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  1. This is exactly my experience, once I got stealthed I was very scared but also incredibly turned on. I soon started taking loads and now almost never let a guy use a condom. I took a 9” bbc a few weeks ago. A hot young nurse, who insisted on vondoms, when he came I asked him to cum on my ass and then I pushed it in deep. His eyes got big but then he smiled
  2. Since I started taking raw loads a couple years ago....hundreds. Bf hasn’t got a clue I’m a cumdump. No idea if I’m poz or neg, I just crave it
  3. This is my second ever story. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and guilty-guess which of those I am). If you like my stories, let me know and if you have advice for a struggling bareback loving, dl, southern ho, please share. I was still reeling from cheating on my bf, getting stealthed by my very first online hook up and mostly how much it turned me on, knowing I had taken my first raw load. This all happened in my first story, “Going from condoms only to bareback”. Well the bf returned from his trip, I deleted the app and tried to return to my sexless, boring life. My bf and I had had a good, if not boring sex life before it had fizzled out over the past six months. This is how it fell apart and how I became addicted to bareback from strangers. He was a good 15 years older, I was turning 36. A Mid-life crisis was upon me. I was working with a straight redneck Christian who was a baseball/football star in his college days. Now he was stocky and full of pent-up sexual tension. This will hopefully be more fully detailed in part 3, but because Edward, my co-worker, was constantly getting aroused around me and flirting, I was constantly thinking about his big cock. So far nothing had happened but, my bf knew something was distracting me. Our sex life was down to one weekend fuck a week and even that was just going through the motions. I’m average height, a few extra pounds like 12 -15, with green eyes and strawberry blond hair. My co-worker was 6”, 225, broad shoulders, curly brown hair, blue-gray eyes, 10 years younger, but an Alpha male who liked to be in charge. My bf lets call him Beau, was shorter, grayer, chubbier and sweeter by far than me. But he had no self confidence and lacked a sexual energy. I was losing interest in our always 100% condoms only sex. One night, in bed, I was almost asleep and thinking about the huge bulge Edward had had in his dress pants. It was impossible not to notice, and I was sure he wanted me to, anyway. I was in bed, and couldn’t get Edward’s throbbing cock out of my mind. I was rock hard and turned on in a way I might not have ever been before. In my almost dream state, I imagined taking Edward’s hand and closing it around my own throbbing cock. Using my hand to hold his hand on my cock and slowly jerking it. I was dreaming , right? I felt his warm skin, I heard his heartbeat and mine. I felt his breath next to me. He began to speed up and I knew I could take my own hand away. He held me tight and worked my cock into a frenzy. I knew this feeling so well, but at this moment I was more horny than I had ever been. This went on for several minutes, the electric charge between his warm hand and my rigid cock was palpable. He just kept varying the strokes, getting me close, the pulling back. Until finally, he let loose with a forceful grasp that increased speed until I couldn’t hold back. When I came, I gasped. It was a huge load - thick and creamy. I felt burst after burst until it finally quietened, and then I heard “wow, that was hot!” But it wasn’t Edward’s voice, and I wasn’t dreaming. it was my my boyfriend, in my half awakened state I had imagined it was Edward’s hand but it was not. If only I hadn’t said what I said next. My bf always kidded me about being a prude and not liking cum - I always spit it out with him. I was not very adventurous or spontaneous, so he was a little shocked by this turn of events. He asked what was I thinking, and I said “ I was dreaming, it was someone else.” That was not the right thing to say and it made my bf pull even further away over the next few months, until he went out of town.. It was then when I downloaded the hook up app, and talked to the young Black waiter. Now here I was the second night with this young waiter fucking me. He had a nice big, thick cock and he was rapidly drilling my hole from behind. He had started with a condom- I was a total condoms only guy and had never done raw before and was determined I never would. He was fucking me good, and I was loving it, I was being used and I knew it was what I needed. But right before he came he had pulled out and ripped the condom off, pushed back in and filled me with my first ever raw load. I had been terrified but also somehow strangely liberated. Now only a few weeks after that and here I am entering the adult bookstore in the rough part of town. I know what goes on here, I had visited before me and the bf had ever gotten together. I didn’t know it yet, but tonight I was going to wind up with two more raw loads in me. The Ho was awakened. And that was just the beginning. to be continued........
  4. I crave bareback bbc. I have a couple of fb’s who fill me up fairly regularly. But I think my favorite is the anon load here and there.
  5. Sthanks everyone. I just took a big , thick Mexican guy’s cock and load. Great start to my day, but I crave more. I am a slut.
