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    Bending over the fuck tree at the heath taking random loads
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  1. After months of this lockdown I decided my hole had waited long enough so hot myself ready got the tube arrived on the heath at 9.30pm few guy's in the bushes on the jack straw entrance but I knew the area I wanted. Made my way down the path few guy's stood around carried on down the path my hole twitching in anticipation of the random guys I was hoping to take. Finally made it to the fuck tree I wanted to be there early coz most subs seem to not wanna share it. Nobody bent over about 8 guy's around the area I found my spot dropped my joggers revealing my hungry lubed jocked hole and put
  2. The guy’s who are doing littering don’t you realise you will just ruin what’s possibly the best cruising area in Europe. Take your litter with you it’s not hard and you will always find bins around ive picked up used condoms to empty inside myself but rarely see them as I don’t expect the tops breeding me there to use them and most don’t but tissues and lube packets take them with you if something did happen to close it that’s the best thing for raw cock lost
  3. Do you go often? I go most Saturdays can’t beat that place
  4. Why not go to the heath? You will always have an audience there especially at the fuck tree
  5. I love it more prefer it done to me but if I like the look of the hole I’ll get my tongue up there more eager if the guy’s got seed in him few guys I’ve eaten spunk out of at the heath after watching the top dump in them the guy I ate seed out of sat had as much spunk in him as I did reckon he enjoyed it though by the squirts he was pushing down my throat
  6. Always drink straight from the tap. Have been sat between urinals in a club most guy’s there used my mouth love being piss fucked to but if a top I’m with needs to piss I want it inside either hole
  7. Saturday at the heath took 14 loads great night as always even had a dog walker there Sunday morning
  8. Weather it’s a blind fold dark room e.t.c I’ve always enjoyed anon not seeing the guy add more of a thrill to me after all we are only interested in his seed i have had hundreds of loads at the heath where I’ve never seen the top. Bent over the fuck tree only hearing footsteps or movements never seeing who’s gone inside me is the best breeding in my opinion
  9. Although well used I prefer to not have a gaping sloppy hole where I can’t really feel the cock in me. My hole isn’t tight and does open up easily I still enjoy feeling the top inside me
  10. I used to keep a record 5 years ago at 25 I had taken just over 1400 in 9 years stopped counting then but started going to the heath where I’m getting 11-16 loads a week plus a few random loads in the week I’d say close to or just over 5000 enjoy being a total Cum slut and hopefully many more years to keep having my hole filled eventually finding a fully toxic top who finally infect me
  11. Same here don’t need to see or know anything about them after all it’s just their seed we subs are after. Guess that’s why I enjoy the heath so much never see any of the tops who breed me
  12. Took 9 guy’s at the heath Saturday night 3 in quick succession of each other saw my favourite 2 chavs in grey joggers one has bred me twice before this time both took turns filling me was great sucking them after tasting the cum already inside me along with their cum hopefully more next weekend
  13. I’d be more than happy being a sadists cum Slut being used by you mates whored out used as a urinal 

    loads of experience taking multiple loads most from the heath can handle heavy use

    good cunt opens up well 

  14. Not sure why your hogging messages that clearly aren’t for u
  15. Earlier today and another at 9 tonight to pre lube my hole for the heath tonight bent over the fuck tree taking any loads
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