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    • By PozEnthusiast
      I lived in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York all through the height of the AIDS crisis.  At the time, Chelsea was the epic-center for gay life. This was back in the days when we used the telephone (not smart phone) to call hook up sites and talk with like-minded horny men. 
      I made a hook up date with one of the guys form the phone service.  He sounded, hot, lived nearby, and was poz.  I was so turned on when he answered the door and I saw his emaciated body and lean face with cheek bones jutting out.  He was wearing leather chaps, sunglasses and was surprisingly suntanned.  He later told me he laid out on the rooftop of his apartment building. 
      His apartment was quintessential Leatherman: Tom of Finland posters, a sling in the corner and an entire wall of mirrors. My cock stiffened as I thought about the number of men that must have become infected with HIV in this room.  As my hands roamed each crevice and depression of his lean vascular build, his tongue wildly jabbed down my throat. I could feel the tautness of his face and sharpness of his facial features. 
      After a few minutes I moved us closer to the mirrored wall.   I love to tease out the inherent vanity that gay men have.  I made him pose and show off for me.  Made him say how hot he thought his own body was.  I moved him even to closer to the mirror, as I was going to make him kiss himself. 
      As I guided him, I realized that something was off. His moves were tentative and I suddenly realized he was blind. I gently asked him about it and he explained that AIDS had led to cytomegalovirus (CMV) which caused him to go blind.  None of this made him any less attractive to me.  In fact, it added to the overall image of the AIDS God that I saw him as. 
      He was too weak to fuck so he sat down and I reverently sucked his toxic penis. He closed his eyes.  As I slurped away, I would occasionally tell him how much I loved his AIDS-cock.  That made him harder and he soon spurted his diseased seed down my throat. He shortly fell asleep. I quietly left and as I closed the door I thought, not only do I love his AIDS -cock, I love him
    • By Gainerbear
      I decided to create this post for all locals and guys who visit Portugal, Lisbon to share their ideas, doubts and loads.  😈😈💦💦☢️☢️
    • By GymAddict
      Does any know of fany scenes similar in roughness and atmosphere to this from Treasure Island Media, featuring Ed Hunter and Fucktard:
      [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.myvidster.com/video/99534911/Treasure_Island_Takes_It_Too_Far_If_This_Aint_Rape_Then_Nothing_Is
    • By bottomboib
      Author’s Notes:
      This is a completely fictional story involving infidelity, relationship corruption, and poz worship and fucking along with some light supernatural imagination.   Any connection to the real world is merely coincidental and nothing is modeled after any real life event.
      This story will take time to build.  This first chapter attempts to set a ground stage for the remaining story and therefore contains no sex.  There is a bit of buildup towards to the end to leave you on a cliffhanger.  My expectation based upon my thought process for how this will play out is that for the most part, this will be the most mundane of the chapters, and the rest will be filled with much more of the things we would like to read, although the truest goal here is to continue to layer the tension so that each chapter has the appropriate impact. 
      Brandon and Tyler had been together for three years at this point.  Both 22, they still had a lot of life ahead of them, but were madly in love with each other.  They had moved in a year earlier into a small, somewhat run-down apartment on the bad side of town.  But at least it was theirs.  Plus, they needed money to keep themselves looking good.  Brandon was 5’7” 125 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair swung across the side of his face, slightly emo in nature, but a bit more modernized in its stylizing.  His body was a perfect twink body in all aspects.  Both him and Tyler were obsessive about being smooth.  While they didn’t have a lot of hair on their bodies, they found they felt more attractive waxing themselves to perfection each day.  Tyler wasn’t much different than Brandon in the looks department.  He was himself, hot as hell, with an even tinier skinnier body at only 5’5” and 103 lbs.  He was obsessive and meticulous about his diet, his workout, and had somehow, someway, decided that 103 lbs was the magic number.  It helped accentuate his hip bones just right, kept his thighs at the perfect measurements, made his extremely tight clothes hang on his body just the way he wanted.  He was blonde, with a very similar haircut to Brandon, except his hair was more textured and highlighted and toned which really helped the focus on his incredibly deep blue eyes. 
