Lucky day on Grindr got me 2 tops.

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 I am a sub masc asian bottom, handsome, 29 years old and 145 pounds and fit with a great ass and hole.  The combination of my cocktail, as usual, had turned me into the biggest submissive cock slut bottom so I was looking to get bred.  For the longest time most people were not very responsive, but this one Mexican top guy who was around my age and tall with a nice thick cock kept open the line of communication but was unfortunately really looking for a 3 person group (2 tops and 1 bottom).  I had given up hope when he stated that he couldn't find anyone and that was it getting late and that he was heading to bed.  20 minutes shortly after that message, I got a text saying he'd found another top: a 30 y/o handsome beautiful Black man who was not only buff and well proportioned, but also had a beautiful big cock to go along with it.  The two were interested in sharing me, taking turns tagging my hole, and in 15 minutes we all met up at the Mexican top's place.

The moment we get through his door I strip out of my black tank top and drop my shorts (not wearing any underwear) to stand fully nude in front of our lovely Mexican host.  I get on my knees like a good sub btm, unbuckle his pants and fish out a nice thick uncut cock.  Immediately I envelope it with my mouth, alternating between going all the way down to the shaft and then making little licks along the side of the shaft and the base, all the while looking up.  The Black guy rejoins us from the bathroom and he too, gets undressed and I shift my attention to the nice 8" cut piece of meat pointing straight at me.  I am in heaven as i have a cock in each hand, making sure to give each one ample attention from my mouth.  Looking up and seeing these two tops standing over me while I serviced their cocks was such a big turn on for me and for them, that soon we moved it to the next level.

Mexican top got behind me and brought me back to a standing position before bending me forward so that he could go to town rimming my hole.  His tongue was so intrusive; these weren't gentle licks but rather directed tongue thrusts with the intent of getting my hole nice and wet and open for what was to come next.  While he was doing that, the Black top stood in front of me as I clung to his thighs to steady myself from the force of the rim job.  He gently waved that wonderful black cock in front of my face as a signal that I should be servicing it appropriately with my mouth.  This went on for some time before I could sense that I was about to do what I was there to do.  I felt some cold lube being applied to my hole from behind, and I quickly reached for my poppers.  As i began to take my first inhales, I could feel that firm Mexican cock head nudge against my hole, poised and ready to begin its first entry in my hole.  With the poppers hitting, I let out a soft plea to "give it to me, fuck my Asian hole with your raw Mexican cock."  He pushed in, slowly at first, but then without stopping he steadily sank his cock all the way to the hilt, burying it deep in my ass.  I bucked forward from the pressure and sudden fullness, only to have the big black cock shoved into my throat.  In the midst of my getting impaled on both ends, my eyes glanced at the closet mirrors that were reflecting our fuck, and I found myself turned on even more seeing a thick brown cock sliding in and out, disappearing in my hole from behind, and a big black cock doing the same in front as I swallowed as much of it as I could.  This was heaven.

The two tops tag teamed me for the better half the night, each taking turns to fuck me from behind doggy style; my face down and ass up and elevated; facing forward with my back arched as I hooked my legs underneath theirs for better leverage for me to back my ass towards their cocks.  It wasn't long though, that I received my first load from the Black top with my laying on my back with my legs pulled back, and he pounding my ass. I love this position because it gives me the best view to see the tops cock disappear to the hilt inside my hole, and also I can look up and see his expression as he's feeling the breed build up.  In a sudden exclamation he let me know he was cumming in me, and I immediately hook my legs around him, pulling him and his cock deep in me and ask him to not pull out just yet.  He obliges and does some slow thrusting to further plant his cum deep in my hole before pulling out.  

Immediately, the Mexican top, who had been watching and enjoying the show, told me to get on all fours and proceeded to do some hard piston fucking.  By this time my hole was fairly sloppy with the Black top's cum serving as extra lube, but even then I couldn't help letting a few moans of pain and pleasure escape with each forceful thrust.  He liked to change positions frequently.  He next positioned me onto my back with one leg down and one leg up, resting on his shoulder as he drove his raw cock in me without break.  From there he shifted me onto my side, a position that allowed me to gaze in amazement and wonder at how easily his thick Mexican cock was now rapidly sliding in and out of my hole with little resistance.  He finally shot his load and fucked his cum deep inside me in that position with a bit of extra roughplay when he looked straight into my eyes with his hands around my neck as he pounded his load deep.  

