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anyone in manchester area want to meet two guys looking for conversion and in manchester saturday 18th November. 

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      Newly single and been curious about going to try out the buddy booth/video store scene. Is there is some sort of signal lingo I should know? I want to be fucked raw and bred... How do you accomplish that in few to no words?
    • By newbboy84
      Newly single and been wanting to try one of these places out. Especially Les Hommes... seems filthy and I love that. But curious any one have any info or an opinion? Is there any sort of signal lingo or code I should know? Does everyone bb or do you ask for it?
    • By mnbare
      Was fucking this shaved smooth tight little latino boy, when I got to his place him and his buddy, also a tight latino guy, were both naked watching porn, playing with each other ass (as good btm boys should be). I joined in, they started sucking me and we played. at no time did my boys get hard. I fucked and filled em both, at no time were they hard. I love seeing my boys flacid cocks flop around as they beg to be filled.
      I'v fucked a few guys who don't get hard, and i love it. Any times like a flacid btm boy? Any bottom boy stay soft? (why)
    • By Bsmoothnasty
      'm a Stocky black top, 5'8 240 7in cut. I'm into raunchy fuck sessions. I seek a nasty bottom with a big plump ass, the bigger the better. I don't care about weight just have a big ass and be freaky. I like to fuck natural unwashed ass raw so I can dump my load deep inside your guts. I love raw fucking a big booty bottom that hasn't cleaned it out before we fuck. If you are into piss play even better, but not mandatory. If you are down, I will piss in your mouth and shithole. Im also open to an ongoing thing, I want a bottom that I can bang out multiple times a day. 
    • By dumbcuck
      This is my first story, which is an embellishment of how I actually started barebacking after my wife left me. It you guys like it there is lots more to the story  I've also included a picture of me wearing the exact glass plug I talk about in the story. Enjoy.
      Part 1. 
      I’d never felt worse in my life.  My wife had admitted to cheating on me, and at the end of a horrible week trying to reconcile things with her she told me she wanted a divorce and was going to stay with her parents. "I can't wear this anymore," she said as she slipped off her wedding ring and set it on the table by the entryway.  Then she was gone.
      That was two days ago.  I was depressed and suicidal, and had started drinking early in the day.  As the hours went by my swirling mix of emotions manifested in a strange depraved horniness.  “Fuck it,” I thought.  I’d always wanted to do it, why not?  I’d long had a fantasy of being fucked anonymously, and taking a raw load of cum in my ass.
      Despite having a number of discrete hook ups over the years I’d never done it because I was terrified of getting an STD.  Yet, I kept coming back to these homemade videos of Craigslist encounters where a submissive bottom became a cumdump for strangers.  I couldn’t get that scene out of my head:  blindfolded, helpless while a random stud shoved his cock in raw, using the bottom like an object.  Countless nights I had lain in bed and jacked off to that fantasy while my wife slept next to me.
      I felt like I was built to be a cumdump.  I had a naturally round and smooth ass.  I worked out frequently at the gym down the street and got lots of lingering looks from the older Daddy types.  I was only 28, still young enough I still advertised myself as a ‘college boy’ in Craigslist ads.  Plus, although in public I acted like the stereotypical aggressive white male, I secretly craved domination.  No one would ever guess – unless they saw my internet search history- that my fantasies were borderline sissy.
      In my depressed state I’d downed half a bottle of shitty rum and my entire body was feeling hot.  My inhibitions were quickly evaporating.  I sat at my laptop and typed out a Craigslist ad with one hand while my other jacked my smallish circumcised cock: 
      College cumdump looking for anon sex.  Smooth thick college booty looking to host anon tops ASAP.  Walk in, fuck me, cum and leave.
      My blood rushing, I posted some photos of my ass that I kept hidden away in a folder on my hard drive.  In one, I had my wife’s glass butt plug inserted and you could see straight into my gaped hole.  In another, my hole was stretched around a thick cucumber.  Such is the sex life of closeted married guys, relegated to using makeshift toys or using those of our wives.