      Both boys had no tattoos, but they wanted them eventually, should they ever have the money.  Brandon had a PA on his decently large 8 inch dick.  It wasn’t and exceptionally thick dick, but it was a good size.  Brandon also had his nipples pierced – rings – for that matter.   Tyler was more decked out for sure, each ear had three piercings – the lobe, and then two more going up the side on both sides.  His nipples were pierced, and he preferred the balls to the rings, his belly button as well, but with a fairly hefty diamond that an ex had bought him, along with his taint being pierced. He practically came when he get the taint pierced.   Tyler sported a smaller 6 inch dick, and while not tiny, dictated he bottomed more than topped.
      From a looks perspective, these were the stereotypical twinks to the tee.  They had extremely tight little bodies, even hotter asses, looked good in everything, or nothing at all, and were obsessed with their looks.  However, they had a softer side than most.  Overtly friendly, decent, kind, non-judgmental of most guys, it was easy for anyone they met to be surprised be their down-to-earth nature and likability. 
      They were madly in love.  They had already moved from the wild sex phase of the first few years of the relationship to a more mundane “husband phase”, even though they were only planning on getting married eventually.  At this point, neither had proposed to the other, but that didn’t matter.  They knew, with every fiber of their being, who they belonged to, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Monogamy was key in the relationship, and pure utter devotion was the way that they lived.  They were at each other’s side most times, but even wen not, they constantly texted or called each other to check in, because they cared, they LOVED, not because they distrusted.
      Sex wasn’t the main part of the relationship like it used to be.  It happened a few times weekly.  Brandon had a decent sex drive, Tyler had a sex drive that couldn’t even be measured.  But the sex was good if not vanilla in nature, and Tyler never minded Brandon’s lovemaking.  Its not as if the both of them had ever had rough sex or been a little loose before they met, but it was almost like they began to embody the traditional relationship in its monogamy and expectations especially after they moved in.  Spontaneity was definitely not something that Brandon exceled at, but Tyler didn’t hold it against him.  He was so madly in love with him that he certainly could practically overlook any tiny fault.
      Brandon worked in a shipped and logistics company in a very manual labor position, and while he had worked there for a few years and finally got on the day shift, since it was a 24 hour operation, there were times, due to staffing, that he had to work late.  The unfortunate situation this particular Saturday was that a couple that they knew, Aaron and Adam, (which Brandon and Tyler called collectively, DoubleA) were going out to the local gay club and wanted Brandon and Tyler to come along that night.  Nothing particularly crazy, something Brandon and Tyler had done with other friends and couples, but not the DoubleA boys.   Adam and Aaaron were a little different.  Not scary or concerning per se, but they had an open relationship and always marketed it as such.  Now, they always drew a line of respect to Brandon and Tyler and never came across pushy, but they still tended to always market how good it felt.  Brandon would always scoff at their musings and statements once he was alone again with Tyler and Tyler would overall agree, although he couldn’t deny that he at least could see the hotness in what they were doing, even if he really had no interest.
      “Ya sure you really can’t change your schedule for Saturday babe?” Tyler whined,
      “Ugh I fucking know.  I never have to fucking work Saturdays and of course its this one when we have a little something to do!  I so want to make every many jealous of us dancing and making out on the dance floor like fiends so they can see what they don’t have!” Brandon commiserated back.
      “Well you do know,” Tyler began, “they probably will end up finding a guy or two to hook up with, and then they will be off to their place or a motel or something, so I cannot imagine I am going to be there till 2AM or anything…”
      “Oh babe, “Brandon interjected,” I don’t care at all.  You shake your ass out there, get a little tipsy, have fun.  Its not a huge deal for you to be there by yourself.  I want you to have fun.  I just want to have fun with you is all”.
      “I know, I know.  It will be fun, Ill just miss you.  Sucks to have fun when you are working.  But oh well, Im going to look hot and if anyone tries to hit on me I’ll tell them they are too late!” Tyler laughed as Brandon joined in on the laughter.
      Saturday rolled around and Brandon went to work on the late shift around 8PM.  Tyler arrived looking hot, in his tightest jeans and shirt, and he’d even made sure to lay out on the top of their apartment building to get a really good tan.  The club they were going to was pretty tame.  Standard fare and a mix of twinks, daddies, and everything in between.  No special theme was on that night, just loud music, strobing lights, hot guys, and plenty of alcohol.  Tyler kissed bother Aaron and Adam on the cheeks when he arrived, almost immediately swinging his hips to the music. After grabbing a few drinks and chatting at some of the tables, the boys were out on the dance floor, swinging around like they hadn’t a care in the world.