Definitely the best 3 some I have ever had: good chemistry all around, beautiful men with beautiful cocks, and 2 loads deposited in my hole to let me know that they own it.

Below are the pics from the encounter where both tops demonstrate how much they enjoy shoving their raw cocks deep to the hilt.

Black Top.PNG

Black Top Deep.PNG

Mexican Top.PNG

Mexican Top Deep.PNG


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    • By Boy455
      I want to ask if anyone knows what studio made this movie what is the name of it, etc... I want to get it in a better quaility for such a long time. I would be really grateful for your help.
    • By LittlePrEP
      I was at the Brickhouse for a steak with my partner trying to have a nice date night.  My partner points out that there is a cute guy eating alone that keeps looking at me.  Oops, I wasn't supposed to look, but I did.  He's a handsome Asian guy.  Real clean cut and nice business casual with a white polo that contrasts with his darker skin.  He looks my same age, and I think a little shorter and leaner.  The guy is playing with his phone.  My partner jumps on Grindr and there he is without his shirt.  Smooth chest and dark nipples, oh and he is 24, 5-5, 115 and a versatile bottom.  Well, this checks all kinds of boxes for my partner, especially where Jay says he is Neg and on PrEP.  So, good, he barebacks.  My partner gets shot down on Grindr for 1-on-1 or a 3way, but the guy wants to know if I am available.  I wasn't going to do it because it was date night, but my partner insisted probably because he will get off just hearing about how the guy likes his sex.  My partner tells him to come over to our booth, which he does as soon as he finishes his meal.  His name is Jay and he is here on business consulting with the big plant in town.  He is staying at the North Country, which is a 10 minute walk.  Alright, cool, lets head there.  My partner goes to the bar, and I give him a little kiss good-bye.  Such a nice night for a walk with a new friend.  Jay really likes to talk.  
      The North Country is nothing special, but Jay has a King Suite that is okay.  Jay says he has to use the bathroom, and is in there for a while.  I can hear sounds like he is cleaning out.  I guess that means I top.  Jay comes out with just a white towel around his waist like he is at the bathhouse.  Man, the white looks good on him.  Meanwhile, I am sitting on the sofa with all my clothes on.  Jay stands on the sofa and straddles above me, dropping the towel.  Beautiful dick, and its uncut.  Very trimmed pubic hair but no hair anywhere else besides some wisps on his balls and nice patches under his arms.  I sucked Jay like that, feeling his super smooth ass and fingering his fuck hole.  Even though its small, I manage to bury my face in Jay's pubes deep enough so that his dick hits the back of my throat and I have to open up just a bit to accommodate him.  Did I mention its real nice?  Jay turns around and grinds his ass into my face.  Best dessert ever.  Jay reaches down and undoes my jeans and pulls out my stiffy.  Such amazing hands.  Soft and gentle but a firm motion.  So sure of himself.  
      Jay stands up and then jumps right off the sofa.  Its like the Olympics with the jumping that would have broken my leg if I tried.  I stand up and look into the other room at the big King bed.  Is Jay going to take me over there?  Not yet.  Jay undresses me.  Shoes and socks first, shirt over my head, and jeans and undies the rest of the way off.  Jay bends down and sucks me some, not too much though.  Jay straightens up and stands beside me.  He puts his arm around my waist and it feels so smooth on me.  I like it.  We walk to the King bed and Jay gets up on it on all fours.  Woof, time for doggy.  More ass eating first, though.  How amazing is Jay's asshole to kiss and lick and tongue?  I take my time to find out before Jay tells me the lube is in the night stand.  Got it.  I rub some on my dick and warm some up on my fingers.  One finger goes inside Jay, which makes him jump.  Then another.  Then another.  That's three so far.  Better stop.  
      I mount Jay like he is a bitch in heat. Maybe I shouldn't say that. But I did stick it right in non-stop and he did take it like he wanted to start a family with me.  Like his thighs are so fucking smooth against my legs.  His skin can't be for real because its too soft and perfect smooth.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.  That's what we do.  Jay flips on his back and puts his legs way up in the air, pulling his ass cheeks apart with his little hands.  Open for more business.  I drop right onto and into Jay, with lots more force and impact than I expected.  Jay can take it.  Jay's been around.  Now its a missionary fuck, but Jay has his legs wrapped around my body.  Smooth and strong, and a tight squeeze.  Oh fuck, Jay.  You're gonna make me have to cum.  Jay wants me to hold on, so he can cum first.  Jay squirts a nice bead of lube on his cock.  The precision of the application is remarkable.  One clean, straight line with no spillage.  Of course, his cock is Rock of Gibraltar hard.  That's what happens when a smaller guy has five inches of cock and eight inches of sexual fury.  The fires of passion heat and expand the equipment, and Jay's is glistening with the lube.  Jay strokes himself while I fuck him slow.  The motion is like when he jacked me on the sofa.  Not straight up and down, but with some kind of twist and finesse.  Technique.  I make a note.  The lesson is over fast because Jay shoots like a cannon. Straight up his torso, landing on his chin and sternum and belly.  Holy fuck, Jay.  That was nice.  
      Do you want to cum in me?  No, I want to fuck you all night.  But okay. Fuck, fuck. Its feels too good but I know what I have to do. Jay is ready for me to unload, and that is my job.  Sometimes I close my eyes and think about my partner.  But I look right into Jay's dark eyes.  He's so pretty.  He wants it so bad.  I feel my trigger being pulled and the projectile pumping up through the barrel of my own little cannon.  You gotta wonder where it all comes from.  Jay flashes the widest smile.  He liked it!  I'm happy about that.  Sure, I understand, you have to go to work early.  Plus, I have to go get my partner from the bar.  I'll just wash up at the sink a bit.  Hey, sorry you had to come to this little town but I hope you come back sometime.  