  6. Here’ s my first ever story, let me know if it’s worth continuing. I grew up sheltered. Good christian family, I didn’t cuss, didn’t drink, and went to church every time the doors were opened. I always a good boy until my neighbor seduced e. That’s a story for another time. This story is how I became a cumdump. I had been with my partner for over 10 years and the sex had dried up. I loved him, he was a good man but we stopped having sex. He was considerably older and I was tired of my hand. I had a bff who was a bit of s slut visiting parks, bookstores, etc. Jack told me about meeting guys online I had never been very tech savvy so immediately I dismissed this notion. But I kept getting hornier and I thought, I could get online, chat anonymously and explore my pent up desires in a safe way. One weekend the bf was out of town and I decided to download the app. I filled out the profile but left the picture blank. I enjoyed looking at the other pics especially when I saw a couple of guys I knew through other friends. I was a little hesitant with a cute African American guy sent me a message. We chatted for an hour. He really wanted to meet and after looking at his pics of his 8” cock, I got more curious. Well that night the angel on my shoulder won out. The very next night, the last night before my bf got home, I let the devil win. So, I neglected to tell you about myself. I am 38, 5’9, with a few extra pounds around the mid section I would like to lose, with reddish-blonde hair and green eyes. I had always gotten attention from guys and girls. Everyone from grandmas to younger college aged girls would notice me throughout most of my 20’s and 30’s. But I had put on a few pounds, started aging just a bit and was feeling less than hot. Well this 22 year old kid was interested. He had convinced me to snap a few cock and ass pics. My 6.5 cock looked good in the pic but it was my bubble ass that really got his attention. Cody was tall, slender, and cute in a boyish way with glasses and a backwards ball cap on his head. He had a man sized 8” thick cock which really captured my attention. After just chatting and exchanging pics the nite before, Saturday night was more intense. He was basically begging to meet me just to see me in person. I was completely flattered and agreed but swore there would be no physical contact. He sent his location a local grocery store parking lot, I had never done anything like this and was literally shaking. I wanted to meet somewhere public and safe. When I drove up to his car, I could tell Cody was just as cute as his picture with a sweet smile and a horny glint. We chatted for a little bit then he came up with a suggestion, if I wasn’t ready to fuck, couldn’t we just jerk each other off ? My dick was rock hard and I thought if I just jerked off that wasn’t really cheating was it? I agreed to get in the car with Cody but only to jerk off . I told him we could watch each other but no touching, I don’t know how I was able to maintain that position but I did. Even when Cody undid his pants and let out his beautiful cock. It looked thicker and longer than the pics. I was sweating and fumbled to get my cock out. Cody complimented me but begged me to turn around so he could see my ass. We had gone around behind a building just a few blocks from the store and a gentle rain had started to fall. No one was around but us. It was a little awkward but I managed to get up in the seat on my knees and turn so my ass was facing him. I wiggled out of my shorts and boxer briefs, and heard Cody take in a small breath. He was loving my ass. We went on jerking and looking and describing what we wanted to do to each other until I heard Cody say “Shit IM gonna cum!” I watched his cock tighten and jerk in his hand, followed by rope after rope of creamy thick goo. He shot all the way onto my side. I don’t know why but I scooped it up and used it as lube to finish my self off. I was so excited but quickly began to get scared and regretful. Cody told me how hot that had been but that he had to touch my cock and ass. I let him rub his hands on my ass and felt his finger exploring my hole. It was more than I could take and I said I really had to go. I jerked off two more times that night and couldn’t stop thing about Cody and his big cock. My bf returned. I erased the app and all went back to “normal”. Until Leo, my bf who had lost interest in sex had to go out of town again about a month later. I tried to resist the urge but there was a full moon and before I knew it I had downloaded the app again. I chatted with a few guys even got one of my acquaintances to send some pics, kinda disappointing actually. Then I got a message from Cody. He had been looking for me and couldn’t stop thinking about my ass. I was too horny to fight and I sent him my address. I showered, got some lube, condoms and poppers from the chest of drawers. I wasn’t even sure we still had some. Leo was old enough that he had lived thru the AIDS crisis in the 80’s and 90’s. He insisted we get tested when we first got together and that we always used condoms, even though we were monogamous for 10 years. Once as a teen my neighbor who had seduced me tried to put his 6” cock in me but neither of had a clue about anything and he didn’t even get the tip in. I had never done anything else close to bareback. I was completely 1,000,000 Xs against it. Except I had been watching Jeff Palmer movies which had kept me hooked. So here I was with a young guy with s big dick and I was so full of insecurities. Cody came in we kissed, sucked - I couldn’t believe I could get most of his cock in my mouth. I ‘m a good cocksucker and I made Cody whimper. He actually asked me to stop so he wouldn’t cum too soon. We both knew his cock was getting my ass tonite. After exchanging blow jobs, Cody moved down to my taint and then my ass. I was writhing in lust and excitement as his tongue swirled around my tight hole and then darted in and out. I couldn’t believe it when he really started getting in deep. I was ready, I just needed to take a hit of my poppers. I knew he was bigger than my bf or basically most cocks I had had before. I took a hit, tried to relax and felt Cody’s cock head pushing against my opening. The rim job and the poppers did their job and my ass opened up and then it felt full. It hurt at first but Cody said to wait, he pulled out and re- entered and it wasn’t was painful. He slowly added pressure and I felt it continue to push into me. It wasn’t long until I felt him hit my g spot but he kept going deeper. Finally Cody was all the way in and he just stopped and told me to breathe. After a minute I was relaxed enough where he could start to pull out then push back in. This continued for awhile and with his gentleness and the poppers I realized I was taking this bbc pretty well. He started to speed up and pullout and repeat. He encouraged me to arch my back, and he would shake my ass cheeks and I could feel myself adjusting to this big hard tube sliding into me faster and faster. I knew I loved it and was so excited to feel it, to hear it, to know this kid was into fucking me. As Cody got closer, I could hear a change in his breath. He was pumping fast now, in and out and my ass was automatically squeezing around his cock. Cody suddenly pulled out, pulled off the condom and before I knew what happened, he was shoving it into me raw. I could feel his cock tighten and spasm inside me and knew his cum was flooding my ass. I was angry, scared and somehow more turned on than I had ever been. I never said a word, neither did he except a thanks. Hr then got up, got dressed and was on his way out. I just layer there on the couch with hid massive load dripping out. I couldn’t sleep and was full of anxiety but also pure lust. I couldn’t believe but somehow I felt like I had discovered what I wanted, needed and knew considered before. I went from condoms only to a cumslut in a matter of minutes. Somehow I knew there were anonymous fucks, orgies in the park, gloryhole loads in my future. I knew a true whore had been born. well, I hope you enjoyed my first ever story . There are many more to tell. And they are all true, except for some names.
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