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    Wild nasty bareback whore loves escorting, groups,blessed with no morals and zero guilt. The more perverted and fforbidden the scene the better. Smoker, drinker, partier, no limits
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    Raw cocks especially stealth breeders, cheeters, dads

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  1. I absolutely love married men and always go for the guy with a wedding ring. Especially like picking them up for quick head in a bar or at the mall. Nothing hotter than having wifey catch you with his dick up you ass or better yours in his;
  2. It's all about the cocks. The more the better. The less you know about them the better--unless they are married lol!
  3. Fuck honey I call those hatch marks standards. You are a world class cumsponge
  4. What a worthless cunt. Does she know you are gay?
  5. I'm more woman than any cunt could ever be. For the most part I despise them and their sloppy holes and clingy ways. That's one reason why bareback cheating husbands are such a turn on for me. That said I do admire hot young cunts who break away to be strippers, hookers, porn stars, or baby factories. The "decline" of our youth will be our salvation from morality.
  6. Hi Sexy, thank you for the add!! cant wait to get to know you a bit better and perhaps we can visit with one another!!!

  7. oh gurl would luv to party and whore with you
  8. I could fall in love with you baby. we could whore together
  9. Baby, I could love u in a hearbeat. That sounds purrfect

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