      I posted the ad, and went to the bathroom to clean up.  Even though I hadn’t had many anal experiences, I knew all about getting clean inside.  I found a water bottle worked fine for enemas (could never have anything proper in case the wife found it) even though it scratched up my hole a bit.  I didn’t even care really.  As drunk as I was I felt nothing but pleasure as I shoved the corkscrew nose of the bottle into myself and started to purge.  In between cleanings I gave everything a good shave, dick, balls, ass, thighs.  I loved running my hands over my freshly shaved skin.  Being smooth like that made me feel emasculated.  I gave my thick ass a slap and moaned with desire.  I was prepping myself to be used by whoever came as a public cumdump slut.  Hell, I was depressed and thinking about killing myself anyway, what did it matter if I let some anonymous men use me as a piece of fuckmeat?
      I checked my ad and saw I already had a few responses.  Most didn't seem legit, but one guy replied with a picture showing a nice thick uncircumcised Mexican cock.  There were lots of Mexicans where I was, since it was sort of a sanctuary town.  The sight of his meaty brown cock made me clinch my ass with anticipation.  He was 5'11, thin but fit, had lots of tattoos.  It never surprises me how many guys will use their real email addresses and names for a 'discrete' craigslist encounter.  The name 'Isaiah Rodriguez' was in the header.  He said he was straight and just wanted a hole to dump into.  Out of curiosity, since the city was only 100,000 or so, I googled his name and didn't have much trouble finding him since he'd apparently been arrested recently.  Drugs and assault.  Seeing his face in the google images search, he definitely looked like the type who'd fuck you up if you pissed him off.  Recently released from prison from a felony conviction.  But fuck it all anyway.  I was going to be his bitch.
      I sent him my apartment number and he said he was on his way and that he wanted it dark so he could fuck me anonymously.  The rush of doing something so risky had me flying.  I would never normally hook up with a guy like this, but my depressed state twisted my fears into desires.  I was a beta and he was an alpha.  It was his right to conquer a submissive bitch like me, a little beta who couldn't even keep his wife from straying. 
      I placed a blanket down on the linoleum of the entryway, along with a bottle of lube and a black scarf that was to be my blindfold.  Then I went and turned off all the lights until it was pitch black in the apartment and returned to my place in front of the door.  In the darkness I wrapped the scarf around my face, covering my eyes, and tied it snuggly behind my head.  I got on all fours in front of the door and popped my ass just like a good bitch should.  I shivered as the cool air shriveled my testicles.  The only sound I could hear was my own breathing and a dull hum of traffic passing outside.
      Eventually, I heard a car's engine approach and then park outside.  A few moments later, footsteps.  Then, the door opening. I held my breath as the cold air swept in, rushing over my puckered pussy.  He didn't say a word as he entered and closed the door behind him.  He got down on his knees behind me and felt my smooth ass.  His finger stopped when he found my hole, and he started fingering me roughly.  I moaned as he molested me.  After a minute or so I heard the clank of his belt unbuckle as he undid his pants and I suddenly felt his warm cockhead at my hole.  In all my years sneaking around and being a closeted faggot, I'd never taken a cock raw.  I was finally living out my fantasy!
      I reached back and handed him the bottle of lube.  He took it and squirted it on his cock and rubbed some into my puckering hole. "You're gonna take my cock, whiteboy," he told me as he positioned himself behind me.  He grabbed my hips and thrust into me, sending burning pain shooting through my asshole.  FUCK.  I clenched my teeth, whimpering as he resized me.   hadn't warmed up at all before, and his thick Mexican cock was tearing me open!  Just his head was able to get in at first, but after a few more thrusts he was hitting deeper and deeper until every inch of his meaty cock was stuffed into me.
      "Fuck ya, bitch," he sighed when his cock and sunk into me fully.  He slapped my ass and proceeded to fuck me.  I'd never been fucked so roughly before.  He clearly only cared about his own pleasure.  Soon my tight hole surrendered to his pounding and I began to loosen up enough to enjoy it.  o doubt about it, this must be how it feels to be a bitch.  I was like a rag doll as he shoved into me doggystyle, a total stranger barebacking me without ever seeing his face.
