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  1. Yes, by a friend of mine. We played a few times before that evening night. So on that day when he asked me over I gladly went. This is when I just started experimenting on group sex, and still has my lovely tight hole that needs slow foreplay before it opens up. He pulled me from his gate to the room and pulled my shorts down right away. With his raging 8 inch dick he fucked me raw without lube from the hall way to the lounge sofa. I was torn into pieces, had nonstop pain all the way through and bled all over his sofa and carpets. To think this suppose to be normal and therefore I didn't call the police is the most fucked up of my hookup life.
  2. Thank you for the follow!

  3. No, I'm saying double dosing is.
  4. Just... go buy a book on Probabilities!
  5. You're poisoning yourself. The liver and other organs won't like it. And I highly doubt the overdosing can do anything PrEP wise.
  6. I found myself taking DP a couple of times after some very good long sessions with nice tops opening me up. Rough and bleeding absolutely doesn't get me there.
  7. That's a hot arse there Auckland.

    1. aklgaybtm


      Thank you, happy to share it with Oz!

  8. Too big to handle without a slam!

  9. Loads lubing my hole and leaking a little just makes me a pure horny whore for tops!
  10. Lying on my back at edge of a bed, head tilted for an easy deep throat fuck and choke me breathless.
  11. I'd love a chance to suck your cock, and bareback fuck me senseless!

  12. I don't get much hair around my bum, thankfully. I have easily irritable skin.
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