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    Have always been open to getting pozzed - given I exclusively have bare back sex. Decided a while ago to proactively seek it -and was fortunate to convert in February 2021.
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    Poz loads, and guys who are seriously looking to get pozzed (or are at least indifferent to it happening). More than willing talk to guys who are thinking about bug chasing.

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  1. This follows up on the first installment I posted a few weeks ago. It is a lightly fictionalised version of my Pozzing. All it takes is dedication 2 After the snog that felt it like it had lasted hours, he took my hand and led my to his bedroom. He let go, and said firmly, but softly, "take your clothes off" - which I did, hesitating of a few seconds, hoping my cock might go down a little (some chance!). "Someone's excited", he grinned. I laid down, adjusting myself so my ass was just over the edge of the bed - that uncomfortable wriggling is always the most embarrassing part of the
  2. What follows is a barely fictional account of my pozzing. Things have been simplified a tad, and names have been changed to protect the guilty 😉 Part 1 I had been speaking with a guy who claimed to be poz for a while. Then the conversation slowed, before stopping completely. Was it my fault I thought. I had a magical ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. But that is the way things are online, what is hot quickly chills. I just moved on and forgot about him. Just after Christmas, I got a text. "Still interested in getting pozzed? If so call me when you get thi
  3. Yesterday I fucked a guy for the first time in over ten years. Since I had exclusively bottomed. Since turning Poz a few weeks ago my mindset has radically changed. Sure, I love being fucked - but I now want to top guys too. Sorry for the intro. So, I hooked up with a guy who was cool about bb and my status. Well, he was until it came to it. He got the jitters. Totally understand that. Reassured him - and told him I couldn't wear condoms as I am allergic (which I'm not - just hate them). He relented eventually. Feel so horny fucking as a Poz guy. Offered to pull out, but he begged
  4. On Saturday, just over a week after I was confirmed to be Poz. Must admit I was a little nervous, I had had such a pozzing sex fetish / obsession I was unsure how turned on I would be after I had converted. My poz daddy fucked me first, followed by two of my poz 'brothers'. Loved it - and have a fresh appreciation of the honour it is to be gifted toxic cum. The virus has made me hornier that I have ever been!
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