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  1. Those sound like the lyrics to a Cardi B "song."
  2. I could get hornier if I could hide some of the content from the timeline.
  3. Did George Bush put gay people in concentration camps? Did Mike Pence electrocute gay teenagers? No? If you want to keep believing the scare tactics, you do you. But I'm not gullible.
  4. My observation has been LGBT hate Republicans a lot more than Republicans "hate" gays. Every election year, the same old same old scare tactics get rolled out. "George Bush will put LGBT in concentration camps." "Mike Pence will electrocute gay teens." I'm politically independent and moderate; I just find the scare tactics, frankly, an insult to my intelligence.
  5. If only LGBT people would stop thinking for themselves and vote in partisan lockstep like they're supposed to.
  6. [think before following links] https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/trump-applauds-poll-showing-45-percent-support-among-gay-men-n1240633
  7. [think before following links] https://wgntv.com/news/boystown-neighborhood-changing-name-to-northalsted/
  8. "'Blub-blub-blubble-blubble.' is not the safe word, faggot."


  9. This is the kind of ad that telegraphs "I am tremendously selfish and a terrible lay."
  10. Happy belated birthday.

  11. I'd change "kind of disturbing" to "creepy AF" but otherwise agree.
  12. Neither. Declaring tribal loyalty to a political party that exists only to exploit you for power and privilege seems idiotic to me.
  13. Can't you just bring back Cinnamon?


    1. BarebackFan


      do they come in poz and neg versions?  😁

  14. Two separate guys on BBRT wanted to hook up with me tonight. I couldn't make it but I connected them so they got to hookup with each other instead lol
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