      Suddenly he grunted and thrust into me extra deep.  I warmth spread inside me as I groaned in pleasure.  Fuck, he'd done it.  He blasted into me without even a warning. Breathing heavily, he commanded "Stay face down, until after I leave, bitch," and, as he withdrew his cock from my ass he added "I don't want you seeing who I am, faggot."
      I nodded, even though it was dark.  A few seconds later the cold air rushed in as he opened and closed the door, and he was gone.
      "Oh my god," I moaned in ecstasy, slipping my blindfold up.  "I just got bred like a bitch."  I felt filthy and used.  I reached back between my legs and felt my tender hole.  I could feel his warm cream dripping out of me.  Fuck, how much had he cum?  I didn't want to lose it, so I crawled into the bedroom to the box where my wife kept her dirty toys and found the giant glass butt plug.  I'd gotten it for her for Valentine's day, but it had been way too large for her and she wasn't that into anal play.  But now here I was inserting the cool glass into my own hole.  With the cum it slid into me rather easily until I got to its widest part.  Fuck it felt good to feel the cool glass against my burning, pummeled pussy.
      I sat back on the plug and bounced up and down.  I didn't even touch my cock as it flopped around.  I was a total bitch tonight and I was only going to get pleasure through my hole.  I groaned as the huge glass plug stretched me even wider than the Mexican's cock had, until finally I couldn't take it any longer.  I didn't give a fuck if it was going to hurt... I sat down full on it and shoved it in. 
      A brief feeling of shock swept over me as I felt the plug's huge circumference pass through me, and then instant relief as my guts sucked it in.  Holy fuck, that was amazing.  I'd only ever had the plug inside me once before when I'd taken those pictures I'd posted in my Craigslist ad.  This thought made me want to see something.  Standing, I waddled with the uncomfortably large plug to the bathroom and turned on the light.  Facing away from the mirror, I turned my head far enough to get a glimpse of my gaped ass in the mirror.
      "Fuck..." I moaned as I saw it.  With the glass window into my ass I could see the white spew coating my guts.  I bent over further and snapped a few pictures on my cellphone. 
      I returned to my laptop to see if I had any more responses, and my greedy hole tightened around my plug as I saw all the cocks which were lined up, eager to fuck me.
      And so I did what a cumdump is supposed to do.  I messaged two more guys my address and put my blindfold back on, patiently waiting to accept any cock that came through the door.
      I didn't have to wait long.  A bigger guy who sounded white showed up a few minutes later.  I was disappointed when I heard the sound of a condom wrapper, but he had a thick cock and fucked me hard.  After him there was another Mexican guy, an older one this time.  Basically couldn't speak any English and had a smaller cock, but he at least fucked me bare and dumped his load on the pile.
      When he left, I reinserted my wife's butt plug to keep the cum from dripping out.
      "Damn," I thought.  These guys had been fun, but were nothing compared to the first alpha who had fucked me.  I went and took a few more swigs of my shitty rum to keep my buzz up.  I wanted the next guy to be a really good fuck, someone who would really dominate me.  By now the emails had piled up and I could afford to be a bit choosier.  One message caught my eye.  It was from 'Sir.'
      I clicked the email and was greeted with a faceless body shot of a muscular older dom with a massively thick cock dripping precum.  The email read "Bitch, Daddy knows what boys like you need.  I've got a five-day load that needs dumped in a sweet boy hole.  Only reply if you want to submit fully and be owned."
      A chill passed through me as I read his words.  This guy had tried to contact me before.  Months ago I'd posted an ad while my wife was out of town to suck some cock.  We'd exchanged some emails but he had seemed way too intense and I flaked on him.  But I distinctly remember jacking off later that night thinking about being impaled on that thick daddy cock.  Submit fully?  I didn't know what he was talking about, but right now it seemed like that's what I was meant for.  I was already suicidal so what the fuck was there to be scared of anymore anyway?
       "I'll submit to you in anyway you want, Sir.  I'm at 606 Sage Blvd," I replied, and resumed my proper position on my hands and knees in front of the door.
