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    Cumming inside gay men, CDs and trans people, Orgies MFM threesomes. MMM threesomes. Impregnation fetishes. A literal sex addict.
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    Cumwhores. People who love cock

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  1. I want babies. 



    Edinburgh slut hole

  2. Thanks for following me

  3. I can't reply to anything, as it won't let me. But I'll send you  a message when I can.

  4. Beanna - I can't PM you, but when I can I will lol.
  5. Are you in Edinburgh? Would absolutely love to knock you up.
  6. I'm a straight top who would be more than willing to contribute my voluminous seed to this. I would fuck anything. Several times. Let me know when this stuff is happening.
  7. I'm a straight guy in his early 30s. To cut a long story short, I have a fetish for pretending to get gay men pregnant. They have to be gay cumsluts. And they have to really want me to spray my DNA right up into their body. I love the whole thing. The talk and then the act. I will fuck your brains out several times until you are absolutely full of my tadpoles. Looking for any willing slutty cumdumps in Edinburgh or even for people to get off with online during this lockdown. Men who love sperm get me hard regardless of their age or what they look like. HMU.
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