      Many tracks later, after the crowd had augmented greatly, the club was hot, the sweat was pouring down, the music pulsed in everyone’s bones, Tyler looked over to see Adam in the arms of another twink, tongues down each other’s throats, totally mesmerized with each other.  Aaron on the other hand was grinding up against a pretty hot beefy daddy and who had one hand on his neck and the other straight down his pants.  Tyler could barely see it but Aaron had a tattoo on his hip, exposed by the mans hand pushing down his pants.  Tyler couldn’t read what it said, but he did find hip tattoos attractive and made a mental note to ask at one point.  Nonetheless his friends looked to be pretty drunk and pretty in lust with their new boys, and Tyler figured he should grab some water as he was soaked in sweat from the dance floor.
      As Tyler floated over to the bar he eyed some boys that looked his age at a table not too far from the bar.  Twinks of course, sipping on whatever their drink of choice was.  However, these were different.  As Tyler got closer he did a double take.  They couldn’t be THAT good looking.  Then he looked again, and was stunned.  He turned away but had to look back.  He felt embarrassed from the constant head swinging back to look at them and then immediately away in shame.   The club was filled with some incredibly hot guys, from twinks to maybe even some pretty senior guys, many that Tyler could absolutely see as porn models if they wanted to be.  But again, for the fourth time, he looked over at the time and these boys, they were different.  Really different.  Still twinks, but….perfect.  Perfect.  They were all perfect.  The entire situation weirded Tyler out.  Perfection is nothing something anyone can see in this world, so how could he actually know what perfection was?  But yet, everything in him was screaming that those were the most beautiful twinks on the face of the earth.  What the fuck was going through his head.
      Tyler turned away again, staying focused, and asked the bartender for some water.  As he turned around to find a table, (and preferably a table on the other side of the bar away from the weird nexus of the universe of perfect boys with unbelievably perfect features), one of the perfect boys stood right in front of him.  Right in front of him.  The boys lips were only an inch or so from Tyler’s. 
      “Hello,” the stranger said in a fairly monotone and mundane voice.
      Tyler, in the heat of the moment, after spinning around and having a boy practically in his pants had dropped his water, shattering the glass on the ground, and getting a fair amount of water all of his already extremely tight shirt.  As those few seconds of mayhem subsided he looked up at this boy and he saw the eyes.  These didn’t even seem to be human eyes.  Were they contacts? They looked like animal eyes.  Like a cat maybe?  Stunning for sure and Tyler had seen they made weird contacts like this, and maybe this boy was just weird, but yet, he felt the eyes were beautiful. Mesmerizing even.  He froze again for another few seconds, adding to the absolute awkwardness of the situation.  His mouth became dry in and instant, as if he was standing in front of a god. He gradually opened his mouth to say something, yet nothing came out.
      Again the stranger, in the same voice, mundanely stated “My friends and I would appreciate your company at our table.”
      My friends and I would appreciate your company at our table?  Who the fuck talks like this Tyler said, his temporary focus broken as he tried to wrestle with the tone in the voice and the oddness in the sentence structure but immediately was pulled back into staring into this boys eyes.  The boy could have kissed him right there and Tyler would have been unable to stop it.
      The boy did not kiss him though. “Looks like you spilled some water on yourself,” the stranger plainly said, reaching out and touching Tyler’s shirt at his chest.  The stranger didn’t try and grope him, it was simply a gentle touch to determine how soaked Tyler was.  The moment the tip of the stranger’s finger touched Tyler he felt these titanic waves of energy convulsing through him.  It was like horniness amplified.  In his head the music muted itself down to a drone, the lights around everything but this boy dimmed to practically nothing and he continued to feel wave after wave of insane bliss shooting through his body like an earthquake.  In reality this all happened in a matter of five seconds or so, but to Tyler it felt like he stood there for an hour basking in the bliss of a simple touch.
      A text came through from Brandon at that point, which broke the mania going through Tyler’s head and he grabbed his phone, taking his eye off stranger boy for a moment. 
