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    • By Biboy1825
      I was visiting my siste in Mexico City, i’m a 23 years old, white, 5’7, regular body, not fat but not slim either, kind of hairy and i think handsome haha, so i’m mainly top, my cock is 7 inches and really thick, but once in a while i like to be fucked by bigger guys than me, in size, age and cock.
      so i went on Grindr, got a text from this guy, he was blonde, like 6’2, broad shoulders but wasn’t muscled, i little beer belly, he was 35 and was cute, his cock was 7.8 inches long and a little less thick than mine, a really gorgeous dick.
      i met him in the park near his hotel, wich is 3 blocks away from my sister’s home, we chatted a little and then he invited me to his room. As soon as we got in he kissed me really passionately and we made out, first with our cloths on, and then naked like half an hour, then i started sucking him, i’m no really a fan on sucking but i just craved that cock. After a while we made a 69 while he rimmed me. When my hole was finally ready, i’m really tight, he reached for a condom.
      i’m no fond of condoms, for me the best there is about sex is that a man can fill another man’s ass with his seed, but i’m a little paranoid with aids so i rarely bareback unless it is with a boyfriend, anyway, he told me to get in all fours and slowly and with lots of lube got his dick balls deep, i just fel so full, my asshole was stretching a lot more than usually and my ass was completely full, i could feel his dick pushing a little in my second sphincter, it was heaven, well, almost heaven.
      he starte fucking me slowly at first, but then he picked the pace and was giving me one of my top 3 fucks. He fucked me for 15min in all fours, missionary, laying completely on top of me but suddenly got tired and got out of me. 
      We rested a little while i sucked him till he got hard again, with did that like 2 time more, then he putted his last condom and fucked me missionary, i was enjoying it but i could tell he was getting soft, we made out a little when his dick got out of me, i was really dissapointed and i could tell he was too.
      he just stood in ther with his cock over my hole, and then he starte to massage my entrance up and down, while getting harder again, he then, really slowly, like asking me permission, began to get his cock in me.
      i was scared even when he told me he was clean but i allowed it, i don’t regret it, he got event harder inside me a fucked me really good for 5 minutes, he the told me he was about to cum, got his dick out and started jacking it, i quickly pulled him from his back to get his dick in my ass, he looked at me surprised, but then slammed me 3 time, the final one he went balls deep, and i could feel his dick jerking inside me, i also could feel something warm spreading in my guts, i was completely in heaven.
      after a minute or so he got out of me and jacked me off till i was cumming all over the bed. We then took a shower, chatted a little and then i got home. 2 hour latter i got the urge to take a “dump”, but when i let it out it was a really big amount of cum that came out of me, jacked myself of again thinking of how this cute pilot just knocked me up and left me that full.
    • By LDNhungvers
      Anyone hung vers and up for B.B. fun?
    • By bbslut88
      Vers bottom looking to chat with guys with extreme fetishes/taboo ones along with meet guys in person who will violently rape my ass/pretty much anything else.
      If you send me condoms full of cum I will send you a video of me eating it or pushing it up my ass.
      Nottingham UK

    • By Jonasboy
      Looking to start a private group with me as the bottom pig for 3-4 guys.  Prefer masculine daddy types 

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