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  1. Yesterday, ass up in a Vancouver park. Took a raw cock in my hole and made out with another guy who was getting fucked beside me. All anon.
  2. Totally agree. Every straight married guy I’ve fucked with a rubber initially eventually asks for it to come off. Always happy to oblige
  3. Fucking hot! Keep that cum buried in you.
  4. Took the plunge and happened upon a homeless dude at Stanley Park who bred my hole on a bench! Was so much easier than I had expected. And to the guy that watched and jerked off while it happened, I hope you enjoyed my show!
  5. Hello men I have a fetish of letting a homeless guy fuck & breed my hole. In a park or in an alley, doesn’t matter. Any tips on how to make it happen? Or where? New to the city (7 months) and I am not sure where to go
  6. The app won’t let me send you a private message. If you post your phone number or email address here, I’ll contact you directly and get this little party started. That ginger hole of yours needs to be made famous. 

  7. I’d love to help you out with that bud. Send me a private message and we can work on getting your face and name out there for everyone to see.
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