      The text was Brandon saying hi and that he loved him.  Tyler texted Brandon back that he loved him too, and missed him, and that everything was going fine.  Tyler glanced back over the dance floor to see Adam shirtless being groped and groping the boy he was with, along with a crowd encircling them, and he couldn’t even see Aaron and the daddy anymore.  Again he pointed his eyes forward and was mesmerized again.
      “Please come sit with us.  You interest us and we would love to get to know you,” the stranger beckoned.
      At least this time the boy spoke in normal English.  
      “Yeah, uh, ok I have some time right now, my friends are, um, tied up at the moment anyway,” Tyler replied.
      He followed the boy back to his table and took a seat amongst the 5 others sitting there.  All the boys ranged in hair colors, but their body types were unequivocally perfect twink bodies, from head to toe.  Tyler was beginning to realize he wasn’t just seeing things.  The craziness of it all was that, yes, they all had the crazy cat eyes.  They were all mesmerizing, but the initial stranger boy sat down next to Tyler and placed his arm around his shoulders.
      “My name is Jax,” he said gently.
      “Uh Jax,” Tyler stumbled as he started to pull Jax’s hand off his should on impulse, “I have a boyf….”
      “Oh SHIT Tyler,” a shirtless Adam exclaimed as he strolled past the table with his new boytoy on his arm, “The first time you’re out without Brandon and you’re already looking to cheat on him. Fucking hot yo!”
      Jax looked up at Adam with a somewhat disgruntled look and pulled his hand off Tyler’s shoulder without any additional help from Tyler. Adam continued to walk away with his boy, even though Tyler reached out trying to stop him.  He couldn’t let Adam talk to Brandon and tell him he saw even the slightest hint of cheating.  Especially when he was the innocent victim here!  Tyler started to jolt out of his seat when his eyes caught Jax and the mesmerizing began again.
      “So your name is Tyler,” Jax surmised from Adam’s outburst, “and you have a boyfriend.  I believe that was what you were trying to say before your friend decided to butt in is that right?”
      “Yeah that’s right,” Tyler blurted back.  Regardless of his focus on Jax, it wasn’t as if he was under a spell.  He had some sarcasm to his tone, and irritation as well. “And I didn’t come here to cheat on the best man in the world that’s for sure.  So please do not touch me, we have a committed monogamous relationship that’s better than anyone else out there!”
      Jax nodded, slowly.  You could see the wheels were turning in his head.  This boy, for not being more than 22 or 23 years old, was acting like some old wise man.  It was intriguing, although batshit fucking weird to Tyler.  Jax stood up without any explanation and walked a few steps, finding Adam, and then with more energy than he had displayed the last few minutes with Tyler, grabbed Adams arm and marched him back to the table.  After setting Adam in front of Tyler, Jax calmly sat down, his composure completely intact.
      “Adam is it?”, Jax poked, “I believe we have a misunderstanding here.  Your friend, Tyler, spilled his drink at the bar.  I believe, based on my observations here, that he came here with you yet you deserted him for….that,” Jax pointed to the boytoy on Adam’s arm, “….and then you unfortunately walked by when I was doing something inappropriate to Tyler, not the other way around.  My apologies, because Tyler loves his boyfriend, and we as a wonderful group of friends searching for another wonderful friend, respect and cherish his monogamy.  It was a simple accident and it shall not happen again.  Please understand, this is a misunderstanding.”
      “Yeah whatever dude,” Adam slurred in his drunken state, “Ya know I know this Tyler well, I knew saying he was cheating on Brandon would just set him off, this boy would never ever EVER cheat on Brandon.  Hes fucking gold.  Now I gotta go though crazy cat boy, me and this bitch are going to fuck like rabbits.”
      Adam scurried off and Tyler was now left impressed by how genuinely Jax tried to correct his error.  Weird guy? Yes.  Decent? Absolutely.  He didn’t have to do that.  He somehow noticed that Tyler was really upset by Adam’s poking and he made it right.  He really made it right.  Ok, there may be some new friends here, possibly.  Then Tyler’s eyes connected with Jax again and the tractor beam was locked.
      “We’ve been here for several hours and find this place to be stereotypical and dull,” Jax stated, matter of fact as usual.  “There is another club attached to this club that we would prefer to spend time in, and would love for you to join us, only if you want.”
