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For having the reputation as the city of bottoms, there aren't many guys in Toronto who can take dick and it's pretty frustrating. I also wonder if other cities have as big of a problem with flakes too :P

Where are all the so called cumdumps cumsluts and guys who love to get fucked?


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Where are you looking?  This isn't exactly a hookup site, is it?   Maybe if your profile wasn't empty.....


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and just were are you . I am a BB BOTTOM and always looking for tops. I only BB  so were are you and when do we meet

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    • By ErosWired
      (Though this question is specifically for bottoms who attended CumUnion at Indianapolis this weekend and last month, what I'm wondering and may suggest could be applicable to events elsewhere.)
      Hey, my brothers-in-bottomdom, if you went to CumUnion Indianapolis this last weekend or the one in February (I omit January because of the weather) to provide your ass to Tops, how did you fare? I know you were there, because I overheard one man say, "A lot of holes and not enough cocks to stick into 'em."
      I didn't make it to January's kick-off, but I went to both the February event and this weekend, and gave good service both times. I usually go in early on Saturday morning and don't leave until around 3:00 am on Sunday.
      In February I was fucked 22 times. I'm not sure how many actual loads there were, because some Tops were saving themselves for later and didn't let themselves blow in me, but unlike some, I count my success rate in ass surrendered, not loads received. This weekend I was fucked right around the same number of times, but I can't be absolutely sure because someone started marking the number of times I was fucked on my ass with a sharpie pen, and while most followed suit not everyone did, so the visual tally doesn't balance with my remembered estimate. The latter is, however, questionable because there were a couple of times when things happened so fast I lost track.
      Anyway. Good times.
      So, how was it for you? Did you have good luck getting laid?
      The fact that I got bred somewhere around 22 times at an event that someone described as having too many bottoms and not enough Tops made me worry a little bit that I might be getting more than my fair share. I hope I'm wrong, and that everyone went home fulfilled. (I, as it happens, did not - I'm cursed with an honest-to-God insatiable ass and cannot get enough fucking, but that's my problem, not yours.) Admittedly, I do a lot of preparation to make sure I'm noticed, and I do work hard at seduction (I laugh in irony; me, seductive? ha), and I do work hard to earn a reputation for good ass (I hope). But I don't want to become a party-spoiler for other people.
      I suspect that some men don't always get what they're hoping for, and may become unhappy when they see other bottoms drawing Tops' attention. This weekend, I had taped a little note to the door of my room at the bathhouse that read "Sudden Breeding Encouraged". Right after my first (open-door and somewhat vocal) breeding, I noticed that someone had pulled off my note and thrown it in the garbage bin outside in the corridor. There is no rule in the bathhouse against putting a note on your door, so no staff person would have done it. I believe that at an event with as much meat on the hoof as CumUnion, a sense of dissatisfaction should be unnecessary.
      If there is a consensus that cock is not being well-distributed (yes, Tops, I'm talking about you as though you aren't reading this, as though you are just objectified pieces of USDA Grade-A Angus beef that we all covet, and you know you love it, so hush) I propose that we organize - it's a party, after all. We should set a time or times to gather bottoms in a specific location like the upstairs video room and get down to it together. That way, all the cock that wants to fuck will have to gather in one place, all the options will be in one place, all the action will be visible (and audible) to everyone, will bring out the vers in people who switch, and - oh, look - I think I just described an orgy. I think that's everyone's best chance at getting banged.
      It might possibly interrupt the raffle, but that's a chance I'm willing to take. You?
    • By ErosWired
      This last weekend it came home to me how few times I've actually fucked another man because one of the Tops who had been enjoying me commented on how much he liked the way my ass felt inside.
      "Don't we all pretty much feel the same?" I said.
      "Oh, no," he replied. "It can be very different. You're like warm, soft velvet, but wet. Some bottoms aren't like that at all."
      I realized that I could only recall about five times I've ever fucked anyone, and none of my encounters had ever been like wet, warm, soft velvet. I remembered one who was wet but rubberlike, one who was warm but somehow gritty (even though he was clean), one who opened up so much past his sphincter it was like fucking a bottle, and one whose body temperature was colder than mine, and so his ass felt cold as welll as loose.
      This same weekend, I took one guy who wanted me blindfolded, which focused all my attention on the sensations of his very long cock working my ass. When he first entered me all the way to his balls, he let out an involuntary gro-o-o-o-o-o-an of pleasure and surprise at how good he felt - I love it especially when the aggressive, dominant guys do that, lose just that tiny bit of control when they discover what I feel like, and I get that a lot.
      But it hadn't really occurred to me that bottom ass could be all that different. I guess, if it can, than what Tops enjoy must be a matter of personal taste. So, Tops, what kind of ass do you like best? When you plug in, what kind of conditions do you hope to find? For most guys, "clean" is a given, but beyond that, is there a consensus on what makes for prime fucking? Is there a type of ass that sets a bottom apart?
    • By ErosWired
      If you're a bottom, has a Top ever written on your body with an indelible ink marking pen like a Sharpie? If you're a Top, have you ever done so?
      If so, why, what did the message say, and where on the body was the message written?
      For instance, if a Top took a pen and wrote "Fuck Me" above the cheeks of your ass, did he then send you into the bar with your pants hanging low so anyone could see it? Did it work as advertising? Tops, have you ever written "Cumdump" on a bottom in a bathhouse just to see whether it would make the bottom's night more lively?
      Curious to see how often this actually happens, and what you think when you see it.
    • By bb10top
      I'm thinking of maybe traveling to Berlin for the first time sometime in either the second half of 2018, or maybe in sometime 2019.
      I was wondering when would be the best/busiest/piggiest time to go?
      Folsom Europe? Snax (date)? Berlin Pride (summer)? Another event/date? I'm attending Folsom in San Francisco this year (end of Sep 2018), and I did both Folsom (Sep 2017) and Dore Alley (Jul 2017) in San Francisco last year, as well as various events in Canada/US in the past few years.
      As of now, I'm browsing accommodation and flights (from Toronto) online until I potentially decide.
      Your help is appreciated.
    • By LoganClark
      Cummunitybtm for public service. Send me a note or text at 4164766787 and happy to be of service.  

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