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  1. OffTopic, but I mentioned some weeks back how there was someone I was into. He has since hit me up through BBRT and we plan to hookup when our schedules permit.
  2. My college bud and I have been fucking in the showers at the student fitness center. It started as just messing round, then it progressed to penetration and loading.
  3. I can't help thinking that most everyone has had this happen before. Even if you're extremely good looking you may not be somebodys type.
  4. The wordier one makes me feel like I'm going to get a lecture from a bottom who never shuts up. And the shorter one doesn't tell me anything I wouldn't already have assumed. A brief (need I say truthful) physical description and what you're down for is probably the right level of detail..
  5. Did you pet the family unicorn on your way out?
  6. My und. College boy fuck puppy met me at the gym today. We sometimes shower together afterwards. But this time we went a lot further to the extent that poppers and lube were in play and I was late to work.
  7. Sounds great if you want all your stuff stolen and like coming home to groups of sketchy people doing drugs in your housr
  8. Lexguy81 on Bbrt is someone I'd really like to get with
  9. "OH.MY.GOD. The homeless guy from the bus stop is hung...but I knew that."
  10. I do not understand this sentence in this context.
  11. You would expect a bathhouse to be the last place people would be judgmental, but... nope.
  12. And that's why I take PReP. Every poz guy I ever met said they were infected by someone who lied about status.
  13. And now the Big Tech oligarchs are stepping up to censor and silence opposition voices.
  14. Easy Choices: 


    1. scott0882


      I will take the cock over Pepsi. 

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