      “What other club are you talking about?” Tyler questioned.  This entire building is just one big gay club, its not in a strip mall or anything else, so what could he be talking about?
      “Its not a well known or accessible place.  Only for people in the know,” Jax responded, calmly of course.
      “Oh well hey I mean I’m all for people doing their own thing, but I don’t do drugs guys,” Tyler started to get up but it was if Jax’s stare gained intensity and Tyler began to hang on baited breath for the next statement.
      “We do not do drugs,” Jax stated plainly, very plainly, as if it was absolute verifiable fact.  In fact, Tyler had never heard anyone make a statement that was so absolutely believable in his life. Jax continued, “This is simply a much more chill environment away from the trashy pop music where we can possibly get to know you as a friend.  Not a lover, just a friend. Not a lover, just a friend.
      Not a lover, just a friend, repeated in Tylers mind like an echo.  He nodded, his mouth didn’t work for whatever reason.  His friends had abandoned him for their same ol slutty ways, and he was somehow enthralled with cat boy here and didn’t have any problem proceeding.
      The boys all got up and proceeded to walk towards the back of the club towards the bathrooms, snaking their way through the crowd, catching looks from everyone there.  Once at the bathrooms they took a right down a hallway to a door marked “Basement – Employees Only”.
      Jax pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. 
      “Oh you’re an employee here?” Tyler asked
      Jax turned his head around to look at Tyler, locking eyes once again, “Sometimes a little bit of smoke and mirros is necessary to prevent the world from destroying a thing that you love.”  He turned back around, proceeded to open the doors, which led to a very deep spiraling metal staircase.  Every step down was loud and clanking from every one of their steps.  The light at the top of the deep column going into the ground was a normal yellowy light but towards the bottom of the stairs the lights were a deep red. 
      At the bottom of the circular stairs there was a single, steel riveted door.  Hardly contrasted letters to the dark metal barely stated a word on the door, assuming it to be the word of the club.  With the red light, and the other boys’ heads in the way it was hard to read.  Tyler couldn’t make out what it said.  Again, Jax produced another key from his pocket, this one looked like an old Victorian key, inserted it into the key hold, and with a large creak of unoiled hinges the big heavy door pulled open.  Jax held the door as he ushered the boys inside.  Tyler felt uncomfortable at this point. This felt like a dungeon, but he could hear the thumps of music playing from in the door, and some chatting take place down a long smoky hallway laying on the other side of the gateway, and his eyes caught Jax’s again which somehow communicated to him to proceed, and against his inner judgment, he took the steps through the door and followed the boys down the hallway.  
      As Tyler got far enough from the entrance, Jax motioned to two figures who were cowering, quiet as can be, under the stairs.  Adam and his boy crawled out from shadows.
      “Your performance was acceptable,” Jax said dryly.
      “Well thanks so you going to pay us now?” Adam snapped back, drunk, horny, and caressing his boy. 
      Jax nodded slowly, as if in deep contemplation. “I believe I told you a thousand that is correct?”
      Adam, chomping at the bit and almost salivating jumped, “Yeah man that’s what you said, I’m glad to do it.  But what about this beautiful boy here too?  He had to walk with me to play your little game, I think he should get a thousand as well.”
      Jax looked irritated, but produced the cash right then. A thousand for both of the boys, in incredibly crisp bills. 
      “Aw man, thanks this is great.  Now you don’t be too harsh on Tyler or nothing, hes a good guy, better than Aaron and I,” Adam laughed, holding himself up against his new boy, who was snickering as well.
      “Now this is what is going to happen,” Jax began, as he quickly turned around to eye Tylers tiny ass getting further down the hallway. “You and your boy….”
      Adam interrupted, “are going to go fuck like crazy right now…”
      Jax grabbed Adam, his pulled ripping Adam from his boy, his hands caressing and groping Adam, his mouth connected with Adam’s, and Adam felt the shockwaves.  Massive lustful waves of pure pleasure pulsed through him like craxzy.  How Jax touched him was unlike he’d ever felt, how he kissed him was nothing like Aaron, how he smelled, how mysterious he was, everything came bubbling up in Adam and it felt like bliss.  Adam’s boy stared in amazement, grabbing his own dick and touching himself, until Jax pushed Adam off him and stared into his eyes.