      My most recent swig of alcohol was rushing to my brain now.  Fuck, the room was spinning in the darkness.  I had been fearless before, even when I knew a convicted felon was coming over to breed me, but now a feeling of uneasiness was setting in. Had I just surpassed the good vibe buzz of my alcohol?  The rush of being fucked by so many strangers was leaving, and now I started to feel cold as I crouched naked on the floor on my hands and knees, willing boy pussy in the air.  What the fuck was I doing? This guy seemed even more unsafe than the Mexican gangbanger.
      But there was no time to reassess the situation, because there were already footsteps outside my door.  Sir was here.
      I held my breath as the door opened and I heard the sound of heavy footsteps.  "Good boy," said a deep voice.  Then I heard him chuckle.  "Pop your ass for Daddy," he said, stepping down onto my back with his boot heel.  I immediately complied.
      "Yes sir."
      He started feeling up my ass, sighing approval.  He found my glass plug, which was still inserted, and traced his rough fingertips around it.  "Looks like you finally took the plunge, faggot.  How many loads you got in there?"
      "Two loads, Sir."
      "Mmm good boy.  Well now you're going to take the most important load of your life, bitch."  I didn't know what he was talking about.  "Spread your ass open for Daddy, let me see this slutty hole of yours."
      I placed my face into the blanket and reached back with both hands, spreading my ass.
      "So you're married, huh?" he said.  Fuck.  He must have seen my wedding ring! I was so used to wearing it I didn't even think to take it off before the fuckfest began.  He slapped my ass hard.  "I asked you a question, bitch!" 
      I cringed from the sting and cried, "Yes sir!  Yes, I'm married."
      He chuckled again and said, "Well this might be a two-for-one, then."
      He reached up to my ass and tugged on the sizeable plug.  I moaned as he pulled it to its widest point and held it there, gaping my ass.  "From husband to cumdump," he laughed.  "Well faggot, you've got some making up to do," he said as he sunk the plug back up inside me.  "You stood me up once before.  You were supposed to give me that sweet faggot mouth of yours and you flaked out, remember?"
      "I'm sorry, Sir, I don't know what you mean," I said, but in truth I did remember. 
      Suddenly he slapped me across the face, and I recoiled shock.  Blindfolded and dark as it was, I was completely helpless to his assault.  "Don't fucking lie, bitch.  Now sit up here on your knees.  I want those faggot lips wrapped around my cock."  Jesus, with every word that came out of his mouth there was no choice but to comply.  I sat up on my knees and he stood in front of me, guiding my mouth to his crotch.  I reached up to undo his pants, and he slapped me again.  "No hands, bitch.  Prove how much of a fag boy you are.  Use your faggot mouth to get my cock out."
      I did as he commanded, and used my teeth to bite his pants and, with some effort, I unbuttoned his jeans.  "That's it faggot, show me how badly you want to serve me.  I'm gonna own you now boy.  Those dick sucking lips of yours belong to me now.  You’re just fuckmeat to me." 
      I was able to bite and pull apart his fly, and then finally gained access to the elastic band of his briefs.  A new feeling was stirring inside of me.  I'd been nervous at first, but there was something incredibly erotic about his dominating presence and being told exactly what to do.  He was reminding me of what a beta male I truly was.  I tugged down on his briefs with my teeth and received the reward of his half hard dick flopping against my face.  It was freshly showered and had the stubble of a somewhat recent shave.
      He guided the head of his cock into my mouth.  Holy fuck!  His cock head was massive.  Was it just because I was blindfolded and had lost my perception of size?  He kept pushing in, groaning as more and more inches of his cock entered, and my mouth was stretched wider and wider.  "Yaaaa, you like Daddy's horse cock, boy?" 
      "Mphhhh-gugugg," I gagged, with his dick still in my mouth.
      "Mmm, well play time is over.  I'm going to give your tonsils a good fucking.  Keep your hands to your side.  If you even try to reach up I'll slap the shit out of you."
      I gurgled in agreement.  Sir grabbed both my ears as handles and pulled me further down on his massive cock.  "Fuckkkk," he moaned.  "Your wife doesn't know you suck dick, does she?"  I shook my head and he chuckled.  "I wonder what she'd say if she could see her faggot husband with a cock down his throat right now?" 