      On the walk back to the Brickhouse I just think about Jay.  Is he going to sleep, or is he back on Grindr?  It doesn't matter.  My partner is on Grindr when I find him at the bar.  He has chat going.  Its Sean.  25, 6-, 165 white guy.  Handsome, as always.  We've both done almost everything with him except for a 3way.  Wants fucked.  My partner prefers to fuck shorter guys, but Sean is a good time no matter what.  Okay, see you at home.  On the walk home I just think about Jay.  Is he sleeping, or doing Grindr?  Whatever.  I'm waiting for my partner to get home and we can talk about what happened with Jay and Sean.  Oh man, I want to tell my partner something else, too.  But not tonight.  
    • By bentover4u1972
      Plans fell through last night so I decided to get a room at my favorite motel and post on CL for anonymous tops to stop by and use my holes.  Thursdays normally aren't great but last night was a wonderful exception to the rule!
      Many of you already know that when I do this scene, I leave the door ajar and turn the lights off, waiting naked on all 4's on the bed.  The motel room doors open to the parking lot, so tops can park immediately outside and then push open the door, which I leave ajar.  Sometimes I have to wait for the first guy to walk in, but last night he was right on time, walking in at the moment I said I'd be ready.  I was laying on the bed on my stomach and as he walked around in front of me, I saw that he was a well-built black guy.  I took a few huffs off my brown bottle, and before I knew it his big black cock was growing in my mouth.  Before long he was holding my head as he slid his long, thick cock down my throat, while I coughed and gagged and drooled and loved every second!
      He was a thick one to be my first, so I urged caution as he walked around to the other side of the bed to fuck my already-lubed hole.  I was disappointed when I heard the telltale crinkle of a condom wrapper, but my disappointment quickly turned to anticipation when he asked, "You clean?" without putting it on.  I replied in the affirmative, said I hoped he was too, and that was all it took.  He pushed me forward on the bed, climbed on top of me and eased his cock - still slick with my saliva - into my hole.  A few more huffs from the brown bottle and my ass rose to meet each of his thrusts as he pounded away.  He wrapped an arm around my throat, half-Nelson style, and rode me hard until I heard his breathing begin to quicken.  A few grunts, a few spasms of his hips to drive his load deep, and I had received my first cum of the evening.  As he slid out, I spun around off the bed and onto my knees, taking his still-hard cock in my mouth to clean up the mess I had helped him make.  The taste of my ass juices, his cum, and a hint of lube all hit my tongue at once, and I gobbled his cock down greedily to the root, making sure to lick every inch.  He pulled on his clothes, grabbed his things, and with a thank you headed out the door.
      I lay back down on the bed but only for about 10 minutes when I heard a car door outside.  I assumed the ass up position, and sure enough the door pushed open.  In walked another black guy, and just like the first he dropped his pants and made a beeline for my mouth.  As with the first guy, I licked and throated and savored this cock.  It was a bit longer than the first, maybe 8.5", cut and a bit more slender with a slight curve to the left.  It slid easily down my throat, his balls smelling and tasting a little muskier than the first guy.  Flying in popper heaven, the deep throat saliva drooled down my chin and onto the bedsheets as I gave him one of the best oral treatments I've ever given.
      Once again, though, as he walked behind me I heard a condom wrapper, and this time the elastic "snap" as he unrolled it down his shaft.  My hole was still slick with the combination of lube and cum from my first top, but still this second guy had to use extra lube to work his cock into my hole.  That's why I hate condoms!
      I stood bent over the bed, and as he slid into my ass, this guy's longer cock hit my prostate just right.  He slid in and out, the friction from the condom annoying me somewhat despite how good his thrusts felt.  Then he spoke.  "I'm going to take this condom off now," he said as he continued his motion, driving his cock deep in my ass.  But he didn't stop, and he didn't say anything more.  I was excited at the prospect of another raw cock, and finally got impatient enough that I moved in such a way that his cock slipped out of my ass.  I deftly reached behind, grabbed his cock, and in one motion pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor.  I grabbed his now bare cock again and guided it back into my eager fuckhole.  He was only too happy to oblige.
      This guy was a fucking machine, pounding me raw for at least 10 minutes before he asked, "Where do you want me to cum?"  In a moment of concern at the anonymity, for some reason I told him to pull out and cum on my hole, rather than in it.  He complied, and as I came to my senses I pushed my ass back so his still-spurting cock slid back up my hole.  After he came, I spun around and, as with the first guy, took his length into my mouth to give it a thorough cleaning.  I noticed that he wasn't pulling away or rushing out the door, so I stood, turned around, and guided his cock into my hole once more.  He gave a couple of thrusts before pushing me face-down on to the bed, where he mounted me and rammed another load deep into my guts.  It felt amazing!
      My first two visitors were the highlight of my night, leaving me with three loads in and on my ass.  After another 15 minutes or so, a tall white guy walked in, rammed his cock down my throat, and held my head in place until he pumped a load down my throat.  He left just as quickly without saying a word.  The last guy of the evening was a young black kid in his early 30s.  Turned out that he wasn't a fan of deep throat (I know, right?!?!) and would only fuck with a condom (which neither of us had), so I sucked his cock and we made out a bit.  He fingered my hole as I slobbered on his cock, and I was rewarded with a real big load, which he told me afterward had built up over 8 days.
      All in all a fruitful night!  I'm hoping for as much luck (or more!) again next Thursday as I head to Boston for my first all-night ass-up fuck fest.  Can't wait!
    • By travelingbi
      I posted on Craigslist the other day that I wanted to suck, rim and bottom for straight dudes.  I got hit on a lot, most of which turned out to be obvious gay guys posing as straight.  Now, I have nothing against other gay guys, but I get a real thrill by servicing horny straight dudes.  After all, that what what my advertisement said I was looking for.  After wading through all the Craigslist Flakes, I decided on a guy that said he was in the Air Force and was living just off base at an apartment one block from the main gate at Nellis AF Base in North Las Vegas.  His pics were really hot, so I was willing to drive totally across the valley to the AF Base to service this hot soldier.