      “I am done with you at this time.  Now you listen to me and execute my orders.  You will walk to the top of these stairs and out the front door.  You will not look for you boyfriend.  When you leave the club, and you will do it immediately after I give these instructions, you will see a black Lincoln Town Car out front.  Open the back door and get in it.  It will take you home.  Tell the driver your address once you get in the car.  You will not touch each other in the car.  You will put your shirt back on.  Once you arrive at home, you will lead this boy into the bed that you share with your lover.  I know you two have an open relationship.  Open relationships are built on trust and honesty.  This is neither of those things.  You will then strip and throw that boy on the bed.  Put out as many pictures of you and your lover surrounding the bed as possible.  You will defile that bedroom and your bed with this boy.  Boy, you will enter Adam raw, as many times as you want, but no less than five, and flood him with your DNA.  Adam you will take him no questions asked.  You will beg for more.  You will stare at the pictures of you and your lover and realize how much better this boy is, how much better it feels in your bed, and how much bliss it is not to tell your man.  Give in to the destruction of your petty relationship and give your ass bareback to this boy, like you know you want to.  Your man will not be home until the morning, I’ve made those arrangements.  By the morning you will be confused, questioning, and begging for this boy to meet you again to cheat on your man.  And you will do it.  I won’t even order that much, you just will.   This will be gratifying to me.”
      With that, Jax, knowing that time was short to catch up with Tyler and the crew, caressed Adams hand for a moment, pulling Aaron’s promise ring off his finger in one quick motion.  Adam immediately looked stunned and was about to speak.
      “Not a word from you Adam,” Jax said forcefully, “you will not need this anymore.”
      Jax placed the ring in his pocket and turned away from a stunned Adam and his boy. As they watched the creaky metal door close in front of them, they saw the words of the club, the words that Tyler couldn’t see.
    • By DutchBBfucker
      It was a normal Friday night out in Berlin and I had met up with some friends to grab a drink in a newly opened gay bar in centre of town. The crowd was young & cute like me (FYI i’m a 19 y/o twink). People mostly stayed in their respective groups, distinctly cornered in, throwing a look now and then over the room at other boys. Yet they didn’t take the initiative to move over taking the initial contact.
      Like most young people the self-confidence clearly had no correspondence to the appearance so a lot of alcohol is consumed to ease the tensions and inhibitions. And like every weekend we drank quite a lot.
      We had a good time, drinking and laughing, but around 4:30 in the morning it was time to head on for something else. A part of the group wanted to go to a bar where mainstream pop music. This very small bar was always fully packed and it was hard for anyone to really move around, the toilet queue was awfully long and getting a drink in the bar took so long that you got sober by waiting. This was at least my opinion, but my friends didn’t agree.
      We therefore split and I left them to their miserable choice. My mind was up for some trance music at a nice bar filled with straight acting, well-tuned cute guys.
      The bar i went to had an open atmosphere, 3 floors: one for trance music downstairs, one for mellow dance music upstairs and a dark room on the top floor. I never visited a dark room before and could understand why people want be fucked by unknown guys in the dark..
      I arrived club around five-o-clock in the morning. The dance floor was packed. I drank, chatted to people and danced to a great DJ for three hours which felt shorter than that. Around eight only 15 people were left. I headed for the bar and ordered a last vodka-tonic, although I was quite drunk already.
      After a while two very hot Arab guys came up and sat next to me. They were wearing tight t-shirts so i could see every detail of their muscular bodies. I think that they were a few years older than me, but max 21-22. We started to chat loosely: they asked me if I was alone and if I lived in Berlin. One of them put his hand on my thigh and caressed me slowly; the other moved his hand inside my shirt and over my back. It felt they were going forward a little bit too quickly so I escaped the situation by saying that I needed to go to the toilet.
      I went upstairs to the toilets on the second floor, where there was no one. I could feel I was turned on by the touching and wondered what to do next. I had never been with two guys before. If it was only one than things would be a bit easier.
