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  1. I love being told how small my dick is while being pounded, add on calling me a faggot and I’m in heaven.
  2. My most ever in a day was 14 times. I was around 19/20, back when computers and the internet were just becoming standard for all. I had a PC that my mom loaned me money for and I was behind on payments so she made me give it back. One day she was at work so I snuck it back in my room and spent hours surfing the web at 56k lol. It’s so far back I remember going to a site called ShemaleCentral which I don’t think even exists anymore. By load 14 barely anything came out but I was still going. I actually chaffed my cock and it had a weird shape for a few days, but it was a real
  3. I grew up around all black guys, it’s what I fantasized about because those were the guys in around.
  4. Would love to be fucked by an older Mexican farm worker that doesn’t speak English. Mustache, tanned, kind of chubby, white cowboy hat. No clue what he’s saying, he just gets to business, comes in my hole and leaves.
  5. All I remember is how hot it was sucking some guy off while he trying to get out of trouble. I remember how hot the fuck it was that night. I remember him losing the rubber in my that night too, I thought it was so hot. that boyfriend is long gone and I’m still around sucking his man’s dick.
  6. I’m currently without medical coverage, so I’m looking for some advise on where to get Prep the easiest online and what will be required that won’t break the bank with out of pocket cost.
  7. I’ve never been fucked while on the phone, but I did once have a top face fuck me while he was on the phone with his boyfriend, where he was denying that he was out fucking someone.
  8. Bi married guy from South Jersey, just outside Philly. Wife knows and encourages my fun. Been interested in bareback and breeding for years, especially interracial breeding. Finally taking my first steps and have barebacked, but still haven’t been bred. Would love to make some new friends on here, especially willing tops and bottoms I can compare notes with. Covid messed up my 2020 plans, so 2021 is my year.
  9. Doesn’t matter at all to me, even if I’m topping. But if I’m bottoming my man sure as fuck better cum.
  10. My first experience was with a black guy, in fact most of my first have been with black guys: First time sucking cock First bottom First load in my mouth First facial First bareback and if I make it work my first time getting double teamed by 2 tops they’ll both be black. 2021 is my gay year. Going to make things happen lol.
  11. My first time was planned. I’ve been booking up with a guy for about 20 years on and off and we had mentioned possibly doing it bareback. I went over to see him and he didn’t have a rubber, so I sucked him off and swallowed his huge load. After that he was laying there, so I text my wife to see if she had an issue with me barebacking. She gave me the thumbs up, so I told him if he could go again I’m good to go raw. Unfortunately 1 load was all he had, so I went home untucked. I went over 2 weeks later letting him know before hand I was good to go bareback. He did fuck me raw, but
  12. Always completely soft while bottoming. I think it’s kind of hot that my limp is less cock is just flipping around while some guy uses me.
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