      Fuck... I could never live it down if that happened and she found out.  She already hated my guts.  I'm sure she'd tell every fucking person we know, including that cunt sister of hers.
      "It's okay little boy, you keep doing a good job on Daddy's cock and I won't say a word.  Now let that dick go all the way down your throat like a good bitch."  He pulled my head all the way down and his massive cockhead stretched open my throat and went down my esophagus.  I immediate gagged and tried to pull off, but his iron grip held me in place.  He started fucking my throat mercilessly, his voice becoming threatening. "Hey, bitch, right down your fuckin' faggot throat.  Bet you suck dick better than your wife does, you know that?  I bet your wife has never sucked your pathetic little dick like you're sucking mine now."
      It was true.  Despite that his dick was much more massive than mine, she'd never had much interest in giving me blowjobs, much less deep throating. 
      "Hold it right there, fag," he said with his huge dick fully in my throat.  My eyes were streaming and I was on the verge of puking.  Through my blindfold it got momentarily brighter.  "Say, 'I suck dick better than my wife," he ordered me. 
      Of course, I couldn't say anything with his cock lodged in my throat, but I grunted out the phrase anyway, which simply emerged as gargled spit. He chuckled in approval. "Alright, you got my horse cock ready to fuck you boy," Daddy said with satisfaction. "I've got a special reward for you now."
      I heard what sounded like a plastic 'pop' and then sensed an acetone-like smell.  He grabbed my face and tilted it upwards, pulling the blindfold down just a bit on my forehead.  I then felt the pointed tip of a sharpie as he started writing.
      "There, it says 'CUMDUMP' on your face, boy, with permanent marker.  I wonder what you wife will say when she sees it?" 
      Fuck, this guy was totally mindfucking me.  A twinge of horrible guilty pleasure pulsed in my cock at the humiliation this guy was dragging me through, especially when my wife was in the midst of divorcing me. 
      "Speaking of your wife, I think I know the best way to break a sissy bitch like you in.  Where are your wife's panties?"
      "Wha-?  Her panties?"
      "Her panties, faggot.  Where does she keep them.  In a drawer?"
      "I... Yes sir.  To the right... is the bedroom.  They're in the top drawer of the dresser."
      I heard him walk past me and creak open the bedroom door.  He rummaged around before returning a few moments later.  "Put these on, faggot," he said as he threw a pair of lacy panties in my face.  I'm going to prove you're not even a real man.  I'm going to fuck you like a bitch in your wife's panties... fuck you way better and harder than you could ever fuck her with your worthless boy cock."
      I swallowed down the lump in my throat.  This isn't how I planned it to go.  The guys were just supposed to stay in the entryway with me, fuck and leave.  I cringed at how many personal and revealing things he must have just seen walking into the bedroom like that.  But I also knew that if I hesitated to put on my wife's panties that Daddy was going to slap me in the face.
      I shimmied into the panties and discovered it was a thong, which slid snugly up between my ass cheeks.  "Ha ha, there you go, now you're looking like a proper sissy faggot," Daddy laughed, giving my smooth ass a slap.  "You feeling humiliated yet, boy?  Are you an owned sissy cumdump?"
      "Yes, Sir!  I'm an owned sissy faggot cumdump!"
      Daddy pushed me back onto all fours and grunted approval.  "Yes you are boy, yes you are..."  Again, there was a momentary brightness, followed by a chuckle.  He grabbed the plug and pulled it from my hole, continuing to chuckle.  "This is just perfect," he said, almost under his breath.  I then felt him probe my hole with his rough finger.  He finger fucked me, which wasn't really necessary since the three previous cocks and the plug had gaped me considerably.  I felt a bit of pain as he molested my hole, which I was surprised by because with the amount of alcohol I'd consumed most of my body felt pretty numb. 
      After a little while he positioned himself behind me, and spit on his cock.  "Here it comes you little bitch.  This horse cock is going to change you forever."
      He pulled my thong to the side and pushed the head of his cock into my hole. Pain instantly shot through me.  FUCK his size made the Mexican guy seem tiny.  "Don't run from it bitch.  Make your wife proud and slide your slutty hole down on my cock while you're wearing her panties.  Don’t you want to make your wife proud of what a good little whore you are?"
