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  1. I'll second the previous comments along this line, but in addition to getting educated about health and the various STIs, the OP needs to get educated on the mechanics of anal sex. Douche first. Few tops like a dirty ass. Lube, lube, lube! Few bottoms like pain, which is what you'll have if you go dry or just use a little spit. Make sure your top spends some time opening you up first with fingers or toys, and doesn't just slam it in. Otherwise you're going to have another level of pain. Of course, you might have a rape fantasy that you want to live out. Some do. In which case ignore the last two. Safe or bareback? If you're here and spent any time reading the posts, you know the risks. Of course, we're going to encourage you to take it bare. Would you expect any less? Whether you do or not, and whether you go on PrEP first is of course up to you.
  2. Congratulations! As someone who's shy by nature, I can understand how proud and accomplished that makes you feel. Don't let it be a one-time thing. Use this as a jumping off point and keep going back. Challenge yourself to experience even sluttier highs and lows!
  3. I don't say that because of what I hear or don't hear in myself, it's based more on comments other have made to me over the years. That, and because when guys have hit on me in the past, it's almost always been when I was in a environment or situation where being gay was expected or common, and seldom if ever elsewhere. Of course I could be wrong. I don't think it's really possible for someone to perceive themselves as others perceive them.
  4. I have a box or two of porn mags from the mid/late 80s and early 90s, mostly twink stuff, Playguy, In Touch, Blueboy, etc. It hasn't seen the light of day in a long time but I never got rid of it. I had literally hundreds of dubbed VHS tapes of the same genre (including a lot of bareback Cadinot), but when the husband moved in, he was jealous of that and made me give them away to a friend of mine, who, unfortunately, didn't take very good care of them. I know he still has some of them, but I don't know how well they would play. It's a shame. Fortunately I was able to hide the magazines away and keep them myself. :)
  5. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Granted, for some there are fewer 'beholders' than for others, but I'm a firm believer that there's someone for everyone, and that the relationships that will last are the ones where the attraction is based on what's below the skin and inside the brain. That said, when you're horny and just looking for a quick one-off fuck at the bathhouse, if you're the top, you have to find someone that gets your dick hard, and physical attraction is a big part of that. The important thing there is that they're attractive to you. A skinny smooth twink might think another skinny smooth twink was unattractive, and try to hook up with a hairy daddy. This hairy daddy would dismiss other hairy daddies, and look for the young skinny twink. Fortunately for the world, not everyone finds the same types of guys attractive (or unattractive). :)
  6. That brings up a good point. I'm not he most terribly astute person when it comes to 'gaydar'. Whether it be that someone's hitting on me, or just that someone's gay, many times you'll have to hit me over he head for me to figure it out. When it comes to voice though, there are some people who just scream it. But why? When you hear people from different areas of the world, say from the deep south of the U.S., from England, or from Australia, usually within a few sentences you can figure out where they're from. Their bodies aren't any different. They picked up that accent from growing up there and hearing other people in their home and around them talk like that, so it's geographic and learned, but not physiological. When you hear people from different cultures talk, you can often pick up on that by listening too. Many times when I hear someone from afar, I can tell right away if they're black. In that case it's neither geographic nor physiological, because the characteristics often span regions. It must be cultural, because, once again, they grew up in those households surrounded by people who talked a certain way. Then we have gay guys. Being gay happens in all parts of the world and spans cultures. I haven't heard any evidence that being gay is in any way physiological, certainly with regards to vocal chords. Most gay guys grow up in an environment where they are the only gay one in their household, and in my era at least, the only one that they knew or saw before they reached adulthood or late puberty. Yet with many of them, even as boys, you can listen from the next room over and say "Yep, he's one of us." If it's not due to being around other and learning their inflections and it's not physiological, then why? And why do other gay guys (like myself) not have that characteristic in their voice? Very curious...
  7. True, though I imagine that @iman2004 is also correct that before the head raises to give the nod, it's probably going to start out looking lower to check out the goods. :)
  8. One of my early relationships was with a guy who grew up in a very religious household, and it went very similarly to the poster's description (or at least my edited version). It affected me deeply, and I'm sure that it affected him as well, although I never talked with him afterwards, just heard through the grapevine that he eventually came out after moving away. Religion can indeed be a very harmful influence on LGBT youth. Even though I had a relationship destroyed by it, I can't fault all religions. I grew up in a time that was far from LGBT-friendly, and the rainbow flags you see flying outside certain churches today didn't exist. I was brought up in a protestant Christian environment, and in the denomination I attended, homosexuality (and pretty much sexuality in general) was rarely talked about from the pulpit. This was in the late 70s and early 80s around the time that the Moral Majority (or as I referred to them, the Immoral Minority) was starting to take hold in the South. I certainly had my problems coming to terms with being gay (which I largely did much later in life), but most of those problems had to do with my own internal repression, and with fears of what my peers would say (or possibly do) if I were found out.. The church and the scriptures were the least of my worries. At least that's my recollection of it. However, the bf that I mentioned earlier grew up (ten years later) attending a different church with different teachings, and it messed him up royally. I also have to give credit to our pastor, who I came out to, and who (without any judgement) helped me through the emotional wreckage of that failed relationship. So yeah, it depends tremendously on your personal experience, and the teachings of the particular church, and of their local and national leaders. Today, it's much more hit and miss. Certain denominations openly and loudly embrace the LGBT community and march in Pride parades, and others still preach that it's the devil's work. Fortunately, there's more of the former, and less of the latter than there used to be. However, the latter is where I hope that the LGBT children growing up in that environment can get out as quickly as possible.
