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  1. Yokosuka
  2. Thanks brother
  3. Thanks! I have accepted offer, just waiting on the paper work. I was stationed in Atsugi as a squid back in 2008. My doctor has a POC in Tokyo that he is talking too now to see if I can transfer over to him. I assume the military hospital will be limited to basic needs.
  4. Awesome, thanks. Look forward to moving there and working.
  5. Thanks
  6. I got a call Friday from the Heath department. Pretty cool guy. Asked a lot of questions that typical. Did say that they have database that can pull folks with their Kik accounts and other apps if I didn't recall their contact info. He did seem geniune about preventing the spread. Also made a statement like "with today's medicines and Prep you shouldn't have been infected.
  7. I just got a job offer in Japan for the DoD. However, I know a lot of countries ban people with HIV. Does anyone have experience or advice. Just got the email this morning for the offer.
  8. Very sexy
  9. Looking for an ideal sissy cumslut to knock and make wifey. Location is DC. This is a legit offer for LTR or just a Slutty weekend in the nation's capital. Let me cunts.
  10. Where in DC?

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