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  1. It was a Sunday night and the bar was empty, I sat talking to the handsome mature landlord who stood behind the bar. we laughed and joked he said well that will be last order lad, I ordered a jack and coke. He smiled this ones on me. He began locking up while I sipped my drink. I went down stairs to the toilets in the bars basement. I went into the cubical and soon I heard the door open. He pushed his way into the cubical and smiled well you gonna kiss me or what he said. I fumbled at my words no Paul I’m not gay. He smiled oh really and he grab me forced his hand down my jeans front and gr
  2. One day while working, I visited a walk in centre on my work schedule. I was the site engineer, I walked to reception and told them who I was. The old woman on the desk told me wait a moment as she called the maintenance man. Out came a short fat guy with bleached blonde hair. He smiled and said come this way. We went down the corridor to his office. He made me tea and we talked for a while. He then took me to the electrical panel to show me the fault code. We talked and he told me he had recently broke up with his boyfriend and was just getting over him. I told him I was sorry to hear that, h
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