  9. Continuing to love this story! The 'rents are conveniently leaving for a week, letting our boys have their fun unencumbered. Jake might well have pursued his big brother's dick without it, but Mark's anonymous Grindr account, hot pics, and the time constraint on his video demand combined to seal the deal. Whether it be his anon online Dom Daddy or his self-assured and well-hung brother, Jake has found his calling as a sub bottom cumslut, and his Daddy(ies). If he heard and understood the twink on Mark's phone begging for 'dirty seed' and to 'convert me', then it shouldn't be any shock once Mark officially tells little brother he's poz and knocking him up. With Jake's itching hole increasingly taking control of his actions, I doubt he'll mind. Onward ho! (or maybe Mark tells Jake "Onward, ho!" :) )
  10. I've been following this story recently. Really good! It's striking a good blend of realism (e.g. his initial roommate problems) with hot fiction (e.g. the breeder-friendly clinic and staff). Ric's background has him out and proud about being gay, and confident about his poz status. When he was fucking Jack, he made sure Jack knew that the first one was free, but if he did it twice, he was locked onto a path to conversion. Loved that part! Gabe was even better when he started out hesitant, but once he was horny, demanded that Ric cum in him twice because he didn't get enough in him the first time. I love a greedy hole. One of my favorite lines was when Ric called out "Thanks, Jim. Let me know if its a boy or girl" in front of Jim's co-workers. This boy doesn't give a shit who knows, and I love him for it. Then there's the part where he casually works on corrupting the nerdy couple into fucking bareback. Laying the groundwork... :) With all of the references to your older story I'm going to have to find time to go back and read it (or re-read, I forget by now). Ric's high school year sounds really hot. It may have started out badly with the female hooker, but it sounds like he certainly recovered well and made the best of it - as any horny 18yo boy will. Looking forward to more!
  11. Loving this story! The first chapter lead-up and foreshadowing was good. The lead character is engaging and quite hot. Having him be a competitive swimmer who has to be tested for drugs makes his staying off of meds believable. I love stories about teen/twink brothers! For the older one to be toxicly-poz and breeding, and the younger one to be an 18yo high school senior who's also a swimmer and freshly de-virginized is just about as hot as it can get (on BZ at least). Anxiously looking forward to future chapters!
  12. Mid-50s, and it depends on how you define sex. For the first general sexual experience, my first was a very brief 'you show me yours' experience when I was 9yo, with a boy a few years older than I. I wish that he had known more and taken it further, and that he had lived closer so that we could have made it a regular thing, because I really wanted to after that first time. For the first true 'gay sex', the first time I had a cock in my mouth was because of losing a game with a classmate when I was around 13. It was only for a few moments and I didn't even put my tongue on it because I wanted him to think that I was straight and resisting. If I could re-live that night, I'd clamp down on it and make sure that he knew I wanted it badly, as well as what came out of it. Reality was, I wouldn't be brave enough to do that until I was twice that age. I envy and commend those who were brave and took action on their own early in their lives.
  13. Some guys think someone that anyone who has sex outside of a relationship is a 'ho'. Those same guys probably jerk off wishing they were doing what you do. I've always said that a slut is just another name for someone who accepts the fact that they love sex, and who does what they love. Personally, I envy you. I would have loved to have your sex life when I was your age. Unfortunately, I was too shy to do it, and there weren't either enough guys, or ways to find them, when and where I was back then. So yes, I recommend you just say 'Fuck 'em' to everyone who gives you an odd look - and then proceed to go out and get fucked by everyone else. You'll thank yourself 20-30 years from now.
  14. I like the sentiment, but the OP is still neg. Sorta false advertising. Tattoos related to chasing are tough, since if the guy converts, it becomes obsolete, and tats are hard to change Something like 'No Loads Refused" is good because it makes sense regardless of status.
  15. Your profile says California. If you're near San Fran, or travel there, you could check out Mr. S Leather to see some in person. I've bought some butt toys from them in the past and they have a good website. You'll only find a few brands of cock cages there, but their website has reviews that are helpful, and the staff was also helpful when I was there in person many years ago. Wherever you go, do your research first. The good ones are likely not cheap, and the cheap ones are likely not good.