       "Oh fuck, Daddy!  Yes, I want to make my wife proud and be a good whore!" I cried out as his huge cock resized me.  Every inch that penetrated brought new waves of pleasure and pain until he was fully inside me.  Then there was that sharp poking again, a jabbing pain almost but this time coming from deeper in my intestines. 
      Daddy started fucking me, training my boy hole to take his massive cock.  His voice got deeper as he fucked.  He reached down and grabbed my balls in a crushing grip.  "Yeah,  I own these," he growled.  "I own your little sissy cock and balls.  I own your faggot mouth... and I own.. YOUR HOLE!"  He thrust extra deep suddenly and more of the jabbing pain came.
      "Yes Sir, you own it all!  I'm just your faggot cumdump to use how you want!"
      My hole had somehow adjusted to his massive cock and he was now fucking me in deep strokes, pummeling my prostate and beyond with his huge dick.  "I want you to beg me for my seed, boy.  I want you to beg me to knock you up while you're wearing your wife's cute little panties."
      "Please Daddy! Please knock me up!  I want your cum, Daddy, please let me have it!"
      "I'm gonna get you pregnant, boy.  You're gonna be my bitch and have my babies."
      "FUCK yeah, boy.  Just remember when you're trying to scrub that marker off your face later..." he was saying between thrusts, "you... begged for me to give you this...AAAAAAHHHH!"
      He grabbed my hips and thrust deeply, pushing me forward with my face to the floor as he shot his superior alpha load into my inferior beta cunt.  His massive cock was shoved so deeply into me I thought he was going to rip through my intestines.  The warm cream was spreading all inside me, more than the previous two loads combined.  "Fuuuuck boy, you just really got fucked you know that?" he panted, holding his cock fully buried in me.  "I really own you now boy, no going back.  You're a faggot for life now."
      He withdrew his cock, and then I felt the smooth glass of the butt plug being shoved back into me.  "Let that marinate inside you, boy.  You're just a fucktoy now.  This isn't the last time I'm going to use your fuckmeat.  Whenever I tell you to you'll have that cunt ready for me.  You'll wear what I tell you to.  You do what I tell you to."
      I heard him zipping back up, and I just stayed face down enjoying the feeling of being a well-used cumdump.  I'd definitely found my purpose in life. This parading around pretending to be an alpha had been so exhausting and phony.  No doubt about it, I was a true beta and a cumdump meant to be used as a hole for real men.  As Daddy's cum soaked into my guts I felt completely emasculated.  Of course my wife had cheated on me and was going to leave me.  I was a dumb cock sucking faggot that just allowed four strangers to fuck me.  She wanted a real alpha, not the pathetic beta sissy who had just taken a load while wearing a pair of her panties.
      "Almost forgot," Daddy said, and I heard the familiar 'pop' of him opening his Sharpie.  He wrote something small just above my tailbone, then gave my ass a slap, remarking "Enjoy that load bitch.  Check your email in a bit," as he opened the door and was gone.
      I waited a few seconds in the darkness as I tried to process all that had just happened.  "Holy fuck," I said out loud.  For the first time since I'd started my night as a cumdump I reached to my cock, and could understand how small it was compared to the real man that had just fucked me.  It didn't even seem worth jacking it.  I was full of cum and felt completely satisfied.
      Dazed, I stood up and removed my blindfold.  I was surprised to find that I could actually see a little bit in the dark apartment since my eyes had adjusted.  I turned on the light and staggered to the bathroom mirror.  My throat was burning from the rough fucking he had given my tonsils.  Looking in the mirror I saw 'CUMDUMP' written across my forehead, which as of tonight was now 100% true.  I then recognized the purple thong I was wearing.  It had been the special lingerie my wife had worn during our honeymoon a few years earlier.  One of my sexiest photos of her was her wearing this thong, bent over on all fours.... and now that had been the exact scene I'd reenacted for the stranger who had just dumped a five day load into my guts.  It did make my ass look very plump and fuckable 'though. 
      Remembering he had also written something on my back.  I turned and looked over my shoulder and saw that it was simply a small plus sign.  What the fuck did it mean?
