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    Poz, On Meds
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    Canadian, raw bttm, 5'10, love servicing raw tops, groups and also into receiving w/s
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    raw tops to breed my ass

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    nthanks for the follow

  2. Very nice thick legs. I would enjoy using them for support while riding your raw dick

  3. rexTO

    Farming for condoms

    During my vacation in Amsterdam, I found two used condone that I was able to use to lube up my ass. Cum makes the best lube
  4. I will be staying at the Anco Hotel in Amsterdam from August 23-28 this year. Hopefully I can get some cum in my ass
  5. rexTO

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    I would love to go to the one in Amsterdam this August, but I'm not sure I would get in
  6. rexTO

    Raw Canadian bttm

    I will be staying at the Anco Hotel this August 23-28 and looking for some raw loads and piss in between sightseeing
  7. rexTO

    Amsterdam Dark Room

    Which bar was that. I am heading back to Amsterdam in September or August
  8. rexTO

    Just back From Basement Manchster

    I just got back to my hotel from there took two raw loads, heading back to Canada tomorrow so I had to leave early
  9. rexTO

    Visiting Canadian bttm

    Hiv+ bttm visiting Dundee, Birmingham and Manchester from April 21 to April 28. Looking for tops into breeding my ass and feeding me some piss
  10. rexTO

    Update since starting BB 4 months ago.

    I will be in Machester April 26 to 28, 2018 and would like some British seed in my holes
  11. I am planning on going this year. By myself so I can get as much piss and cum as possible.
  12. When I was in Berlin in September, I went to lab.oratory and stood under a grate and was covered in piss by numerous men. it was a hot experience although I didn't smell very nice in the cab back to my hotel
  13. rexTO

    Folsom Europe 2017!

    Thanks Chillfuck. I am hoping to take a lot of German seed while there
  14. rexTO

    Folsom Europe 2017!

    Going to be in Dundee Scotland Aug 28
  15. rexTO

    Folsom Europe 2017!

    Ordered my ticket for the Biohazard party, Friday night

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