  16. If you found someone who had never had sex and never gotten horny, they would look at two guys (or maybe even a guy and a girl) having sex and scratch their head, because nothing about it makes logical sense. In this case, why would someone want to swallow what comes out of another person's cock when it has nothing to do with regular food or drink, and especially considering what usually comes out of there? Almost everything about sex is mental. It's our inherent desire to do it. It's because it makes us horny beyond words. We crave it. You can't communicate that to someone who hasn't experienced it. I think that answers the OP's question though - it's because we've done it. And we love to do it. And that helps to make it taste better too, at least in our minds at that moment in time while we swallow it as we're about to cum ourselves.
  17. Your preferences are just as valid as anyone else's. Sighted people use their eyes, and blind people use their other senses. For the senses you have available, your preferences make perfect sense. Even sighted people can't agree on what makes a person ugly or hot, or a 1 or a 10. For some, a hairy guy my age, dressed in leather sporting a cigar, with a bit of a belly is an 8 or a 9, and a slim smooth twink in lycra a 1 or a 2. For others those ratings are reversed for the same people. For yet others, the deciding factors are more about hair color, eye color, cock size, hole tightness, hiv status, etc The end result is, I may be a 6 or a 7 to one person, a 3 or a 4 to another, and an 8 or a 9 to yet another. All that really matters is what my partner thinks, and I'm high enough that we've been together for over 20 years. Whether you're looking for Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now, look for someone that thinks YOU are an 8 or 9 (but at least make an effort to have good hygiene - few guys will rate you high if you don't).
  18. Everything is relative. Yes, compared to 1950 or 1980, it's tremendously easier for a boy or teen to realize what they are, and to feel good about it, or least be much less apt to feel like they're an abomination, before they even think about telling anyone about their feelings. In that way I wish I'd been born in the early 2000s. However, where you grow up geographically, and who your parents are make a huge difference in whether, after you come out, you're happy and expressive, or whether you'll get shunned or beaten (or worse). Always remember that straight people are (with few exceptions) the only ones who create gay babies. When the gay babies grow to gay teens, the straight parents many times don't know how to react, and depending on their background, their parents, their religious beliefs, etc, the results can be terrible for the kid, even though the world around them is mostly accepting. I'm thankful that things are, in general, so much better than when I grew up. We still have a long way to go, but just like with racism and religious-based wars, homophobia has been going on for millennia and I doubt we'll ever get to a perfect state. Unfortunately. But we're a lot better than we ever have been.
  19. HelloBlindRawFucker1, Detectable and undetectable can change depending on if they're on or off their meds, and tattoos are permanent, so a tattoo noting that wouldn't work too well. Biohazard tattoos are usually added to tell others that a guy is positive. I've never seen a symbol to tell people that a neg person is chasing. Scorpions with their back raised up and their body positioned in a way such that they are ready to sting is another symbol that's used to suggest that the person is positive (and toxic). A biohazard symbol is hard to describe to someone who can't see it, but I'll give it my best shot: Imagine a circle. Then imagine three additional circles, arranged so that they are all touching each other. Imagine the group of three circles centered within the first circle. The first circle extends only about 20% of the way into the diameters of the group of thre circles. Finally, each of the three circles in the group is thick on the side towads the center where they meet, and thin on the outer side farthest away from that, and on the far side the lines break, sort of like if you hold your thumb and nearest finger in a circle, but the fingertips don't quite meet. Does that help you to envision it?
  20. I'm of similar age and had much the same experiences, except I never succumbed to the pressure to get married to a woman. I spent over half of my life in the closet (peeking out every so often at bars and online, once it was available). It was rough. The other half I spent out, at least to everyone who matters (the local family, work, etc). I don't see a need to announce it to every person that I meet on the street. It was a different time back then, and I fault no one who stayed in the closet in those days, especially if they didn't have the fortune to live in a metro area. Times are better now, and coming out is much more welcoming an experience than in the past (although still dependent on where you live, to a degree). The marriage complicates things for sure, but if the marriage itself is struggling, and the wife is unhappy as well, then you have to consider if it's best for all involved to come out and start living the life that makes you happy. Our time on this earth is finite and we can't afford to be unhappy for all of that time. We each have to deal with our own individual closets though, and decide which ones we're willing to stay in, and how and how often we poke our heads out the doors. My husband is not at all into the kinks on this board, so I am closeted in that way, and since i don't want to give him up, probably always will be. That doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the kink though, by participating on here, and chatting with guys who are fortunate enough to be able to be out of that particular closet and actively chasing, or whatever else makes them happy and horny. There will always be closets. Hopefully they will be used more and more just for clothing. I think there will always be people hiding in the corners for one reason or another though. It's sad, but it's life.
  21. Every time I shower, or every couple of days, whichever comes first.
  22. I think that pretty much sums it up. I also love truly sick boys. :)
  23. 25 (I think - could have been a year earlier or later). I wanted it when I was half that age, but sometimes life sucks (and not in a good way).
  24. I am now! I hadn't seen him before but will be looking.
  25. Agree 10 out of 10, though I live in a metropolitan area of the U.S. midwest, and it seems that you don't have to go very far at all outside of the metro area into the rural areas for opinions and actions to change dramatically.
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