      When I got out of the toilet one of the guys stood outside waiting for me. He smiled and asked me if I was intimidated by both of them touching me. “Somewhat” I replied. “Whom of us do you like the most?” he asked. “I think you’re both cute” I said and added “and very sexy”. “You’re very sexy too and I could see when you went away that you have a nice little bubble butt ass” he replied. “Thanks!” I flushed a little bit embarrassed.
      “So if it was just me, would you like to have some fun?” he asked. I looked at his hot muscular body and could hear myself saying: “Yes, why not”. “We can go to my place. I don’t live far from here” I suggested. “No, my friend is waiting downstairs and I’d prefer that we just go up to the dark room” he said and smiled. “Well… I don’t really like dark rooms, because you don’t know which guys are in there” I replied. “It’s ok” he assured, “the club is almost empty by now and there would be no one there except for us. So come on, I can tell for sure that both of us want a little fun” he insisted. “Just a quick one… you suck my big dick and afterwards i suck you.. Okay?” He put his hand over his package and I could see a distinct, large bulb on his jeans. “OMG! I need that big Arab cock in my mouth” I thought to myself.
      He approached me, pressed his body against mine and started to kiss me with deep tongue movements. Wow, this guy knew how to kiss! It felt like heaven! Impossible to resist. At this time I was quite drunk and his gentle treatment of kissing and caressing my cock with his hand inside my jeans. “You’re hard and horny! so let’s go…” he said, and took my hand and led me up the stairs to the dark room.
      Up there he opened my jeans, pulled them down completely to the ground and sat in front of me. My cock swelled hard as he took it in his mouth and worked it good. One of his hands went off to my ass and started to play with my hole. One finger went in, then two. Slowly he started to finger fuck my my ass. I felt a burning sensation in my ass, but his lips around my cock was so hot that it overpowered that sensation.
      Was he preparing me so he could fuck me? That wasn’t the deal! But the fingers in my ass felt so good that I couldn’t protest. After a while, he stood up, we kissed with deep tongues.
      Then he pushed my head down to his big dick. I followed his every move and the orders he gave me, and it was clear who was in charge. My ass started to feel empty so i tried to put some of my own fingers in side my open hole
      He slapped my face with his XL-sized dick before he pressed it down my throat. His cock went down all the way and he fucked me rather roughly until gasped for air. He noticed I was choking and gave me a fraction of a second to breathe in before he continued pressing it down as deep as he could. The taste of salty sperm mixed up with saliva filled my palate; I had to swallow some to keep up with his intense and deep mouth fucking.
      He ordered me to lift my ass up so I did was I was told. Suddenly I could hear him whisper something in Arabic. A second later I felt someone coming up from behind putting his hands on my buttocks. I had thought that we were alone in the dark room. Who was this third person who now wanted to join in? Was it his friend who had gone up earlier to wait for us? It’s clear that they planned this from the start.
      The other guy immediately took over my ass. I felt a small plastic tube enter my ass. A few seconds later i felt a liquid filling my ass. Then he pulled the tube out. Thinking it was lube i didn’t react. Two fingers began to slide in my ass. As my ass became more open he added more. There was a feeling that was spreading to my body. I began to sweat and i felt more horny that i could ever feel. I thought that this was due to considerable amount of alcohol in my body so I stopped sucking and was about to stand up to take a break. The Arab guy in front of me noticed my hesitation and quickly locked both of my hands and put his arm around my neck. He was much stronger than me, and although I tried to resist I couldn’t get away.
      Suddenly I felt the guy behind me trying to push his big cock in my ass. The pain of this thick cock ploughing its way into my tight ass was sobering me up. Desperately my hands fought to get released but all in vain. “Please wait!” I squeaked, “I need to…” “What is it? Don’t you want to play anymore?” one of the guys interrupted. “Well, just let me get some lube and a condom from my pocket” I begged. “No way! I only fuck without condom or lube. Open up slut! ” he grunted. I wanted to reply but he silenced me quickly by pulling my head back by a steady grip around my hair with one hand and putting the other over my mouth.
      An extremely intense and very rough fucking followed. I could feel every inch of his big cock as it forced its way in and out in what felt like an eternity. It was almost like my ass would turn inside out of the deep ploughing and I felt my anus swelling. Inside me every show of the top of his cock sent electric shocks through my entire body. After a while my whining changed into groaning and moaning. His friends slapped my face and rammed his cock into my mouth to shut me up.
