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  1. 41 - Lost my virginity in January and the second that first load was pumped into me my inner slut was released. Since then I’ve had 3 gangbangs, and about 10 hookups on GRINDR.
  2. Hey guys, After wanting to have gay sex for a while, and after finally doing it, iv’e basically just turned into a total whore - had several gangbangs in the last month and taken many loads. I love feeling feminine as loads are pumped in me, and being used. During my gangbang this morning (8 guys), I was called a slut, bitch and whore, and the tops joked about my small penis (was tweaking a bit), and it made me wonder what tops think of bottoms that do this.
  3. I just had my second gangbang yesterday. I wore a jockstrap and was passed around for about 3 hours among 8 guys, who Dpd, spitroasted, and took turns coming in my mouth and pussy. During this time I spend 4 hours moaning, begging them to fuck me harder, and telling them to “shoot it in me” While they 2 guys were doing the DP the one guy asked me “do you like this bitch” and I said “yeah fuck me like a little slut” and called him daddy. And that is when I realized, I have become a total slut. Over the past 2 months I have taken over 30 loads. And I’m seriously trying to figure out why I d
  4. Hey, Started having gay sex about 2 months ago and it was bareback. Ever since then, all I can think about is taking loads. I’m talking all the time. After having sex with 2 guys on GRINDR I had my first gangbang with about 8 guys - all bareback. I had another gangbang last weekend and have been hooking up with about 5 guys every week through GRINDR or BBRT. It’s almost like the more loads I take, the more I want, and it keeps escalating. I’m worried about what will happen when COVID ends, because I keep on researching Cumunion, MAL, and the US horse festival (want to be the one in
  5. Hey guys, Recently was introduced to bareback sex by two guys I met on GRINDR, and basically immediately became a bottom whore. A friend of mine organized a gangbang for me two weeks ago - 8 guys showed up and I took Load after load after load. Lasted about 4 hours and amazing. I guess I was wondering how normal this is on here? What is the most loads the bottoms on here have taken in one session?
  6. Just had my first gangbang and I had them shoot it on my pussy and then the next guy would rub it and fuck it in. Seeing what you getting is amazing and just makes you feel slutty.
  7. Hi, 24 year old bottom that started having bareback sex about a month ago and have decided to finally live out my fantasy and be gangbanged. I expressed the desire to two guys who have been regularly fucking me and they have about 8 guys together that are going to bang bang me Sunday. I've asked for advice before and people say I’m not ready. Have been literally craving this since I went through puberty and first saw it done on the internet. Everyday I think about guys shooting their loads in me and am so exited that it’s about to happen. Could someone tell me what to ho
  8. Hi, I’m 24 years old and just had my bareback initiation with 2 guys on Grindr. It was supposed to be with condoms but I lost control when they were pounding me and asked them to cum in me - they did. Mind blowing pleasure and my first time having gay sex. While I’ve liked girls I have longed to be a submissive bottom and to get my holes filled. After this encounter I got on Prep and have been taking raw loads about 4 times a week. I can’t stop and literally all I think about. I want to take unlimited loads, and am worried about other STDs besides HIV and particularly herpes. Advice? Supp
  9. But I think about getting loads all the time, and I’m worried about catching an STD? Thoughts?
  10. Hey, I got on PREP about a month ago to be safe and responsible, after a GRINDR encounter with 2 guys. They were supposed to use condoms, but I think after watching bareback porn that was on, I let them take them off and cum in me. It was the most amazing feeling ever and I didn’t want it to end. However, after being on a full round of PREP, I have met 14 different guys and all were raw. It’s like I have no control over it. Has anybody else had this problem? Advice?
  11. Hey, I really want to be used, pounded, and have my hole stretched as far as it goes. How did you get to that point and how did you enjoy the gangbang?
  12. I recently lost my virginity to 2 guys on GRINDR, and while they were supposed to use condoms, I gave in and had them cum in me. Since high school I always knew I wanted cocks, but since this happened I have been craving loads constantly. Here it is, I got on PREP and want to be a gangbang bottom. It’s not a fantasy - I want to be used by 20 guys, sucking their cocks, getting pounded, and taking loads for an entire night. Not by a few guys, I’m talking an hours long session. How can I set this up; any advice; and what should I expect? Thanks!!!!
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