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  1. Nacho Vidal - the tats, that uncut schlong and the way he treats the girls like fuckholes pounding them senseless. Ramon Navar - that face and that huge uncut meat and the girls are just holes to use and dump his load into. Nick Lang - the face, that huge uncut cock and he uses girls like human fleshlights...
  2. On Sept 15th, 2020 the Supreme Court , rejected the Trump administrations attempt to allow workplace discrimination against gay workers: In case you are not familiar with this case, the Trump administration on Friday Aug 23, 2019 urged the Supreme Court to rule that a longstanding federal civil-rights law prohibiting sex discrimination doesn’t protect gay people in the workplace.This latest brief, submitted by Solicitor General Noel J. Francisco and other Department of Justice attorneys, argues that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employment discrimination base
  3. After a couple of encounters with guys from Haiti and the Dominican Republic - decided to visit Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince - in both cities a nice tip to a front desk clerk/ hotel bellhop and finders fee had these guys working 24/7 to keep my cunt filled with DL horse hung rough trade cock...Rio is the only other place I know of that rough trade horse cock comes so cheap and plentiful...
  4. Curious about a Tina Dick - someone knows about them ?

  5. Thanks Riverfk! This stud is the real deal - he will leave you weak kneed, sore and dripping seed...
  6. I met up with Marc today at the Gulch - damn, he did not disappoint! He gave my cumsloppy hole a good workout with his big cock - unfortunately, I didn't get his load - but, just having him rearranging my guts was epic...
  7. I'm not a stalker - I just miss BarebackJack - something about that tall thin frame and long downward angled cock get my cunt twitching...
  8. Thank you for following me.

    1. kumnmyhole


      anytime stud, would love to eat ur cumsloppy cunt - if ur ever in SF - plz look me up...

    2. shavedtail


      That would be so hot to meet up in SF! I'll message you soon!

    3. AZRawPig


      Fuckn hot all the time. 

  9. Local TV stations report several cases diagnosed in SF...wonder if my weekly Steamworks, CumUnion, XXX arcade visits and the 20-25 anon loads pumped into me weekly will increase my chances of taking home the superbug? From past experiences with gono, after a couple of weeks the piss burn goes away and the constant tingling from the puss drip keeps me boned...
  10. Thanks for the follow, stud

  11. I became a bareback cumdump in high school in the early 80's with other students - then I stumbled upon a Bay Area Reporter with the bathouse ads. It didn't take me long into my first visit to the Steamworks baths to be ass up head down in my room as a no load refused cumdump. Not everyone who got pozzed in the early 80's died - I didn't even go on HIV drugs till the mid 90's and stayed on treatment till 2012. 5 years later and after taking the loads of thens of thousands of men since 1981, I'm still here and my toxic hole is open to any hard cock n load offered...
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