARTY', as if there has never been other kind of sex parties, but since it involves penises and vaginas I presume they would never put 'raid on HETEROSEXUAL party'. Also the news agent keeps on pushing the prostitution agenda, as if 100% of the patron there is seeking paid escorts, gurrllllll, have you ever been to a gay sauna before? *i guess not While on the other side of spectrum, many hotels and spas offering real prostitutes run smoothly without any glitch. Again, because it's straight sex. My take on this is business competition gone sour, this gay sauna has been running for around 3 years without any problem, or caused any concerns to the surrounding neighborhood. Even the neighbors admitted that they never heard any noise or music banging from the building. Trust me, we the gays know very well how to be discreet. Government should never involve themselves in the private lives of their citizens, what happens behind closed doors in private space between consenting adults are not to be paraded and scolded in public.
  8. I'm intrigued! What's the headline? Or at least give me the month you post ;-)
  9. We should enjoy what's little left Hope others will join this topic and add their findings here, the more the merrier
  10. Here's the link for David Benjamin's bb vid: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Fuckin-a-cumdump-at-Bathhouse-26151021 Draven Torres is also in the clip. listen to the conversation, it's so hot. Enjoy.
  11. I know that many condom-only gaypornstars are probably doing bareback in real life, one example I just saw a tweet of David Benjamin on x-tube doing bb sex. Unfortunately the full detail of the clips is not that clear, so I will need time off-work rummaging through x-tube looking for his videos (which probably does not mention his porn name anyway). It would be a great idea and a massive turn-on (at least for me), if anyone could post x-tube links they found specifically for condom-only pornstars doing amateur bb. We already have x-tube breeding videos collections, what about building another set? Meanwhile, I really need to find that video of David Benjamin barebacking ;-) Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  12. breedboy

    Mario Cruz

    I'm currently having the hots for Mario Cruz. The tatts, the cock, the PITS. And he's now sporting new nipple ring. Hope he has many more scenes ahead. And no, he doesn't need to bottom. NEVER. Anyone share my loads, I mean THOUGHTS? (that's the effect of binge-watching Mario Cruz' videos)
  13. breedboy


    Hi guys, I will be visiting Dusseldorf this coming 3 - 8 April. Any suggestions on how to spend my nightlife there? What to do, where to visit and stuff? And by stuff of course I mean hot sex. Any advise is welcomed.
  14. breedboy


    Hi guys, I will be visiting Dusseldorf this coming 3 - 8 April. Any suggestions on how to spend my nightlife there? What to do, where to visit and stuff? And by stuff of course I mean hot sex. Any advise is welcomed.
  15. breedboy

    Hard Cuts 2 By Tim

    I'm halfway through TIM's Hard Cuts 2, and boy, the scene where Josh Taylor is bottoming for Cutler X is heaven! To see the many ways Cutler rams his massive cock to Josh's sweet hole is total bliss. This is the first scene where Josh is completely naked, on previous Outlaws and London Uncut he is wearing jocks, for obvious reason: he is all about satisfying the top(s). Now, this is the discipline of a total submissive bottom I'm adhering to. I'm also all about satisfying the tops, and I can get annoyed if the tops are trying to grab for my cock, or trying to get it up. Man,if my cock is not hard, it doesn't mean that I wasn't into them. In fact I seldom get hard during the sex. I love to get hard later on when I'm alone after the fuck, and jerk my self off (hopefully with the cum still in my ass). Anyone share my thoughts?

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