      I got to his apt. right on time. He met me in the lobby and I took the elevator up to his floor.  It was a spartan studio apartment, but was as  clean and tidy as you'd expect a military guy's room.  We began to undress and he asked me, "Do you want a quick suck and go? Or do you want to go for awhile? If you want to go for awhile, I've got a shot I can put in my dick that will keep me hard for an hour or two.  I can easily cum two or three times if I use it.  How much time you got?" 

      "A shot in your dick?" I asked.  I'd never heard of that.

      "Yeah. It's for ED.  I don't have ED, but, I love to fuck and fuck for hours so I asked my doctor to give me a prescription.  I get four shots a month.  I don't want to waste it if you're a quick suck and go, but if you want to suck and fuck for an hour or so, I'll take the shot.  It just takes a few minutes to work.  Plus, sometimes when I'm fucking a guy, it feels good, but I can't always keep an erection for a long time with a guy.  But, with this shot, I have no problem.  My dick won't go down even after I cum.  Should I take it?" he asked.

      He was a really good looking young man in his late 20's.  Kind of on the short side, but muscular.  Had a "rough around the edges" good looks to him.  And his soft dick even looked impressive.  So, I was game to go for awhile with him.

      "Sure.  Go ahead.  Let's fuck and play for awhile," I replied.

