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  1. Damn! I love my Slutty Son Matty!!!
  2. I have really missed your posts... don't let them drive you away.
  3. I've got a good idea... My bf got me drunk so that he could get me to have a threesome for the first time (actually a foursome as it turned out). I'm pretty sure it was that guy that did it. He later died of AIDS.
  4. Gotta love those Scorpios.... they are the dirtiest ones of the bunch. I'm one and the best sex I've ever had has been with other Scorps.
  5. Thanks for sharing this info. I've badly wished a few buzzkillers would just go away. Now they will 🙂
  6. Commando is the only way. Can kick off my flip flops and strip off my wife beater, and then yank down my shorts and I'm ready for action.
  7. Damn, that's hot. Bet you're a sexy fucker. Would love to slip it in you and knock you up in more ways than one.
  8. Your tales are the best... I love them. Keep it up!
  9. It was my first time in Berlin and I heard how fun and nasty these German guys were, so I think I was expecting something far different from what it was, even though the tour guide implied that it was a lot of dirty fun and I'd LOVE it. I got there and all the German guys were just sitting around gossiping about shit, like a bunch of old ladies who were in someone's kitchen having a kaffeeklatsch. I'd walk around to see if there was any action going on, and there really wasn't. I really did try mingling. Finally just as I was about to leave, this couple came in.. pretty sexy and cute. So I stu
  10. I don't know if I hit it on a bad night or what, as it came highly recommended from a tour guide, but it was more like a German Kaffeeklatsch than a sex club. In the end, after hours of strolling about and trying to mingle, I fucked two Americans and then left.
  11. Damn! Your adventures are always so fucking hot. Would love to have a hidden cam in that pool house...
  12. I'm honestly always annoyed by the naysayers on here who regularly come in to burst the balloons/fantasies of others, and I swore I'd never be one of them. But this situation hits kinda close to home and so I want to just provide you another perspective this one time. Trust me I'm as into all of this as the rest of you, but as someone who was once in your bf's position in this very same situation (same ages, same experience levels, etc..), please proceed with care, because in the end he is the only one who really stands to get hurt in this situation. If you want to get him into the idea of ope
  13. Is being poz the worst thing in the world were it to happen to you, no, not really. I find it's actually quite liberating in many ways. But would I say that it's been a rosy path that I've been on because of it, no, I surely wouldn't. Perhaps if I had had some choice in how it happened to me, I would feel a bit differently about it. And perhaps if the bf I had had, one who pushed my naively trusting much younger self down a path of non-monogamy, had ended up poz along with me so that we would have experienced it together, I would feel differently about it also. But of course, that's not how it
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