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  1. The fight tonight reminded me of when the goldenboy was apparently dressing up and partying like crazy. Wonder if he played raw and with guys
  2. Norfolk Naval base

    All of the navy boypussy was on grindr
  3. Norfolk Naval base

    Been on assignment in Norfolk for my company. Have bred four young Sailors so far.
  4. local sauna visit

    Good cumwhore
  5. Has anyone ever been to the Power Exchange sex club in San Francisco? I have been to the one in Vegas
  6. Cum Dump Jock

  7. Alexia St James

    Lucky man. I hope you atleast got a chance to breed her.
  8. Alexia St James

  9. Anybody a fan of hers? She is very hot and takes it raw.
  10. Anybody a fan of hers? She is very hot and takes it raw. https://www.xtube.com/profile/alexia326-23267442#videos
  11. Rihanna, Rachel Ray, Kylie Jenner, J-Lo
  12. Caitlyn Jenner

    I'll knock her up. Make a video like her step whore daughter did
  13. Caitlyn Jenner

  14. Do u think she will eventually take black loads like her ex wife and daughters. For some reason I have a urge to breed her lol

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