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  1. What ever the maximum size file for here is great
  2. I would definitely be filmed. I have a ton of videos of me being a slut with some nice tops. I would love to capture getting knocked up if anyone is ready in my area to do it. (Southern Ontario) Thanks
  3. Hi there. Just wondered if you can decrease the file size if I send you some pics? Thanks paul
  4. All of us chasers fantasize about getting knocked up and finally we are.
  5. I’m not passable but I would dress up for an opportunity like that. Awesome
  6. Just wondered what everyone else uses for lube. When I got my introduction to being fisted for the first time I met a guy with big hands. He swore by crisco. He was wrist deep in me within 20 minutes. It’s an incredible feeling.
  7. Hi there from Cambridge kw area. Your just what I’m looking for. Have a good day paul
  8. Poz friendly neg hole looking in kw Cambridge area
  9. Anyone west of the city in my area looking for an ass to breed? Thanks
  10. I am trying to engage with conversation on here so I can get more privileges. Thanks for the comments. I definitely need to be bred. 

  11. Hi there. I’m a new member and don’t have email privileges yet. Doing good thanks how ru. 

  12. Hi everyone. I was wondering how you select upvotes for pics and posts? Sounds weird but I haven’t figured it out. Thanks
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