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Update since starting BB 4 months ago.

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Since I started barebacking in June this year, after many years of hardly any sex at all, life has changed an enormous amount.

I've turned a room of the flat into a sex room for my breeding, under the instruction of a very hot 40 yo married bi guy who has me in a permanent cock cage.

His influence has transformed my priorities and routines, encouraging me to be as much of a cumdump slut as possible, and demanding reports and pics where possible of each breeding.

Once a week, on Thursday mornings, my day off work, he comes over and breeds me, demanding i wear a hood so I never see him... that's one of his fetishes. 

This Thursday, he'd managed to gather 3 other guys for my breeding, which took some arranging. One other slut I know, and 2 top breeders. During the hour session, I was used to suck cock, with my cunt being plundered constantly. All 4 of them fucked my cunt over and over, and I received 3 loads. 

In the afternoon, another married bi guy came over and bred me on top of the loads I'd kept plugged in.

The Saturday night (last night), 2 other bi tops visited after some complicated arranging, and I experienced my first double fuck, with them both using my cunt together at the same time. I thought that only happened in porn movies, and was so surprised how easily they managed to get both cocks sliding in and out of me together.

After over an hour of use, I received one heavy load in my cunt and the other in my mouth. I was complimented on what an eager and hungry cock slut I am, and they left very satisfied.

It's hard for me to fathom how I've gone from being a lifelong monogamist to being an eager cumdump for any man who wants to use me. The more I get, the more I want and need. It's become my lifestyle.


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I will be in Machester April 26 to 28, 2018 and would like some British seed in my holes

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