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    Likes masculine guys with insatiable pussies/cunts, pass around whores, true no loads refused pigs with no attitude other than taking loads from every guy in sight.

    Pass around whores

    Cum lubed cunt

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  1. Hello from a Swiss Bug Chaser🇨🇭

  2. Would love to have you unload in me.

  3. WOOF !  You and your profile is Extremely HOT !  HOT !     :)    :)

  4. Guest

    Any poz guys in Calgary to help a neg guy out?

  5. Damn Daddy! I hear you love pass around whores....

    ***points to self***

  6. You might be a faggot, slut, whore, bitch, cumdump taking any cock, anytime, anywhere but that's what makes your pussy so powerful. Faggot pussy desires cock so much that it milks it like no other pussy can. If straight men knew, or allowed themselves to know, how your pussy made them shoot big loads, you would be bred all day long. It would be mostly quick pump and dumps over with in a few minutes because that's how most men like it - just emptying their balls, zipping up and sperming you up again the next day.
  7. I have known a number of guys who sucked their dad's cock as a teenager. And the boy was the one who seduced the dad. For some it happened only once and for others it was on a regular basis.
  8. If you are going to give second hand sperm to someone it should be to someone specific who you were collecting the loads for. The guy who walked in and slurped up your loads was stealing what you worked hard to get. Lots of guys love fucking a leaking sperm lubed hole and adding their load so he probably also stole from you a lot more loads you would have gotten.
  9. I pretty much gave up long ago going to a bathhouse or sex club and sticking my cock in every available pussy. For me, it's about breeding and planting my daddy sperm babies in the boy.
  10. straight men hook up with fags because there is no better cock hungry pussy than faggot pussy
  11. Almost everyone is barebacking today. Just about any hookup site is good even if the profile states safe only. The few profiles I have out there make it clear that I fuck raw only. If a site has a feature that shows who checked out your profile, all I have to do is click on a profile and the safe only bottom boys contact me wanting to ride my raw daddy dick and make them pregnant.
  12. Fucking a guy because you were ordered to would not make you a Dom at the moment. You would still be a sub faggot carrying out an order. The only pleasure you would take in a forced topping would be serving your Dom.
  13. The etiquette for the bottom boys: If you see a sperm dripping down the walls or a big pool of it on the floor and you can't resist licking it up, only lick up half and save some for the next sperm hungry boy. or pick up as much of it as you can with your fingers and sperm lube your cunt with it. For the tops: If you let the bottom suck on your cock or fuck him for more than just a few minutes, make sure you give him his sperm reward for a job well done. Don't tease him and leave him spermless.
  14. Being a total faggot bottom bitch with an insatiable cunt doesn't mean a guy isn't masculine. I have always said that it takes a real man to completely give up his pussy/cunt to another man. I have been in a number of gangbang situations where the bottom's demeanor becomes more masculine with the more loads he takes. Having all of that testosterone in him makes him one manly cum receptacle.
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