      I was exhausted and I knew I should probably go to sleep. The hangover was going to be horrible as it was.  I quickly picked up from my fuckfest, folded up the blanket and put the lube away.  That's when I noticed the entryway table, or I should say, what was missing from it.
      "FUCK," I exclaimed with my raspy, throat-fucked voice.  My wife's ring was gone. "You gotta be fucking kidding me," I said.  I looked around the table to see if maybe it had gotten knocked off, but sure enough it was gone.  "Holy fucking shit," I said in disbelief.  Guilt and resentment instantly set in.  You dumbfuck, what were you thinking.  You should have been thinking about how to fix your marriage instead of playing out your gay fucking fantasies.  I honestly had no fucking idea what I was going to do.
      It was probably the Mexican fucker who took it... god damn it...
      I sat down to my laptop to shut it off, when I remembered that the guy had told me to check my email in a bit.  I remembered everything he'd said at the end, how he owned me, and he was going to fuck me more.  "Fuck that," I scoffed.  Guy was fucking crazy.  It was hot to do once, but I was never going to see that guy again.
      Still, out of curiosity I checked my email.  Sure enough, there was an email from him.  I opened it to simply find a link to a craigslist ad....
      I clicked it and was instantly mortified at what I saw.
      My face, blindfolded, a massive dick in my mouth....
      Then the second one, me bent over, wearing my wife's honeymoon thong with her glass butt plug inserted in my ass, holding in the loads of strangers who had bred me.... holy shit.  The table behind you could clearly see our wedding photos!  There wasn't even a question as to who it was.  I was completely exposed in the pictures, completely emasculated and humiliated for anyone to see who clicked on the ad.  There was no way anyone who knew me wouldn't immediately identify me.  The text said simply 'This married husband is now an owned cumdump. The cumdump lives at 606 Sage Boulevard and will happily wear its wife's panties while you breed it.'
      Oh my god.  This can't be happening.  I clicked on the ad and typed out a reply as fast as I could.  I begged him to take down the ad. I couldn't be exposed like that.  Please, I would do anything!  Just take the fucking ad down. 
      A cold, dreading sweat started to form on my brow.  What was I going to do?  If ANYONE saw this there would be no coming back from it.  My friends, my work, everyone would know.  My wife would know!  Would I face charges for letting a man play with her underwear, for wearing them without her permission?  Fuck fuck fuck!
      And then there was a reply:
      Sure, I'll take the ad down.  Just understand that I own you now.  Tomorrow at 9 PM you'll meet me in front of your door blindfolded just like you were tonight for another breeding session.  You will wear another pair of your wife's panties.  I think pink would look good on a sissy bitch like you.
      Well, the good news was my wife wasn't coming home anytime soon...
      I replied 'THANK YOU!  Yes, I'll do whatever you want.  And please, did you take the wedding ring that was on the table?  Please, I'm begging you if you did, can I please have it back?  It's not even worth anything, it's a fake diamond'.
      I had never admitted that to anyone.  I was such a beta I couldn't even get my wife a real ring.
      His reply was short, if ambiguous 'Haha, you still haven't found it?' 
      Found it?  What the fuck was he talking about?  Then something dawned on me.  I reached back and slowly pulled the big glass plug out of my ass.  A thick dollup of cum dripped out and onto my thigh. I inserted my finger and reached up inside myself.  Probing around the cum-slicked ruined hole that was now my resized cunt, I encountered a metal circle, now warmed by the heat of my guts.  Oh my god, I thought as I pulled out my wife's wedding ring out of my ass.  He’d fucked it into me from the very start.  The sharp edges had sliced me up pretty good inside and my hole was now incredibly tender.  The normally clear glass of the fake diamond was tinged with red, and cum from three strangers dripped off it.  The jabbing pain as he'd fucked me....
      So this is what it was like to be completely owned, to be a true cumdump.
      I reached back and put the ring back inside me, followed by my wife's butt plug.  Then I crawled into my empty bed that was meant for two people, and cried myself softly to sleep as the toxic load seeped into the fresh cuts that had been carved inside me by my wife’s own wedding ring.  

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