      Something started to take over my mind and i began to have thoughts about wanting bigger cocks in my ass and begin a total bottom slut. My ass was now completely open to serve his raw huge cock.
      The Arab guy behind me started to moan louder and louder. With a deep grunt he filled my insides deep with a huge amount of cum.
      He withdrew and got up in front of me ordering me to suck and lick his cock clean. I did as I was told and swallowed every drop. “Good boy! Our sperm will change you for good!” he said. “Now, lie down on the floor!” his friend commanded. He forced me to lie down with my chest facing the floor.
      He got on top and guided his huge cock towards my hole. He pushed into me; I felt the head enter me. A moan escaped my lips. He almost pulled out fully and then he just rammed it in full force. “Now, we’re going to see if I can fuck this slut even harder.” They both put up a laugh of joy and excitement. He fucked me harder and faster. “I saw how you looked at my cock down in the bar, craving it. We are covering you into a load taking slut. You think that you can return to your normal life, but within a few weeks you will give into your true calling; big raw dicks and cum”. Her kissed me on the check and licked my ear. Then he intensified the fucking; I felt the entire weight of his muscular body as he pumped my ass with his massive cock like a machine spinning out of control.
      By now the penetration went more smoothly because of the generous loud that his friends had previously delivered in my butthole, which functioned as a perfect natural lubricant. My ass had also got more used to the rough fucking and had opened up considerably by the penetrations of his friend’s large cock fucking me so violently. Something in my mind took over and i started to enjoy having this good-looking, young sexy Arab stallion plowing my ass hard. I was their little white toy!And when he started hitting my G-Spot i was in pure ecstasy. “Yes, do me as hard as you can” i blurted out. “We own you now that our DNA is deep inside you” he whispered in my ear.
      Then he came with a roaring and we were both to explode as he shot several streams of hot cum deep inside of me. Then he and his friend dressed quickly, gave me a kiss and left.
      I sat for a while in the dark to get myself together. What was it I had experience? My ass was warm and swollen with cum of the two guys dripping out. A smile spread over my face. I started to jerk myself and came quickly. I left the dark room and the club.
      On my way home I stopped by a gay sauna that had opened its door in the morning hour. I went in, changed, sat at the bar and ordered a juice.
      As I sat down at one of the tables a bit away from the bar a young black guy came up to me and asked if he could sit down. “Sure” I said. We were there just with our small towels around our waists. He had a perfect body and he noticed my eyes screening over him. He let his towel open so I could see his enormous dick hanging in the open. My eyes couldn’t help staring at it.
      “I saw you in the dark room. I was hiding in a corner with a friend when you came in. The two guys fuck you up good” he said. His words took me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say. “They knew exactly what to do to change you into a wiling bottom” he added. “The knew what to do?” I replied. “Yes! The fact that you’ve come to this sauna and didn’t go straight home or to the police or anything must mean that you want more” he said smiling. He started to stroked his hand over his big cock that had started to rise.
      “Let’s go to my cabin and i will tell you what they did to change you into a willing slut. I’m not like them!” he said comforting. He took my hand and caressed it gently. I looked at his cock and felt how mine grew to create a visible bulb under the towel. He noticed and said smilingly “That’s clearly a YES!”.
      We stood up and walked up two floors to his cabin were we dropped the towels and started to kiss. Then suddenly i was grab from behind by two other black guys. I was pinned down with my face pressed into the mattress. “Hold his arm still” one of them said. I felt how my bicep was tied of with a band. Then i felt a needle stabbing my arm. “Like i promised i will tell you what they did: When they fingered you they loaded your ass with a drug called Meth!” the black guy said. “You had no clue what was happing. This is not how we do it. I like to tell my sluts that i injected them with T.” after saying that the band snapped loose. They released me and told me to raise my arm. As i sat up i began to cough. A wave of sluttyness came over me. “This will boost your carving for big dicks and cum. So don’t fight it!” said one of the other black guys. I looked over to them and saw 3 hot black guys stroking their enormous black cocks. And like he said i couldn’t resist it and crawled over to them. “Does he know that we and the two Arabs are POZ? ” whispered one guy to the other. “We will tell the slut after we bred him several times!” answered the other one laughing.
      —THE END —
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