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  1. Hotel Security - Cramping my style

    Alot of stems from the case a few years in DC. A married lawyer on travel connected with who he that was a guy, instead it was a lesbian who planned on robbing him. He was murdered. Now most DC hotels have key policy for both the evalators and stairs going up.
  2. Got pozzed by taking multiple raw ducks in DC
  3. I stopped in November. I may have to change the drug to something different
  4. Do you clean cock?

    How about cleaning a dick that was fucking another btm.
  5. Japan

    Good spots?
  6. Norfolk Naval base

    All of the navy boypussy was on grindr
  7. Norfolk Naval base

    Been on assignment in Norfolk for my company. Have bred four young Sailors so far.
  8. Cum Dump Jock

  9. Employment overseas?

  10. Employment overseas?

    Thanks brother
  11. Employment overseas?

    Thanks! I have accepted offer, just waiting on the paper work. I was stationed in Atsugi as a squid back in 2008. My doctor has a POC in Tokyo that he is talking too now to see if I can transfer over to him. I assume the military hospital will be limited to basic needs.
  12. Employment overseas?

    Awesome, thanks. Look forward to moving there and working.
  13. Employment overseas?


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