      He went into the bathroom and injected this stuff into his cock.  He came out after a few minutes, his semi-hard  cock leading the way.  Taking a seat facing me, he began to stroke himself a bit.  His cock continued to grow and lengthen.  So I grabbed my poppers, took a deep hit, dropped to my knees and began to suck on his military cock.  It continued to grow and swell in my mouth.  Then he stood up and completely undressed, his naked body on full view - except for the white socks he was wearing.  I leaned forward and resumed sucking his straight cock, fully engaged with his cock for the next five or six minutes. Then I asked "You wanna fuck me?"

      "In a minute", he said.  "I want to cum in your mouth first.  I'll fuck you for the second load," he replied as he again took his seat.

      I continued to suck his now rock hard cock, and at one point moved to to lick his asshole, but he stopped me saying he'd never had that done and wasn't sure he wanted that., be clearly loved the attention I was giving his cock and smooth, hairless balls.  After about six minutes of sucking he shot his first load into my mouth.  Kind of bitter tasting, and that taste could have been from the ED meds he had injected into his cock., but still I swallowed his load.  Afterwards I took a seat to catch my breath.

      As I did so, he continued to stroke his still hard cock. 

      "Show me that ass, fag.  Show me where my dick is gonna go in your faggoty ass," he ordered.

      I stripped naked, and knelt on the edge of his small double bed.  I'd brought some lube and lubed up my hole for him, then handed the lube up to him to use.   As I looked back to hand him the lube, I could see him opening a condom package. 

      "You can fuck me bare, if you want," I told him.

      "Nah.  I use condoms on you fags.  Not taking any chances.  I'm sure you're a whore like most fags are," he grumbled.

      I hate condoms, but I wanted his cock in me, so I said nothing.  Soon he had rammed up into me in one swift thrust.  He grabbed me around the waist and was pumping into me with great force.  He was a completely silent top, the only sound was the sound of his pelvis slapping against my ass as he pounded into me.  And the occasional grunt that I would let out when he slammed into me extra hard.  No wonder this guy was in such good shape and had such a rock hard, washboard stomach.  He could really fuck.  He didn't seem to tire as he continually rammed up into me.  He was using a lot of force and was a brutal fucker. But, I was loving it. It felt great to have this straight soldier using my faggot ass for his pleasure.
      I kept sniffing my poppers as he assaulted my hole with his dick.  After close to 15 minutes of fucking, he pulled out and exclaimed "Shit! The condom broke."

      He walked away and opened a drawer.  "Shit!" he again said, adding "I thought I had more condoms.  You got any?" he asked.

      "No.  I didn't bring any," I replied.

      He shut the drawer and walked back behind me.  "Fuck it!"   I can't stop now.   I got to shoot another load or two.  You're clean, right?" he asked.
      "Yeah," was all I said. 

      He immediately slammed his now raw cock back into me.  Fuck!  That was what I wanted.  I definitely preferred the feel of a raw cock in my ass.  I had come to hate the feel of a condom, whereas his raw cock felt awesome.  So I was not unhappy when his rock hard cock again began an assault on my ass.

      This guy could really fuck.  It required another 15 or 20 minutes of intense pounding before he finally let out a soft groan as his cock filled my ass with his load.  My ass milked as much of his straight sperm into me as I could get.  He pulled out and plopped back down onto his chair, sweating up a storm as his chest heaved with excitement.  I loved the fuck.  And also loved that he had blown his load into me, but still I was glad it was over.  My inner thighs couldn't take much more of being in that position.  We both sat there for a few moments breathing hard. 
      Finally he got up, walked to the fridge and pulled out two small bottles of water.  He handed me one and we both drank them down quickly. As he sat back down, across from me, I could see that his cock was still rock hard. 

      After I caught my breath and had had some more sips of the cold water, I again dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Sucking it and tasting his cum and my ass on his cock.  I sucked him for about five minutes, then he stood up and began to stroke his cock fast and furiously.   As I saw his face contort, I could tell he was close to cumming. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Even having cum twice before, he shot a huge load on me.   Some went in my mouth.  But more went in my eyes, in my hair and all over my goatee.  I loved the feel of his hot cum spraying all over my face.  I had a handkerchief in my pocket and pulled it out to wipe his cum from my eyes.   My face felt sticky.  And I loved it. 

      I wiped what cum I could from my face and tasted it.  Still bitter tasting, but still I loved tasting his straight sperm. 

      I got up and dressed, thanked him for his loads and headed back home.  This morning I woke up to a text from him, asking when I would again be free.  He also said I could be his cum receptacle whenever I was up his way.   I intend to accommodate his schedule as much as I'm able.

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