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  1. dirtyjester

    Telegram usernames

    Any uk guys use Telegram ? my username is JayJayUK
  2. dirtyjester


    I’ll breed you, hvl here
  3. I’ll breed your ass, hvl here

  4. HVL here if you want it

    1. Bbbottomchaserslut


      For sure fella. Would love you to be the one to poz me. When are you next up in Yorkshire way?

  5. dirtyjester

    neg in london

    Sure I could help you out
  6. dirtyjester

    Vault tomorrow

    I’ll be there Monday evening for the stripped session..
  7. Vault is ways good for BB
  8. dirtyjester


    Tell me more...
  9. dirtyjester

    BBBH UK Kik group

    Really want to join this group...let me in haha
  10. dirtyjester

    Vault meets

    Going to be at the Vault from 6 on Tuesday, looking for hot younger guys to breed....anyone going to be there ?
  11. Send me the details please....I'll be there
  12. dirtyjester

    Visiting London

    How long you in London for ? In London tomorrow looking for guys to breed
  13. dirtyjester

    Visiting SG4 Wed night

    You should head to Vault, plenty of bb action there...
  14. Let me know when you're next in London, that's one hot ass I need to breed
  15. Want to swap toxic loads ? 

  16. dirtyjester

    Hull first time

    I'd fuck some loads in you, I'm near Sheffield....
  17. dirtyjester

    Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Only ever been to the vault while in London and fucked guys BB each time, Will be giving the locker room a try next week.
  18. dirtyjester

    24 yo ginger Battersea for two weeks

    Get to vault139 tomorrow and I'll knock you up
  19. dirtyjester

    Hull first time

    How old r u ?
  20. dirtyjester

    Leeds May 1-3

    Not far from Leeds, I'd be up for fucking a few loads in you
  21. dirtyjester

    What Just Happened?!

    Will be in Newcastle next weekend, will be going in the Eagle while there....hopefully find some raw fun there
  22. dirtyjester

    What Just Happened?!

    I went in there a few weeks ago on a Friday night, went downstairs, into the toilets to see a 20 ish year old getting fucked bb, the lad was either posed or high, obvious he had taken a few loads previous as there was cum all over the floor near him....when the older guy fucking him finished I took my chance and added my load....never fucked a hole with so much cum in it....sure a few will have been toxic... back there in a couple of weeks ...

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