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  1. Club Columbus also ain't so bad; pretty similar, actually.
  2. Bath houses are a lot like the weight room at my gym. Casual conversation is frowned upon. Always some hot guys a tong like they're way too good to talk to anyone else. Always pairs of small groups of Bros hanging out together and ignoring any body else. Godawful music on the sound system. Women have no fucking business is n either place. The major differences seem to be that staff at my weight room is somewhat less Queenie, and the gym management never has to close the showers because someone shit in them.
  3. It's about stopping people from using clever memes to criticize the EU Government.
  4. Doing poppers while watching porn. That's it.
  5. Had an argument with my college fuck puppy followed by intense raw dog makeup sex in his dorm apartment.
  6. What era was that and what were people saying? I remember someone, I think it m8ght have been Pat Buchanan, suggested AIDS patients should be tattooed as a warning to others. Ironic since biohazard tattoos are flaunted these days.
  7. Besides, the CIA was too busy with Chemtrails and inventing crack.
  8. Highly concentrated populations of people fucking like crazy.
  9. Hella inefficient bioweapon if it takes ten years to do the job; and requires a secondary infection to kill you off.
  10. My last four loads have all gone into the butt of my college fuck bud and I daresay the lad I a developing a bit of a crush on me.
  11. Discussion I had: Is chasing a form of self-harm?
  12. What a great name

  13. Has anyone been to Vapor in Louisville? Is it any good?

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